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    Old man reliving distant memories from very rural Thailand! Totally amazing as I sit on the back deck watching folk hand till the rice fields, I have a 35mip optical fiber Internet connection. That's Thailand for you!

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  1. Procedures for Kai Tak

    Hi Mike, These should answer your altitude questions relating to the visual step down. CX used to do the straight in over CC on a heading of 041 to SC and make the visual turn just before SC (Stonecutters Island). The figure of 8 let down was a real challenge, especially in IMC. Hope this helps.
  2. Camera movement queries

    Thank you. Much appreciated. Just wish there was a definitive tutorial or video from Kevin.
  3. Camera movement queries

    What video did you watch? I'm struggling with the same issue.
  4. Procedures for Kai Tak

    This may be what you are looking for: Cathay Pacific used to do this in early morning training in the 1980's.
  5. FMC Maint pages

    On the odd occasion I've come to this forum for help, I've always found it to be responsive and helpful and generally forgiving of my perceived shortcomings. I'm with you Robert; Mr. Hall's response is supercilious and does nothing to answer your question or to enhance the otherwise impeccable reputation of PMDG and it's really great and helpful community. I find it really sad when a registered member, who starts off by saying he has made an effort to find what he is looking for and apologizing in advance if he has missed something, is knocked back in this way. A forum should be a place where people feel free to ask and comment without having to feel they are being watched or made to feel small. I seem to remember reading somewhere that RR wrote something about ACARS etc being on the cards sometime in the future and that trying to use it now could cause problems but for the life of me I don't remember where and a cursory search has not yielded any results. Just last week I had to ask about aspect ratios of pop out panels, something I'd asked before but could not find again. Chris from PMDG provided the solution without any of the histrionics exhibited here. Thank You,
  6. 2D Pop-up Aspect Ratio

    That did it. Thanks very much Chris. You PMDG folks really are GREAT!
  7. I've searched this forum with all and words in the title of this post and come up blank. I've also asked this question before and it was answered. In the recent update of the 747-400 on P3d I somehow lost my settings for the pop outs. I'm running a 3440 x 1440 monitor. When I pop out the 2D panels they are way too wide and too short. I had that fixed from advice provided by some kind person on this forum but for the life of me I can't find the answer again. I have set Wide-view Aspect Ratio on the graphics page and tried several resolution settings but no luck. Is there somewhere in the configuration where I can change it? Thanks for any assistance.

    Hi Romain (et al) Just to update you because I love FsiPanel. There is a work around which works perfectly.Thank you J-P. Airport VNKT (Kathmandu) The idea is to get to a point where you can simply take a snapshot of everything and then repeat the approach till you get it right. FsiPanel 2017 has a problem with big RNAV approaches so the idea is to fly TO the point where you want to start the repeat approaches. So, Setup the FMC with VNKT to VNKT and both the departure and arrival completed. Dep RWY 02 via IGRIS1A SID to IGRIS. Then IGRIS1R STAR. Snapshot taken in FsiPanel at RF003. Transition to the approach at RATAN. To repeat simply load the snapshot in FsiPanel making sure you are using the same aircraft and livery and the same destination runway when saving the snapshot I've used FsiPanel to set up multiple STAR approaches into Kai Tak on the IGS13 with one snapshot taken at the OM to repeat again and again till I got it right. As a bonus you can change the weather in FsiPanel so each approach can have different challenges.

    Hi, I'm getting a VERT PATH FULL FMC message which, as far as I can research, is a PMDG error message. I can't find it in Bulfer either. Here is the situation which has been set up with FsiPanel 2017 for P3D v4. There is no speed or altitude data from the SID (DARIM1R) or the approach (RNAV (RNP) RWY 02) on the legs pages. If I try to enter the data I get an INVALID ENTRY message. Please can someone help me. Thank You. (If I set up a flight on 7L at VHHH and then program the the SID (DARIM1R) and the approach (RNAV (RNP) RWY 02) into VNKT while on the ground at VHHH, all the speed and altitude data is correctly inserted into the LEGS PAGE of the FMC.)
  10. If two new fridges on a 747 cost $24 million I dare not think how much for a 744-8. I'll take mine without the fridges please.
  11. Realism

    Yep, that was it. Sahara in the right seat, bless her.
  12. BETA vs RELEASED (or whatever)

    Thanks for that. Much appreciated.
  13. Realism

    Cheers Enrique
  14. If I'm being read as being critical of PMDG or RSR, that is for sure not my intention. Just, based on what Kyle has suggested, it seems something they could do. If it's supposed to fix it for us then , rhetorically, why not PMDG?