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  1. PMDG, A huge thank you to all the devs, staff, testers etc... For making the project available. I remember buying my first PMDG product from a local games store on disc many years ago, And that's when i just fell in love with the quality. Over all these years i've bought the products for FSX and now P3D and never find fault. Whenever there has been an issue pop up its always been resolved very quickly with a support ticket. Reason for this post is purely to thank you as you've made my flight simming experience much more entertaining over the years. I look forward to buying more in the future! Thanks again, Michael O'Halloran
  2. EDIT: Apologies, Just seen the post about pasting the numbers here!.. Saw many others were doing it so thought we had to. Sorry again, I'll await a reply to the ticket. Hi guys, Also purchased and got no email, or download link in my account. Ticket is 0B1-23397E62-04C4 Thanks you 🙂
  3. Got plenty of rest last night! Super excited for release. Michael O'Halloran
  4. Hi there all, I'm not sure if this is an issue with PTA or what's going on.. But whenever i change the Aircraft VC lighting setting to make my Virtual Cockpit darker i have a problem. When i go back into the sim and view the aircraft from an outside view everything looks nice. However, when i go back to the virtual cockpit view it appears very very dark and gradually gets lighter, Its like someone is slowly turning up the brightness behind the scenes ( if you follow me ) Surely it should just appear the level of brightness i've set in PTA and not change like that? If anyone knows of a way around this or if i am doing something wrong please do let me know :)
  5. Hi everyone, Running P3D v4.2 I can't recall noticing this before, I've heard mixed things about this being normal and it not being normal so i thought i'd come on here to expand the advise. When flying at FL340 i notice that the textures a little bit into the distance are blurry. I'm running an i7700k with a GTX 1080. Just wondering if it is normal or if there is anything i can do / tweak to improve it. I've added a photo. Thank you all.
  6. Very nice preset.. I second the above comment about the dark Virtual Cockpit. Could you kindly say which setting to change within PTA just to make that VC a bit brighter.
  7. Hi there, Something i have noticed since using a fresh install of P3D 4.2.. When i'm on approach to an airport, with every flight the sim randomly freezes for 2-3 seconds. I was told that it might be FSUIPC and after checking i am on the latest release so i don't think its that. Does anyone else have this issue? For some odd reason its only on approach. I thought it might be scenery loading in but after checking it has nothing to do with this as it happens well away from the airport.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm asking the following to check if there is something wrong with my sim or if what i'm seeing is normal. I'll firstly mention that i'm using ORBX Global and Open LC Europe. If i load into an airport and then change the weather within P3D to snow, I notice it re-loads the textures and they look different ( More Wintry ) I then notice that if i turn the snow off, My textures start to look a little crazy. I have some areas which look snow covered and then some textures which are green. Would this be normal? I'm assuming that once you've had snow in the sim you need to re-load something to correct the textures?
  9. I hope they can release some sort of hotfix for this and not make us wait for 4.3.
  10. I have just checked and i have numbers set for a couple of views within Chaseplane. So this is exactly what's going on then. Has anything been said about a fix for this? Thank you for finding that link. Appreciate it!
  11. I'll check this and report back. Even if that is the case, Would it still cause the issue? They key would need to be pressed wouldn't it?
  12. I wish one of these fixes would work for me. There is nothing left for me to "fix" after running this on a completely fresh install of P3D.
  13. So technically what you are saying is that GSX is not fully compatible with the simconnect that's now in version 4.2?
  14. I've spent a LOT of time on this situation and i can't see how it can be GSX. GSX just uses the menu, the menu is not created by GSX.
  15. All i know is its driving me round the bend... I've asked Lockheed again and we will see what they say.. No doubt they will use the usual "try the debugging steps" ( I have )