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  1. I think the big part here is vsync is broken with dlss3 and they have acknowledged reports from users. I’m purely seeking others who are in the same situation that may know / hear of a work-around 🙂
  2. I made sure to vote on that. Sim is usable still but by no means enjoyable at the moment.
  3. Glad i'm not the only one, Wish i could roll back and skip it. Having to do all these things to regain the performance is incredibly frustrating.
  4. Hello all, I wanted to share my findings with you all like i did with Microsoft to see if there are others experiencing these issues and if anybody knows of a workaround. I am using a 4090 with frame generation and prior to this Aircraft & Avionics update i had the sim running incredibly smooth. I have a 60hz 4k monitor and all i needed to do was enable Vsync in the Nvidia Control Panel and turn off Vsync in the sim and this, for me was the best combination of settings for great performance. There was some noticeable latency with this but i understood this. I installed the prompted update yesterday and started the sim and loaded in as i normally would. Instead this time when i would pan around it was not smooth at all, and it would stutter a lot. It was as though i had maxed out my settings and turned off frame generation. I did some troubleshooting and it seems there is somewhat a way around this by capping fps to monitor rate in nvidia control panel. However, during a flight performance would gradually become poor. The only way to gain this back would be by strangely going into the sim settings and turning on vsync and then turning it back off to allow nvidia control panel vsync to do its job. I find this all very strange how this update could cause this. It is like the nvidia control panel vsync setting no longer has ANY affect on the sim. I say this because the latency i was having is literally not there any more. With frame generation enabled along with vsync i understand from nvidia that there will be latency. I have been trying to work out what has happened but for me that is the only thing with all of the symptoms that i can come up with, vsync doesn't work in the sim if using it with nvidia control panel since this update. It would be great if anyone else using frame generation would give any input if they have noticed any of this. I have raised this with MS and Asobo but i wanted to share here too in case there was something i was missing and there was a work around before its addressed. I am aware that there is a known bug with Discord at the moment but this is not affecting my situation as i am doing all of this with Discord not running. Many thanks all, Michael EDIT: I should note that during the flight when the performance gradually reduces, If i click my second monitor and then click back into the sim it also returns performance to normal. So going into settings and turning vsync on / off is not needed. So strange.....
  5. Hi mate, No overclock in place nope. All been left default out of the box.
  6. Hi all, So, i am not 100% sure if i am getting somewhere yet, BUT... There is progress. I have low latency turned on in Nvidia control panel to help with the latency using frame generation on my 4k monitor. I ran a test flight and left it with low latency turned off and so far no CTD. Could this really cause the ctd? Frustrating if this turns out to be the case because it really does help my lag when turned on. 🙂 Hopefully getting somewhere.
  7. Would you mind sharing what settings you have in bios, As there could very well be something that is boosting mine and the voltage to get the max from the chip which will then have higher temps. 🙂
  8. Your 13900k stays below 60 the whole time running MSFS? Your the first i have come across to say their temps stay 60 and below
  9. Oh absolutely, Reinstalling Windows was quite simple as i didn't have a lot installed. What is very weird is when i got the pc and installed everything i did not have a single ctd, The past few days is when its started, This is what makes me think driver related possibly. The only thing i have turned on in the nvidia control panel is vsync to stop my screen tearing using FG Temps seems ok, Looking at coretemp core 4 peaked at 96c but has then stayed average of 72c. Would you say that is ok? I think id be more concerned if it stayed in the 90's. I have a corsair H150i 360 aio cooler.
  10. I haven't noticed one, The only other errors i have spotted in event viewer are: MSI Center\Mystic Light\LEDKeeper2.exe and \Corsair iCue 4 Software\QmlRenderer.exe.
  11. A pain in the rear is an understatement! haha. This computer is only 2 weeks old so trying to eliminate the possible issues of new parts too as i know things can go wrong. I have a CMOS button on my motherboard at the back where the USB's plug in. Would that work or do i still need to short with a screwdriver? 🙂 Drives i have 1hdd, 1ssd, and 3 nvme ssd's.
  12. Done some more testing / flying and this time sat at the computer constantly not to miss it. So, The sim completely freezes, For around 30 seconds to a minute. It then just crashes, And i looked over and saw my case fans flash. Like i turned them off and on. I have no idea if that means anything or points in a certain direction but right now i'm at such a loss i'm picking up on everything.
  13. Hey, Looked in the log and i see this, Fault bucket 1163604134295580532, type 4 Event Name: APPCRASH Response: Not available Cab Id: 0 Problem signature: P1: couatl64_MSFS.exe P2: P3: 639b573b P4: couatl64_MSFS.exe P5: P6: 639b573b P7: c0000005 P8: 0000000000195ae9 P9: P10:
  14. Hey, thank you for the reply. the only thing that has ever popped up in the event log is couatl64_MSFS.exe. However, I chased this up with FSDT and they have told me it can’t crash the sim and the log is a result of something else causing the sim to crash.
  15. Temps all good, all stress testing remained stable. kinda wish one would show an issue as I’m running out of ideas what on earth could be causing it! Thank you for the reply
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