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  1. Need-To-Know

    Cielosim - (KJAX) Jacksonville on sale

    I also had VAS problems on this scenery - FSX in the PMDG 747. Always started to ding before I finished my preflight. I could just watch the VAS count down. And that is with everything cut off (traffic and weather). I can use the 747 at FSDream team Vancouver and use half the VAS I use at JAX. Moved over to X-Plane now but hope one day they fix/optimize whatever it is. My FSX is tweaked very well, btw.
  2. Need-To-Know

    My X-Plane 11 Review

    Great review Mario!!! Your tourist section of the website was the turning point for me to get into XPlane. I really like your style of writing. This review should help any one looking to get into Xplane! Thanks for taking the time to write it and link it.
  3. Need-To-Know

    Must Have Tools for X-Plane
  4. Honestly you guys made my day!! I have not seen anything on this problem but will keep an eye out and let you know if I run across anything. Thanks guys for the feedback!!!
  5. That is great!! Your post about the push back and the other gentleman that posted about being new to XPlane are the reason I spent the time to write it all out. I will add one more but skip pinning a link. Jan, from IXEG, wrote that they are working on fixing the ground stick thing for the release of patch 1.1. The patch is mainly focused on XPlane 10 but should help in 11 (though 11 is not fully supported in the patch). He stated that in the mean time try to stay above 5knts when taxiing. You made it all worth while and hope you find something you like......Mr Armstrong. haha
  6. Disclaimer: (I am only putting my opinions and not connected to anyone or company. Not looking to debate and will ignore criticism and negativity. Of course use at your own discretion. Not everything I put will work for you. These are what have worked for me.Not looking for street creds or look at me = I am samrt. Just saving someone time to fly and not research. IF you have problems please direct them to the authors I am no specialist. ) IXEG Stuff Problems and great addons: Problems mainly focused on the XP11 Beta15 - IXEG 1.07 Some things I learned about the IXEG guys. They all have full time jobs besides creating this plane. They do this part time. So do not expect fast patches or fixes. Not everything in the plane is finished but it is still great and highly flyable. Here is one of the greatest post from a developer ever: For the APU in Cold and Dark: (If your APU will not start) For Parking moving around: From Cold and Dark - You need to quickly power up, get ground to hook power and get the electric hydraulics working to keep from sliding. (works for me) Several people have said different reasons for the sliding (Slope to wind) For Friction/pushback: No Solution I have found. I believe IXEG has their own ground friction model which does not work with XP11. But sounds like other planes are having this problem too. Push back - This almost always is a rocky (pun intended) process. (Straight or to the side I still get bouncy) I have not found a fix yet. This also happens- the plane can just stop on the taxiway or runway and when you stand the throttles up to get it to move it goes backwards….? Not figured this out yet. Cool addons for the IXEG: Ground handling by JARDesign This is kind of a GSX type thingy. There are not voices (IE "pin is inserted") Manual setup can be a bit frustrating to figure out but someone has already done the work for you (Link below). and get the planes file (ie already to go for the IXEG) from: Liveries: Haversine FMS: This tool is awesome if you have an iPad!!! RemoteFlight: Worth every cent!! This will let you set your radios, nav & comm as well as your transponder. The gauges also work. There is a moving map app too if you want that kinda thing. BTW -it works in FSX too. Value for money!!! iGocConnect: I personally have only lightly tested this as I use PFPX. Works great to give you a better visual reference to setup your weights. As for the flight planning. It can send your route to the FMC (One of the only ways to do this for now - Another program listed below) (PFPX cannot send routes ….yet but sounds like they are working on it) Route to FMC: I actually use PFPX but to get the route to the FMC I found one option is: Route to FMC: (A quick paste option) I just use the Haversine FMS outlined above then just save my routes in sim. X-RAAS2: Easy to setup and loads of configurations. I am still amazed by the great X-Plane community with free addons like this. Vspeed callouts: Vidal. For some reason the sounds from the default copilot for vspeeds are super low and I could not hear them. This plugin fixed that for me: Crew: This works ok. It gives you crew announcements. It is a bit spotty from my experience and the callouts can be awkward sometimes. This probly has to due with my setup or a conflict somewhere and not the authors fault. Still I would not go without it. TugMaster: Bouncy too but when it works right will be mint! Works great in XP10. IXEG has a default tug that works great but this one you an use your joystick. This would work great for if your plane sits overnight at a remote stand (pretending here) and needs to be tugged to the gate. Nav Data: To update your FMC. I use Navigraph (paid app) and direct it to the IXEG folder (it does support it). I also found it easier sometimes just to do a manual placement into the IXEG folder. This will get the FMC (CDU) to read up to date on the opening screen. GoFlight Interface Tool. If you have GoFlight panels See at bottom of post for description. For the Sim: Not IXEG Stuff A good free text editor: Notepad++ I use this occasionally for my job and it is free. Maintains good formatting and can save "text" files in many different formats like .lua It has no addware. For the environment: (Beta15 "fixes") Banding around the moon band aide also (NVidia no stars or moon): [known bug] Color Banding - XPD-6898 Jagged sky color transition: How I kinda fixed: Use the Notepad++ to create a blank file and paste this code then save (call whatever will help you remember). Then put it into or save it to your FlyWithLua scripts folder. (Flywith lua discrb and link below) Just fix the banding: set("sim/private/controls/dome/kill_glares", 1) set("sim/private/controls/lights/exponent_far", 0.47) set("sim/private/controls/lights/exponent_near", 0.43) The below script is what I use now and have not tested in conjunction with the banding script above. Moon and starts: Hey there are stars and a moon AWESOME! dataref("Sun_Pitch", "sim/graphics/scenery/sun_pitch_degrees") function Stars() if Sun_Pitch > 0 then set("sim/private/controls/caps/use_multilayer_fog", 1.0) else set("sim/private/controls/caps/use_multilayer_fog", 0.0) end end do_every_draw("Stars()") Ground HDR Lights: One of the things that bugs me in X-Plane is the ground seems always to be a black void expect where there are lights. This does not fix the black ground at night but adjust lights on the ground for the US and Europe. Blocky Shadows: Maybe need a higher end system to keep from slowing down your FPS. I had no problem. Use the Notepad++ to create a blank file and paste this code then save (call whatever will help you remember). Then put it into or save it to your FlyWithLua scripts folder. (Flywith lua discrb and link below set("sim/private/controls/fbo/shadow_cam_size", 8192.0) set("sim/private/controls/shadow/csm_split_exterior", 2.0) set("sim/private/controls/shadow/last_3d_pass", 2.0) Fix cockpit colors for sunset and sunrise: This can fix that strange color in the cockpit at sunrise and sun set. X-Plane pictures of what this problem is: Solution By Murmur: Ideas for other things to get: 1st How to's: Addon Scenery: You need to watch out for how things stack up in your scenery file. Wrong stacking and you may have one file over the top of another. ( ie you do not see your airport or something) Edit your scenery file: (note use the free Notepad++ described above -not required but it was free. haha) Not a must but good ones to get first: XPUIPC - the FSUIPC for Xplane…..nuff said. Flywithlua: This ends up being a must for some addons. People get annoyed at the pop up that appears when you start xplane telling you to read the manual. As a civilian and not going to be a big developer I did not want to read the whole manual. Basically install it by the instructions given then I removed all of the plugins in the Flywith lua plugin folder. And started putting the plugins I wanted in that folder. This got rid of the message. But we owe huge thanks to this guy for creating this plugin!! There are about another baaaazzion other plugins: (here a a few I use) X-Camera - #1 Tool - Kinda the EZDok/Chase camera for XPlane: X-Life: (free) Get a few planes flying and parked around the airport. This is an alternative to World Traffic 2. I am mixed on this. Not many airports supported and it moved the liveries from the proper gates for me. I have not gone overly into configuring this yet. I will buy World Traffic 3 when it becomes available. For The Geek: Openscenery - Good library stuff required by some airports (ie PAJN) . Easy to install. Autogate- Same reason to install as above: DataRef Editor - Once you get a bit more advanced. Good for "on the fly" type edits. Logbook - My geeky side keeps paper logbook but when I forget to log this has my back. Weather: I have not gone the pay for weather yet. For me I need for beta things to settle a bit first and see what developers offer then. Or when REX arrives :) NOAA plugin read more here: GoFlight Interface Tool. Setup those goflight panels in XPlane. I have 7-GF panels and MCP. Man o man I cursed this tool at first but once I got the hang of it, it works great. Just no good tuts on using it in XPlane. Rob has a good one for FSX/P3D but it works a little bit different in Xplane. It is actually easier to use in XPlane than how it works in FSX/P3d since it uses "Datarefs". I hope to do a write up on using the GIT tools in the future. BTW I tried several other tools for the GoFlight panels. Save yourself from gray hairs and just pay for this one. Datarefs: Learning to work with "Datarefs" This one was a bit confusing and frustrating at first but I had a good teacher: Ok I only hope this helps another newbie like me. Then you can fly!!!
  7. Try getting ground power hooked up quickly and turn on your hydraulic pumps right away. Then your parking brakes should work. Not RW SOP but might help.
  8. Need-To-Know

    DC6 in P3D pictures

    Is the GPS optional in P3D? It kinda killed the romance of the vintage plane for me. Rob Hollis
  9. Need-To-Know

    Buttons not detected and all settings gone

    After several emails and testing with the ever so patient Mr. Scotflieger I am happy to report back that my problem was solved quickly. Now you ask what we did. Sorry but I fooled around with so many things and test that I could not even tell you. I will say if Linda does not work the first time you install it shut down the sim and try again (or again and again like I did). Just have to say many thanks Scotflieger!!! You sir are a star!! Donation (my third I think) is on the way!! Always give back to the guys that offer great, professional support!!!
  10. Need-To-Know

    Buttons not detected and all settings gone

    Hello and thank you! Sent the log file via email. Read support instructions and used default FSX plane pressed a few buttons. System win 7 64 FSX -dx10 I download the latest 2.9.2 v3 (487) Updated my paid FSUIPC4.963 I did a clean install – deleted all Linda files in modules folder and dropped the new ones in. Backed up my folders but waiting until we get it the basic setup working. Linda recognizes the proper plane and the orange box with FSX sync works when I drop a module folder in. Problem: 1- I get no “on release” for my goflight panels. 2- While it looks like Linda is communicating with fsx the buttons - they show in the Linda interface as being used in Linda (but not the on release)- the switches do not do anything in the sim. 3- Also seems like I used to be able to customize a plane without FSX running but no more. Thanks again, Rob Hollis
  11. Need-To-Know

    ORBX made this a bad day for JustSim and Aerosoft

    I may have to thank them for not taking paypal. For the last few days I was trying to use my credit card to buy $230 worth of Orby addons but my bank blocks it because of the overseas sales (got me why on that). If they had left an alternative at say another online business I would have bought from them. I did submit a friendly ticket but they did not reply. Since this is the only time of year I get enough time off to really sim I have to move on things quickly since installing usually takes jumping through a few hoops = many hours of configs. Any hoo - tired of waiting tonight I went ahead and made the X-plane jump (10 and 11 for the price of one) and bought the amazing looking PMDG DC-6 I have watched for so long. Very exciting. BTW while Orbx/bank declined my card Xplane and PMDG took it right away....just saying Ehh I would be flying Orby land right now but ran out of options. I do understand the reasons for sure they had Paypal problems. Just wish they had left me another purchase option.....or maybe I don't will see after the Xplane install finishes but PMDG J41 is my fav of favorites so doubt I will be disappointed.
  12. Hi Guys, So been away for a while - Pre "Operations Center".... So I do not have any of the other PMDG AC so no OpCenter. I was trying to add a livery and it said I needed the OpCenter to install it. How would I get this mysterious and allusive OpCenter :smile: ? Reinstall the JS41? Rob Hollis
  13. I figured it out by emailing GoFlight. They gave me a quick answer that has worked great. I have been using my GF panels for everything in DCS....and a few other apps. They have software called: "GF-Keys" There is no install so what you need to do is create a folder and run from there. After you start GF-Keys and program it close it to your taskbar then left click on the GF-Icon to enable GF-Keys you will need to do this each time you use it.
  14. I have several GoFlight Modules. GF-T8 GF-T8-2 GF-P8 GF-RP48 (Mostly just buttons) I want to use my modules in DCS combat simulator. I have asked on their forum but got no answer. I have read from searching several post that people have gotten GoFlight modules to work in DCS. I suppose just as key emulators - which is all I need. But no one says How they did it. Problem I have is the GoFlight software only runs when FSX or P3d is running. How do you get it to run when DCS is running?
  15. Ahhh roger that, I had not ever thought of that. Not really a feature I would use but understand why people would.