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  1. Byran, Just because I know you are sitting around with nothing to do I thought I would make your day more interesting, (OK bad joke). I know you have a list of requests for new items for the MaddogX, so I was wondering if you could/would add a voice command to cycle fuel heat. Not a biggie, but just another thing not to use the mouse for. Keep up the good work, do love the product and thanks for listening to all of these little items. Thanks, Larry Gabriel
  2. Andrew, thanks for the reply, I'll try another route, I like the product keep up the good work! lgabriel
  3. I'm a user of Linda with the MaddogX module and I would like to program a key for fuel heat but I don't see one in the module. Am I missing one, or is there another one I can use in its place.
  4. Great info here, much appreciated, I have not yet installed v5, but I have a spare SSD ( without an OS installed) that I would like to use for all sim software possible, my question is what sim programs need to be Installed on my Win10 drive?
  5. Byork, Well after two reinstalls of both MaddogX and FS2Crew I have made a successful flight, but honestly I still could not identify the reason for the problem. But I'm happy I'll take what I get, thats my copilot back! Thanhs for your help.
  6. Byork, it has only started since the latest MaddogX update v503. I haven't changed anything relative to how I prepare for a flight and the only system changes I have made is to install the MaddogX update and two new scenery programs.
  7. Byork, I'm responding to this post from August, It is now Dec. and I am also having the same problem. I won't repeat the previous issues only to say they are the same, the FO response to all commands up to the point where he should prepare for engine start but nothing else happens. I have tried all of the before mentioned solutions without success. I will add that I am using the latest MaddogX update and that I have reinstalled both that and FS2Crew MaddogX update. After this reinstall I have completed one successful flight but since I have had at least three consecutive failures. I do not resize the the FS2Crew window, I only move it to the top of the window. I do not use ALT Tabbing. I would appreciate any help that you can offer, flying without FS2Crew for me just will not happen, this is just too valuable a product to do without. Thank for any help you can give. Larry Gabriel
  8. byork, Question/request, would it be possible to either have the FO set the taxi/landing lights on or off via a voice command, or as a runway entry procedure? I would like to limit the number of items where I have to use my mouse, and I can't find a way with the MaddogX to program a button. If not possible I understand, I know you have a lot on your plate. Thanks for a great product. Larry Gabriel
  9. ShezA, Quick question, I'm a beta user, I like it alot, just want to know if beta 5 is the latest version? Thanks
  10. Byork, Love the new features after the 1.8 update, great work, but I have one small issue, the altimeter is not being set to standard when ascending thru the transition altitude. Is this a change in FS2Crew or a Maddog problem. I’m using the “transition set to standard” as always but I have to set it by hand. Not a big issue was just wondering if something has been changed. Thanks again for a great product. lgabriel
  11. Thanks Ray, I did reinstall and forgot that the last time I did this I had to registar the MSSTDFMT.DLL. I registared the dll and it is up working. Sometimes I wonder if we FlightSim for the flying emersion or if we just like the aggravation of fiddling with software! Thanks again for your help. Larry Gabriel
  12. Update I did a reinstall and now i'm getting a runtime 7 error out of memory, I won't take anymore of your time , ill search the posst for a solution. Thanks for your help you're a great resourse. Larry Gabriel
  13. Ray, Info update I do use Lorby's addon Organiser and both addons show as active, I have downloaded MakeRunys 4.864 and rebuilt the RadarContact database but for some reason the csv files did not update. I looked at my file structure and noticed that the csv files were being updated and placed in my PreP3D folder and not the RadarContact data folder. What is the recommended install path for RadarContact, mine is installed in C:/rcv4x? i think i may have to reinstall. Opinion?
  14. Ray, I am running P3Dv4.4, FSUIP5.15,MakeRunways 4.85. The two airports are LOWW and EDDN both add-ons, one from FlyTampa and the orher from FlightBeam and they are listed in my scenery library(grayed out). Below is a copy of the EDLL entry from my r4.cvs , these don't look like runways to me, but maybe I don't understand the format. EGLL,0091,51.477482,-0.489502,83,92.680,12782,110.30DG,164,-3.000,51.477581,-0.461356,0,, EGLL,0092,51.464787,-0.486806,83,92.688,11991,109.50DG,164,-3.000,51.464874,-0.460409,0,, EGLL,0271,51.464962,-0.434012,83,272.688,11991,109.50DG,164,-3.000,51.464874,-0.460409,0,, EGLL,0272,51.477680,-0.433210,83,272.680,12782,110.30DG,164,-3.000,51.477581,-0.461356,0,,
  15. Ray, Thanks for your reply, I opened the r4.csv file and though I'm not sure I understand the format i did not find either of the LOWW or EDDN designators listed. I relayered my scenery library moving the two airports up and down and rerunning makerunways after each change and still no runways showing. Is there a method to update the AIRAC cycle in Radar Contact? Any other suggestions? Thanks, Larry Gabriel
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