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  1. I've been having problems ith a "Ghost Controller", that is a controller that is defined in the "Standard" controller file as a 3 axis 9 button Joystick" but has no physical existence. I have tried deleting the "Standard" file and then running FSX to get the file created anew, and hopefully as there is no physical "3 Axis 9 Button Joystick" then it should not appear in the "Standard" file of controls. Unfortunately this doesn't work. The file is recreated but also includes the "3 axis 9 button Joystick" which shouldn't have been recreated, but has. So I am back to where I started from! The only thing that I have found by digging around is that the Controller for the X-Box is also called a "3 axis 9 button Joystick". I also know that the last time my computer was in the repair shop, the owner who is a MS tester for the new Flight Simulater, used it to test the new new simulator. I don't know what controllers he used but if he used an X-Box then there is the possibility that the reference to the "3 axis 9 button Joystick" was buried into the computers software, or on a disk or whatever and this information is being used to recreate this controller though one does not exist physically. This is, of course, at the moment purely theoretical, but something is recreating a controller that doesn't exist and putting an entry into the "Standard" file. I don't have the knowledge of how the Standard file is created but if someone in Avsim knows something about this I would appreciate their help. I've just bought the latest version of EZYDOK but have not been able to do more than fiddle around with it due to the above problem and I would dearly like to be able to fly to really test it out. Thanks in advance for any help/advice etc that anyone can offer. Malcolm Wright
  2. Jon, What a great help you have been. I've finally located the file and as soon as I can get a bit of editing done I should be able to get rid of that strange joystick. Which will be a great relief. I'd like to buy you a beer but as you are in Aussie I'm afraid that's not going to be possible. Thanks for your perfect memory. All the best Malcolm Wright
  3. I need some help from someone! I fly FSX but a problem has developed, possibly created while my computer was in a repair shop. A new controller has appeared out of the blue, it is called a "3 axis 9 buttons joystick" and takes control when I try to fly. There are several wierd things, firstly I don't have a "3 axis 9 buttons Joystick" and I always fly using a Saitek Flight Yoke. However when I start up FSX and check the current controller that is in control it is the nefarious joystick again. As I don't have one of these I can't fly without changing the default back to the Saitek Yoke. I would love to get rid of this thing but I can't find any way of deleting it. I have a vague memory that there is a file in FSX somewhere that contains a list of controllers and is editable. I've tried to find this file but I can't find it. If anyone knows of a way of getting rid of this controller entry then I would be eternally grateful as I've not flown for sometime and am feeling depressed as a result! Many thanks in advance Malcolm Wright
  4. Recently I have been having serious problems with most of my aircraft. Essentially when loaded the cockpit, in the majority of cases, have large sections missing. Mostly this is the non electronic/working part of the cockpit. The instruments hang in place with nothing to support them and the ground can be seen between the gaps. In some case the main panel with the flying instruments, etc is ok but there is nothing at the sides. I have contacted the aircraft manufacturer who supplied most of my current aircraft, about this but so far they don't seem to come up with a solution. In many cases these aircraft are those that I have had for years - and this suggests the possibility that the problem comes from the computer itself. As it happens the computer is going back to the manufacturer tomorrow for some upgrades and there is the possibility that this might sort the problem. However, being a pessimist, I am not holding my breath. So I am wondering if any one else has had this problem and come up with a solution? If so I would be delighted to hear from you. All the best Malcolm Wright
  5. II've managed to get EZCA start up. However my first problem was that it wouldn't show up in the Addon entry in the FSX menu. This was due to Simconnect not working properly. However if you go to directory - SteamApps/common/FSX/SDK/Core Utilities Kit/SimconnectSDK/LegacyInterfaces you will find three directories. I'm not sure which is exactly the correct one but I used FSX-SP1. If you go into any of those three you will see a SimConnect.msi. This will setup SimConnect and Ezca will appear in the Addon entry in the FSX menu. After that you can get EZCA showing up and you can see the studio open up. However I have a problem and that is that although it the Ezca studio appears I cannot set up a key/button to execute the specific camera. In fact I can't get it to work from the studio. I would be grateful if anyone has sorted this problem could post it. One problem is that it won't accept button or key entries for a camera. Without Ezca using FSX is a pain. I am not a Steam afficianado but at a price of £3.99 it looked like a good bet, especially as it is almost impossible to get a new FSX disk these days, certainly not at a reasonable cost.(I will have to back up my FSX disks! As a side issue is it possible to activate a new FSX installation now? Does the online activation still work?). So far I have been able to get some of my exisiting aircraft copied across and some scenery and the aircraft seemed to work ok. Scenery i'm not quite sure about. My general impression is that FSX:SE is not a great idea in itself. If FSX is developed further,, and it is easy and free(!) for the updates, then it might be worth it. (I have installed it on a laptop on a completely separate machine from my main FSX installation. I wouldn't want to take the risk of damaging my main FSX setup.) However, FSX:SE without addons is basic and takes us back to the beginning, basic scenery and basic aircraft. i will keep it on the laptop for when I'm away from my main computer but i doubt if I will use it much. Certainly until i can get EZCA working. Malcolm Wright
  6. Thanks to those who responded. i'll give it a try when I get back to UK. Malcolm Wright
  7. I hope this is the right forum for this. I have a David Clark headset that I used when I was flying in the real world. After I could no longer afford to rent an aircraft I still kept all my equipment ..just in case! However now I suspect that FSX is going to the be only way I will get any sort of flying experience. I would like to use my David Clark headset. I would need to get some converter plugs as the DC headset uses big ones and the computer small plugs. However does anyone who knows about these things know if this will work or will it either not work or damage the sound card. Many Thanks Malcolm Wright
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