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  1. This is the second time I ever started a topic in PMDG forums, the first one being several years ago, when I made my suggestions about how to achieve an illusion of "refraction" on the NGX HUD combiner glass (I still think it's viable, and wish PMDG should give it a try, but I digress). The 747 is one of my most favorite airliners. In fact The 747-400 was THE most favorite until the 787 came along, and pushed it back into second place. Now the 747-8i has pushed it once more into the 3rd place. So I spend a lot of time watching takeoffs and landings of 747s but it was only a few days ago that I noticed the performance of the Nosewheel lights (Taxi and runway turn-off lights) on the Queen! I noticed that although they might be turned on prior to landing, The don't light up until the main gear touch down (Weight on Wheels), and they also automatically turn off at lift-off! I loved it, but I thought that was to negligible a feature for PMDG to include in the Queen. To satisfy my curiosity I hopped on the 748 and checked it out and lo, and behold, IT IS FEATURED!!! I didn't even bother checking the -400. I almost started dancing!!! What can I say? You guys ROCK!
  2. I remember that line! EDIT: Just realized that "There is no spoon" was a link XD
  3. Please while checking, could you also point out what add-ons are working or not (among those you have installed, of course). Thanks in advance Chidiebere Anyahara
  4. "We will be scheduling followup discussions with Ben and his team at Laminar once we get beyond the 747-8 release in order to see if we cannot compact the challenges into as small a space as possible..." I think the above quote answers your question directly.
  5. Also the Pimax is going to be 4K on each eye. The only thing I don't like is that it's not AMOLED Hopefully they use AMOLED for the production units or even better screens if there are any by that time.
  6. I'd say go for the Samsung HMD Odyssey because it has better resolution (1600 x 1440) on each eye
  7. What about the Windows Mixed reality headsets? Has anyone tried any of these? I know they have slightly better resolution. I got the HMD Odyssey, but my pc is i7-975 so it can't run the headset, even with my 1080 FTW. So I haven't tried it yet. I intend to get a new pc in the future when i have available funds. But can anyone chime in as to comparison between the MR headsets and Rift/Vive, especially regarding flightsims?
  8. Well said DavidP. I don't understand why some people feel they have a right to speak freely, and to get overly careless with their choice of words, but when they are replied in the same manner, and as in this case, much less - should I say - abrasive words, they get very offended.
  9. Instead of choosing just the 2.00x on DSR, check them all (1.20x, 1.50x, 1.78x, 2.00x, 3.00x and 4.00x). That way you have all resolutions. Now set your display resolution to 2560x1440 (even though it's a 1080p native resolution monitor). and see if when you use MSAA you still have the shimmers. You can also try setting your resolution to 4K (this option will only be available if you checked the DSR 4.00x box). That way you can lower the MSAA to 2 or even off completely, and gain more frames. DSR allows you to set your monitor resolution to a resolution higher than the monitor's highest (or native) resolution. I use DSR 4.00x and I'm able to run prepar3d in 4K with 2MSAA or off with no shimmering, and my CPU is i7-975 extreme, but my GPU is GTX1080
  10. Maybe try dynamic super resolution and set to 1440p or even 4k.
  11. Someone close to him please give Mr. Randazzo a very big hug for me!
  12. I beg to disagree. PMDG, by wanting to market their products themselves, do not in any way claim higher importance than DTG, but DTG, in my opinion is claiming higher importance. There's nothing about percentages. It should be zero and 100%, period. They will already make more profit when more customers buy their sim because of PMDG and other premium developers. This is nothing short of greed. If anyone should pay, they should be the ones to actually pay the 3rd party developers for increasing their profit margin, but the 3rd party developers are not charging anything, so they should be happy. If they go down that route then I (and I a host of others, I believe) will boycott their game.
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