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  1. I thought the 748i / F was next up, but I may be wrong - sorry if I am. Personally, would love an MD-11 v.2 - class add-on that one!
  2. .....and you are absolutely right! I do appologize, I thought it might be a nooby mistake.....I feel a bit embarrassed now.....it seems P3D was loading my flights at -35°C at ground level (fair weather). It is no longer doing so. Thank you very much for your help, Keven. Kind regards. Tom.
  3. Hi guys, I suspect that I'm being a noob here, but I'm seeing contrails on ground level in the PMDG NGX (P3D v2.5 with hot fixes installed) - see attached image. I've tried uninstalling and then re-installing once again, but I'm still getting them. I was just wondering if it was me not doing the right thing or if it's something else? Is anyone else getting the same thing? More importantly, has anyone got a solution? Thanks in advance for your help, guys.....and if it's me being a noob....sorry! Tom.
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