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  1. till now yes. why it should not? I paid 95 EUR for premium deluxe. if you have to keep game pass nobody would purchase it for 95 EUR and then pay every month on top for game pass.
  2. Jup, i was allready testing pilot2atc but with this update I decided to wait and see what else comes on the pro atc side.
  3. Not sure if it‘s related But maybee it could also help to start active sky after the simulator and plane is loaded. at least I had the experience that sometimes it helped.
  4. For me the hint with disable game mode worked till now. Tried to start a flight from LOWS to EGKK with FSL A320 and as soon as the flight was loaded I had a device hung. Now I`m in the preflight prep with FS2Crew since 20 minutes no issiue so far. I use a 6900 XT brds
  5. Hi, did my thrid flight and this time everything worked as expected. I only found an assignment for Mixture (idle cutoff) and removed that one to be secure. Thanks for your Help guys
  6. Thank you guys will check everything on saturday. I use AIGNlM Traffic so I will also check the AI plane thing
  7. Oh yes, as an owner of a 5950X and a Watercooled 6900XT Ican tell you I love it 🙂 P3D was never so smooth for me. But i was coming from a 9990XE and a Radeon VII so the 6900XT alone was nearly 100 % more powerfull then my Radeon VII
  8. Hey, I purchased FS2 Crew for Maddog on the 10th May 2019. I used the Maddog the last time in P3D 4.5 and there I had no issiues. This have been the first 2 flights within P3D V5. And there it happend both times 😞
  9. Hey All, has anyone the same issue? I tried it now 2 times and it happened always at the same "moment" Shortly after I initialize the descent both fuel cut-off switches are set to "off" simultaneously ? I had my hand`s away from keyboard and joystick, so my only suggestion is that the CoPilot is doing it for some reason ? brgds
  10. Hmm installieren kord yesterday no issiues.
  11. the homepage says to purchase cymm you have to have pack 1, 2 or 3 purchased?
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