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  1. glider_uk

    vanishing / disappearing lights

    LOL sure is.
  2. glider_uk

    vanishing / disappearing lights

    Still funny that it turns off when only looking North
  3. glider_uk

    vanishing / disappearing lights

    Simbol you are correct, If I toggle aircraft off the lights come back. I suppose its a matter of going through setting to find the happy setting
  4. glider_uk

    vanishing / disappearing lights

    I am now using UTL, I was using MT6 before that. I will take a look at reducing but its not very logical that it does it dependent on where you look, I would say its about 10 degrees looking forward at gate 20 at EGKK for example
  5. glider_uk

    vanishing / disappearing lights

    Ok but surely they would disappear all the time not just where you look. Also it does it mid-flight with only my aircraft in view. For example if i'm at gate 20 at Gatwick, looking forward in the 320 with dymanic interior lights on I see no lights, if I look down towards the floor the come on. Externally if I orbit the aircraft I see all the lights until looking from behind (same direction as in cockpit) they disappear.
  6. glider_uk

    vanishing / disappearing lights

    I am having exactly the same problem, always when looking at the same direction external and internal. If aircraft turns it comes back if i turn my view to the original direction they disappear again. Don't know if its Chaseplane or P3D but its not down to scenery as it happens mid-flight.
  7. glider_uk

    Timeout at Startup

    This has happened before, its at their end don't bother re-installing
  8. glider_uk

    No VNAV/PERF data or V speeds

    Make sure you click GW in perfs
  9. Just released, is it any good. Only 20 euros on simmarket.
  10. glider_uk

    PMDG 777 200 is OUT!

    Only trying to help, if you get so annoyed by this little post then all I can say is you must have a miserable existence. C'mon guys whats wrong in informing like minded individuals about news of releases. Unless you have 30 tabs open and spend your days scouring the internet it could be missed, also if you are doing that you need to get out more.
  11. glider_uk

    PMDG 777 200 is OUT!

    Title says it all
  12. glider_uk

    8-14 FPS sitting at airport in P3D v4?

    What resolution do you have your clouds at in ASCA? Maybe dropping them down a bit may help.
  13. glider_uk

    Are you getting even usage across all Cores?

    That did the trick, it hasn't increased my FPS much but the load seems more spread Erm Yeah ok. I should really look into this, I paid for a watercooled processor on a Asus Rampage extreme and never really took the time to investigate it.
  14. glider_uk

    Are you getting even usage across all Cores?

    I loved to know how to clock that high, no good at that, My GPU is only running at Max 30%.
  15. Title asks the question as I am not. X5960 OC'd to 4Ghz. HT on so 16 cores. CPU 0 100% CPU 1 25% all the rest negligible usage. Just curious what anybody else is getting?