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  1. Could you kindly share where to find this please?
  2. I can also confirm that it seems something has gone backwards with the horizon and EA off, There appears to be none again.
  3. Hotfix 2 out with a bunch of fixes. https://www.prepar3d.com/news/announcements/2022/01/120955/
  4. Hi there, I haven't done a flight in a while at night, I'm using latest P3D V5 & also the latest ASP3D and i'm seeing this white band of haze / cloud at night. Its also there during the day, it doesn't seem to move. Does anyone else have this? or any idea what it is or how to prevent it? All i know is it wasn't there before.
  5. Sorry bud, I thought they looked fine to spot the big difference in stars visible. Possibly brightness of my monitor so i'm seeing it brighter.
  6. Hi Can you? For me i can see the difference in the images.
  7. Ah! So that is why i am having this issue. I thought it was my end Why on earth would they make a change like this where you can hardly see any stars with EA off. Does that file on here take it back to what it was like before?
  8. Hi all, So i was just flying around and i realised i'm not seeing any stars. I do use Stargazer but the issue is the same with that uninstalled too. This is on a vanilla install of P3D. It seems with EA turned off in the latest version you cannot see hardly any stars. All my settings are the same so i have no idea what is going on. I have added an image of what it looked like in 5.2 compared to 5.3. If anybody knows of anything i can do to get better star visuals while having EA turned off i would very much appreciate it. First is what i had and second is what it is now.
  9. I am getting awful stutters 1-2 hours into a flight, FPS drops to 6. Tried with the PMDG 777. Also tried with other aircraft and same issue. It resolved after closing sim and launching a saved flight. Baffled.
  10. Hi Michael, So you deleted the UmPolicy files in each aircraft? I'm not too familiar with those so i haven't touched them, I did delete the other section in the cfg though. What exactly do the UmPolicy files do?
  11. Hey, I have just opened up my cfg file and they don't seem to of come back since launching P3D. Interesting..
  12. Hi all, I don't know about anybody else but i completely removed the above entry in the cfg and the stutters i was getting seem to of gone. I can only speak for my experience in the FSLabs at the moment as this is the only aircraft i have flown since 5.3.
  13. Hi there, In the P3D.cfg there is a new section added with 5.3, However when it is there i seem to have horrible stuttering when airborne ( FSLabs ) The entry is: [JOBSCHEDULER] P3DCoreAffinityMask=xxxx MainThreadScheduler=x RenderThreadScheduler=x FrameWorkerThreadScheduler=x I don't get any of these issues if i move this section. I assume its been added to help with things. Does anyone have any idea why i get the stuttering when its in the cfg file.
  14. Thanks mate, I started to think i could now fly the FSLabs with Active Sky working but no Chaseplane haha.
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