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  1. I bought the Carenado A42 500 recently and on the whole find it a pleasant aircraft to fly. As always it looks great, but there are some fairly minor problems with some of the systems. By default it comes with a FMS driven autopilot and it didn't seem to word. I couldn't get to grips with it and had to fly using the HDG option for each leg rather than NAV. This may have been my problem more than the aircraft but old age is making me lazy! However it does come with an option to use GTN750 and when I converted mine to that the autopilot worked perfectly. I also have had some initial problems moving from autopilot to manual control where a part of the right side ailerons has got stuck in the up positions and the plane become uncontrollable and with the inevitable result is the plane crashed. I reported this to Carenado and they are looking at it. However I do have to say that for the last couple of flights it has worked well with no crashes! The review that Carenado has on the ATR webpage mentions a problem with real ATR 42's and says that it might have something to do with the ailerons and that as a result ATR's are mostly used in warm countries which might suggest something to do with icing. Because this is a possibility - though how Carenado could have simulated it I don't know - I have kept a close watch on outside air temperature during climb and descent and have also used a stepped climb and descent system allowing temperature changes to take effect. I can't understand why this works in a simulatio but it does - at least on my system! To sum up - now I've got the GTN750 installed I am happy with this plane. I've added in a camera to allow me to see the top of the wing to inspect it before turning off the AP to ensure that the panel is not up. Have fun Malcolm Wright
  2. Malcolm Wright

    Autopilot Problem

    Bert, Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. I have thought all along that it is probably a failure in the connection between the GPS source and the autopilot and it is encouraging to see that you think that the basic FSX autopilot is what is mostly used. I don't know if you happen to know if Real Air built their own autopilot as it is really the only autopilot, that I have that is reliable. The other problem is that not all the aircraft have the GTN750. Some have the G1000 setup, but I find that difficult to use. I find in general that apart from the GTN750 the various FMC systems are the best. I have started out setting up my system to carry out a whole series of tests using most, though not all, of the aircraft I fly. However this will probably take some time. If I come across anything of interest I will post it here. All the best, (Your mod to the Phenom 100 works fine! Thanks for that.) Malcolm Wright
  3. Malcolm Wright

    Autopilot Problem

    Thanks for the response Bullpup, I know only so well that we are in a simulation. I have a PPL (now no longer current) and have a number of hours in real life so I can tell the difference. However if you spend time setting up a flight and it then goes wrong because of an unknown reason then it is very annoying. Also it means that flying a complex aircraft becomes impossible. Malcolm
  4. Malcolm Wright

    Autopilot Problem

    Dave, Yes it is. I am about to test most of the planes that I fly regularly to identify which work and which don't. Though this may take some time! The following is a flight plan that I use to test various aircraft. The one that I know, off hand, that fails is the Carenado DA62- even with, or without, a mod to replace the G1000 with the GTN750. (One thing I should point out is that I have a fault in the G1000 flight plan where the individual leg is calculated correctly but placed in the wrong sequence. I.e. the first leg, instead of going from EGMD to EGKK goes from EGMD to EGGW (As I recall) This route takes place in the South East of the UK. It starts and ends at EGMD: EGMD - EGKK - EGGW - EGMD - DVR - EGMD Cheers and thanks for your help. Malcolm Wright
  5. Malcolm Wright

    Autopilot Problem

    Dave, Thanks for your help. The answer to your questions are: 1. Yes there is always a flight plan loaded unless I'm just buzzing around at random and in that case I wouldn't use the autopilot. 2. As far as I can judge the navigation in all the aircraft is set to use the GPS. I set the autopilot to NAV and in the cases where the auto pilot works that works fine. I mainly use the GTN750 as my directional source and I build the flight plans in that (assuming the aircraft is fitted with the GTN750 however even in some of the aircraft fitted with the GTN750 it doesn't work well - sometimes not at all.) I have 197 different aircraft - including multiple differing set ups for the same basic aircraft and including some AI's. So I haven't actually tested all the possibilities! I am quite happy to accept that there is something wrong with my system - however finding out exactly what that is, and fixing it, is another problem. I fly only in FSX - boxed version. You can see my rig set up in my original post and in addition I have several Saitek extras. These include: Autopilot - which works well with some aircraft but not with all. When it works with the aircraft I make all autopilot changes/commands using the device. I have tested disabling the Saitek device to see if that is causing the problem but first indications suggest there is not a problem there, though it might benefit from some more testing in that area. Radio box - which works well for comms. No input to navigation as I use radio sources fairly rarely. Switch Panel Proflight Yoke System with and extra throttle unit which allows me to assign two throttles, two pitch and two mixtures. All the best Malcolm Wright
  6. Malcolm Wright

    Autopilot Problem

    I've been having some problems with various autopilots recently. The most common problem is the inability to follow a flight plan. This has led to me having to direct the plane entirely using the "HDG" option which is possible but takes up a lot of the pilots time. As planes get more complex they also need more attention. If however the pilot - and in FSX that is mostly a single person - is having to concentrate on keeping the plane on course then things can be missed which can lead to a disastrous situation being developed. To allow the pilot to concentrate on the important things in life it is essential to have an autopilot that can do two simple things: 1 - Follow the flight plan and 2 - Follow the height instructions and climb to the predetermined height. Unfortunately recently many of the most recent aircraft that I have don't do either or both of these jobs. At the only moment the only aircraft that I fly regularly now - the RealAir Duke Turbine V2 - will do both these specified jobs without any problems. In the majority of cases, even after setting up a flight plan and setting the autopilot to use the "NAV" function the aircraft will suddenly go off on a tangent - and in many cases just fly around in circles. This is true of a whole variety of aircraft from a whole variety of flight sim aircraft manufacturers. I've been flying flight sims from the middle 1970's so I have some experience. I also have real life experience but sadly not with an autopilot. So after that preamble I come to my question: Does anyone know how autopilots are constructed in FSX? It seems to me that it could be done in two ways: 1. FSX contains a basic autopilot mechanism and supply a method for a manufacturer to interface with this code. 2. Manufacturers write their own autopilot code. 3. (There is a third option?) Because this is happening across aircraft from several different manufacturers I am beginning to wonder if the first option is the true one. If this is the case then it assumes there is a problem with the FSX autopilot code. In which case does anyone have any idea how to fix it? If option 2 is the correct answer then the situation is more complex. I've found out that some firms will be helpful but can't really do much to help. And one or two will just refuse to admit the existence of a problem. (No names, no packdrill!) Anyway I would appreciate any help that anyone can give. Malcolm Wright Computer: ACPI x64-based PC: Intel(R) Core(T) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.2GHz (8 Cores) Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Samsung SSD SCSI Disk Device 500gb Drive 😄 Only used for OS and FSX and related items. ST1000DM 010-2EP102 SCSI Disk Device Drive 😧 Everything else! Memory 16MB
  7. Malcolm Wright

    Carenado DA62 GTN MOD

    Would be very grateful if Jorge Rexach or anyone who knows about his mod to the DA62 to allow the use of the GT750 to contact me via this forum. I have tried contacting him directly via his direct contact address but have heard nothing from him. I would very much like to get hold of his Carenado DA62 mod to allow the GTN750 to be installed in the plane. This could be the address of the F1 website where the mod is installed. Thanks for any help you can offer. Malcolm Wright
  8. Malcolm Wright

    Carenado DA62 GTN MOD

    nel 5 by Jorge Rexach, on Flickr DA62 GTN FLC Climb by Jorge Rexach, on Flickr
  9. Just as an update -I have now fixed the problem. I realised that although I had disconnected the keyboard and all the flight sim bits and pieces I hadn't tested the mouse properly. I had found another mouse and that gave the same result. All my mice are wireless and today I realised that I hadn't tested the mouse receiver. I went looking for a wired mouse - none around in our household! - however I did find another receiver and plugged it in and - hey presto - it worked. LFM is now working fine - as usual! I feel a little guilty at not having contributed to this fabulous package so I will try to do so this coming week. Thanks for your help and advice. All the best Malcolm Wright P.S. I like this new ability to specify data for the aircraft that we use. However I am a little unclear as to where this information is available. Does it mean flying every plane in my hanger- a fairly big one!- to collect the data or is there a legal, publicly avilable database anywhere where this infor can be found - especially fuel usage. MW
  10. Alex, Thanks for the reply. This is roughly what occurred to me in bed last night. So today I'm going to unplug all my devices and hope that at some stage the problem has gone away. I keep having a message at boot time saying that "One of the USB devices attatched to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it" Unfortunately there is not enough information to identify the device. I have a full range of Saitek devices, some plugged into an powered USB hub, so I'll just have to take it step by step. I think Little NavMap is the greatest add on to Flight sim and I find that I use it a lot for a whole variety of reasons. I am also sure that LNM is not causing the problem and I posted here in case there was a piece of software that you used to draw and allow access to the map. Thank you for LNM. Malcolm Wright
  11. If this is not the correct place please move it on... I have a current problem with Little Nav Map - which is perhaps the best piece of freeware currently available for flight sim. When going into the map page and trying to scroll down for detail there is a vertical scroll bar section. However now it appears that the scroll bar control doesn't want to be anywhere except at the bottom which means that it is impossible to look at the map in detail. However I am sure that this problem isn't caused by LNM as I am getting a similar situation with other software not directly related to flight sim although it does have an indirect effect on flight sim. However it is possible that LNM uses some MS software that is the cause of the problem. Some types of text display that has vertical and horizontal scroll bars will act as is they had a mind of their own - vertical scroll bars want to be at the bottom and horizontal scroll bars on the right hand side. This means that looking at text files is very difficult if not impossible. I have a feeling that it is something to do with a Windows display software - possibly using what is called "PresentationFontCache.exe". It is causing me extreme problems and I have not found any solution yet. If anyone knows of this problem and hopefully a solution I would be extremely thankful. Writing this entry has been hard because of the interference of this problem - This is my third attempt! Thanks Malcolm Wright
  12. Malcolm Wright

    MFD does not power up

    I've been having a lot of trouble with the DA62. In theory it should be a lovely little plane, but the Carenado implementation seems to be riddled with problems. I have reported two problems to Carenado, the first was that the G1000 FPL options and after you put in waypoints it calculates the correct direction and distance, but then puts it into a different waypoint. The other problem is that the ailerons in my aircraft and stuck and although the aircraft flies ok it looks a bit dodgy. Finally I have a problem whereby the MFD won't power up. The PFD is ok but the MFD remains black. I have reported this to Carenado but don't expect anything sorted soon. Has anyone come across this problem, hopefully with a solution! Thanks Malcolm Wright
  13. Malcolm Wright

    Help with Simconnect Please

    Thanks to all who have responded. I will try removing the version V10.0.62613.0 , the FSX-SE version. I did use Steam some time ago on another machine, so I am not quite sure how it got onto this, a new machine built specially for me. I'll also look at the power aspect of USB. Once again thanks a lot for your help. Malcolm Wright
  14. Malcolm Wright

    Help with Simconnect Please

    Jim, Thanks for your comments and moving this to the correct forum. The version of FSX installed is the "FSX DeLuxeEdition" on CD. I don't know is this is important! I certainly have SP1 and SP2 installed but I am not sure about acceleration as I can't actually put my hands on the CD at the moment. I can sort the problem, to a large extent, by rebooting the computer before starting FSX. Sometimes if fails the first time but works the second time! All the best Malcolm Wright
  15. Recently I have been having problems relating to the connection between the physical part of my setup, ie yoke, pedals, throttles etc, and I think it is related to a problem with Simconnect. The problem is shown by sometimes I get a message from Ezydok saying that it cannot find the FSX exe. Sometimes FSX crashes and says that there is a problem with Simconnect and to reconfigure it. I use EZYDOK, also known as EZCA to set up the views in many different aircraft and each tied to a button on the Yoke and throttles. Am I right in assuming that the system uses Simconnect to pass information from the hardware to the appropriate software. If so does anyone know which of the versions of Simconnect below is the correct one. I have looked in the install lists and find that I have the following versions of Simconnect: 1. V10.0.60905.0 which was installed on 2/9/2017 and could be connected to the installation of the Cessna 162 Skycatcher. 2. V10.0.61242.0 installed on 17/5/18 and could be connected to the installation of some Saitek hardware/software. 3. V10.0.61259.0 installed on 14/3/2017 and could be connected to another Saitek installation. 4. V10.0.62613.0 installed on 16/10/2018 and I am pretty sure is part of EZYDOK. I have three questions to ask: 1. Which, if any do I need to have installed of the above Simconnects and what do they do? 2. How can I get hold of the Simconnect configure application. I have come across one but I have no idea how to install and run it as it doesn't seem to have anything as simple as an .exe! Is there an idiots version of the configure application that I can get my hands on and run to ensure that the Simconnect used in FSX runs ok? 3. Does FSX use Simconnect to connect between hardware, yokes etc, and the internal's of FSX? Thanks in anticipation as at the moment FSX is the only relaxation I have, and at the moment I am spending more time fault finding than flying! All the best Malcolm Wright Computer: Computer: ACPI x64-based PC Comprising: Intel(R) Core(T) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.2GHz (8 Cores) Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Samsung SSD SCSI Disk Device 500gb Drive 😄 Only used for OS and FSX and related items. ST1000DM 010-2EP102 SCSI Disk Device Drive 😧 Everything else! Memory 16MB Saitek Yoke and throttle quadrant + 1 extra throttle quadrant, Saitek autopilot + Flaps and Pitch Trim,Saitek Radio , Saitek switch panel + Gear lever. Running Windows 7 64 bit.