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    Old man reliving distant memories from very rural Thailand! Totally amazing as I sit on the back deck watching folk hand till the rice fields, I have a 35mip optical fiber Internet connection. That's Thailand for you!

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  1. Greetings All, A Happy New Flying Year! I have a couple of small observations from a recent flight from Luxembourg to Miami. 1) After leaving Europe in Hpa for QNH and ATIS, on arrival, that information does not change to inches. Do I have to do something to make it happen. 2) while close to ATC "borders" often there are multiple handoffs to the same frequency. Is there anything I can do to avoid this? Many Thanks. Chris Stanley
  2. Hi Dave, Thanks so much for this. That is exactly what happened so I fully understand. I'm really happy that this works as the ATC in MSFS is not so great. PSX has it's own ATC which is OK but it's not 2 way and is designed more to be a distraction during flight than to be real ATC (as stated by the author of PSX!). So P2A is the perfect solution and one we are recommending to our followers on Discord (https://discord.gg/A3ZQXPty) One point however on the squawk. I understand that I did not set the transponder right in P2A so will deal with that next time. But, as MSFS is being used as a drone only and the 747-400's we are using are literally very lightweight Posky conversions with no "guts", there is no transponder on the a/c to turn on. Let's see how that will work. Thanks again for taking the time to comment on this. funkyhut (Chris)
  3. I'm trying to use Pilot2ATC with a setup where Aerowinx PSX is connected to MSFS 2020 with a small program called WidePSX. Basically, MSFS 2020 is a drone, controlled 100% by PSX. I'm then connecting Pilot2ATC to the MSFS drone. This is a live stream of the complete setup but the first 3 minutes will demonstrate the setup, including Pilot2ATC. The drone is powered up as you can see from the connection at 1:47 secs. So my question is, will Pilot2ATC get enough information from the MSFS drone to enable this to work properly? Of course I don't expect anyone to watch the full stream here but it seemed to work on departure giving altitude changes. But I lost it on approach after being handed off to Hanoi Approach. That was, I hope, my error. But theoretically, should it work? Many Thanks.
  4. If you have not done the tutorial flight I'd suggest that's a really great way to go. PMDG (Ryan) put a ton of time and effort into doing it and it will answer most of your questions in a logical and very understandable way. But you'll find the switch you're looking for above the strobe and wing light switches bottom right of the overhead.
  5. As I turned the pages of the PS1 manuals, it was obvious that it was someone who loved this aircraft who was behind the writing. It's been like that now for 20+ years. Thanks Robert and your team.
  6. I've done the install as you suggested and it's all there. Thanks for the advice!
  7. Hi Dan, Thanks for that. Unfortunately the installer from A_A does not recognize P3D. I've been onto them for over a year to ask them to update it but they seem so preoccupied in getting a version of Beijing done that they are ignoring VTBS. And, without an installer, I have no idea how to add scenery to P3D.
  8. Hi Oskar, Do you have VTBS in P3D v4.3? If so, what? Thank you.
  9. Fifty years of the jumbo jet – in pictures https://www.theguardian.com/business/gallery/2018/sep/30/fifty-years-of-the-jumbo-jet-in-pictures?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  10. If you have a Navigraph subscription you have all the procedures for Kai Tak in the FMC. You will also have the airport layout for the ND display. For the charts, you need to scan them and make them available from the Document tab in the EFB. I think!
  11. Ditto. I echo your sentiments Michael O'Halloran 100%. PMDG are the Gold Standard for quality, service, innovation, communication and participation. Add my thanks to all the others to everyone involved with Captain Randazzo and PMDG. But Amazon AWS and the Pacific Region (Thailand) leaves much to be desired!!!!
  12. Well, update downloaded at about 196k. 747-8 downloaded at 210k. P3d came down at 5.7mb. My ISP claim its not them. I just hope that's PMDG downloading for a while!
  13. Thanks Mark. I'll try after the Premier League is over tonight.
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