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  1. Interesting side note. Since i turned off HT my card is boosting constantly to 2000 mhz and not jumping arround crazy as before ?! strange
  2. We are all still waiting for a fix from AMD or LM. They said they informed AMD and working with them on the issue
  3. I asked in a tread over @ pmdg where they have also ctd with the 747 on the load screen. So exactly the opposite problem. But no feedback till now
  4. Runs well for me, but I only have v5
  5. strange, for me it's still crashing. will try to uninstall 747. opened a ticket at Leonardo Update: After uninstall of the PMDG 747 the maddog runs flawles again. Very strange
  6. Strange after installing the pmdg 747 Micro update i cannot load the maddog abymore. as soon is i want to load the scenario p3d ceaahes. tried reinstall but no luck. with the 747 I can load the scenario without issues.
  7. i also would be a happy camper as soon as they fix the crashes when switching to outside view and back 😞 Cannot even check the pushback route withouth crashing 😞
  8. Works for me so far but i only started from PF to Takeoff
  9. Does anyone know if FS2Crew is still compatible? I know the installer is not ready yet but ? 🙂
  10. 😞 did`t even get into vc 😞 Imediate g3d.dll crash when i try to open vc view. But i use AMD Radeon Vii so maybe it`s this anoing AMD thingy Update, ok seems after i run ezca config tool i´m able to get into the vc
  11. Jup that would be great maddog and FsLabs and I'm happy
  12. @4k I need 4xssaa I also thought @4k I can get rid of ssaa but no way for me
  13. for me p3d get`s unusable with beta 2. Only when i remove it from p3d v5 addons i´m able to start p3d normaly again. Update after reinstalling the connector again it seems to work at the moment.
  14. although I think my gpu is still not fully utilized because of AMD driver issues, with unlimited @4k with sliders pretty much right, True sky enabled, active sky, pmdg 747 and aig traffic I have now 20 -22 fps at egll with TE south. so for me it's 10 fps gain I could only see minimal bluries but now I can start and land way more fluid at egll. now waiting for AMD and Fslabs
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