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  1. Hi, I recently purchased AS AntarcticaX for FSX. Deciding to do a flight, I went for the PMDG 747-8i, however, after loading up in Hobart, or Wilkins Casey, the FMC doesn't give me the runways for departure at YWKS (Wilkins Casey) or arrivals, just an error on 09T, line 34. I have checked the sids/stars for YWKS and nothing gives an indication that there is an issue, except for the runways, 09/27 and the approach for 09 saying 09T (09 True due to the location of the aerodrome). That shouldn't be a problem should it? EDIT: I removed the T off of 09T in both instances and it works now. Cheers, Anthony Schulz
  2. TONZA

    PMDG 773ER install issues with FSX:SE

    I solved the problem by running both boxes checked on both installers.
  3. This is probably getting tiresome for everyone, so I will keep it brief. I uninstalled the B773ER and B772LR and tried installing both to the steam edition. The base file works problem free but when I attempt to install the -300ER, it says it can't find the base installation and that it is looking at a blank location. The registry past was set to the :SE version of FSX. Can anyone help? Also have attempted other fixes, including having both boxes checked (gives an error), installed all MSI's from the simconnect and still go nowhere. Has anyone else got a solution. Thanks in advance, TONZA
  4. I think we can all agree that no matter which platform you choose, FSX or FSX:SE, the addons will be available for both. I have read a lot of reviews, many pluses and minuses. PMDG is doing the community a favour, lets let them continue on, bring more people in. Who know's, one day, their products could be going great in multiplayer. Keep up the great work PMDG.
  5. TONZA

    Resource usage comparing - J4100, 737NGX, 777

    Robert, You will need to post actual system specs. I run a Toshiba Satellite with an AMD Quad Core Processor @1.5GHz with inbuilt Radeon HD Dual Graphics. I have all the PMDG products for FSX and you loose frames with both the 737 and 777. Depending on your specs, it may be like mine (5-20 FPS) or better.
  6. TONZA

    777-GMC missing texture file

    Brad, have you tried copying the texture.cfg file from one of the other texture folders for the 744X and same with the 744FX? If so, then I recommend a removing your textures and re-installing it as an Administrator then cross-referencing the files from the default PMDG liveries to find the right ones. As for the PMDG 777-GMC, it is referencing all texture files from the PMDG 777-300ER folder. Try copying them across, including the aircraft.CFG entries and see how that goes. You will need a panel too, recommend you copy the 777-200LR panel folder (completely) and see how that goes with your T7. Again, trial and error may need to be consulted to work completely. -TONZA
  7. TONZA

    FS2Crew downloading problem

    Hi all, I had a similar issue to Sam, only it downloaded completely or so I thought. I am unable to extract the voice control and button control for the Aerosoft Airbus X extended.. and I don't want to have to re-download it either.