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  1. Hi all, Recently got the Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Throttle. i have calibrated it and have it setup with the fenix a320 as it should be. Could someone let me know if it’s normal to see different N1 values on the left / right engine when moving the throttles slightly forward to taxi. cant say I have ever noticed it, the number 2 throttle lever is slightly ahead of the left but they are calibrated perfectly? I’m using the bar provided to keep the throttles in sync as much as possible. More curious if others have this or if I have an actual issue with it. Thank You!
  2. Is anybody still getting high cpu usage from the fenix app? I am on the latest update. Many thanks.
  3. I have spent just over a month testing various settings / aircraft / airports with this issue and i can with certainty say that it only happens with GSX active and installed in the sim. Something has to be causing it somewhere in the background. It doesn't matter if i pre-select a gate. I have tried pretty much any combination of things you can think of. From LOW preset to ULTRA preset. Payware aircraft, default aircraft, payware airport, default airport. There is nothing more i can test. The only thing that relieves the stutter on touchdown is by unlinking GSX from the sim so there is no trace in the community folder.
  4. This is something i definitely need to check. Would there at all be any link with touchdown sounds and GSX? It makes no sense why i do not have it when i uninstall / unlink GSX. Unless of course there is something within GSX that is mixed with sounds in the background. Considering its only an issue on touchdown i imagined it would be pretty easy to pin point, However that is proving hard haha. I have looked at my sound options and i have realtek digital output, Nvidia high definition audio for both monitors showing, and my corsair headset which is what i use for my sounds.
  5. Hi Sonny, I will try what you have said with a combination of other things that have been suggested. Did more testing today but couldn’t eliminate it, I think I’d rather a stutter on takeoff than touchdown. I’ll try again tomorrow and report back. Thank you for the continued help, I really appreciate it. 🙂
  6. Hi Bob, I have spent some time today testing with what you suggested and unfortunately i still get that pause on touchdown after completing flights. I have absolutely no idea what could be causing it and what makes it more tricky is with it only happening with GSX installed. I'm aware GSX doesn't do anything until selecting a gate so it makes it very hard to actually pin-point.
  7. Thank you, Bob. This is something I have not tried yet so I will give it a go and report back.
  8. Its not nope. I did install it on my sim drive when i was doing a test but it did not make a different.
  9. For me, It really can't be anything else other than GSX. I have tried many many different combinations of different things and it will only do it as soon as i re link GSX to the sim.
  10. Has it? I can't recall having it with P3D. I was told on the forum that GSX doesn't load or do anything until selected. But in my situation, after many many hours of testing in different settings / situations, GSX being active in the sim causes that stutter. Its not the end of the world, but it ruins the immersion of the final part of the flight.
  11. hey, Oh i have spent many hours on this. Without GSX enabled it does not stutter at all, at any airport. With GSX active it happens. It is incredibly smooth unless GSX is installed and then i get that slight pause on touchdown.
  12. I have tried it with both selecting a gate and not selecting a gate
  13. Hello everyone, My system: 4090, 13900k, 32gv ddr5 ram. Using frame generation. I have posted this finding on the GSX forum, But have not really managed to get an overall conclusion to it yet so i wanted to share here to see if anybody else can share some input. If i have GSX linked and active in the community folder i get a brief pause / stutter as soon as i touchdown. I have tried this test with many different flights with different aircraft and it will only happen if GSX is installed. One of the replies i had on the forum is it can't be GSX because unless you pre-select a gate then nothing loads. I can fully understand this and that is why i am extremely baffled at why it is causing the brief pause on touchdown. I thought it might be a good idea to get some more brains in on the issue. I am at a total loss here. Does anybody have any idea as to why when having GSX installed it will give that stutter on touchdown? I can't work out what would cause it. I would be super super grateful if anybody would be able to help me figure this out so i can use GSX and not have that stutter. Thank you.
  14. It also seems that any use of frame rate limits or vsync in nvidia control panel will cause this too. Incredibly frustrating, as the setup I have when using frame generation I really need vsync and the frame limited to 60, otherwise it’s not smooth at all and will stutter.
  15. Just to update this a bit, it seems if the sim is idle it will trigger the CTD. I’ve noticed this by opening MSFS and not interacting with the sim by having a phone call come through. i relaunched it and tested again and same thing happened after no interaction. However, when leaving the mouse cursor on one of the menu areas ( world map ) it won’t crash.
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