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  1. Interesting same as for me with nearly the same amount of ms for the main thread.
  2. BIOS reset and switched to dx11 and put the fenix a320 Displays from cpu to gpu now I have between 40- 50 fps without dlss. still limited by mainthread but now it‘s not red instead it‘s with green background most of the time.
  3. I use the settings from rd presets guide lod is 100. and as mentioned CPU is @40 % msfs is on a Corsair mp800 m2 ssd ddr 3900 with cl14 i would say a beefy System
  4. Very interesting. i have a 5800x3d and a 4090 upgraded from a 6900XT but i don’t see a big performance gain? from 25-30 to 32 at egll with fenix a320 with all the nice dlss and other Nvidia stuff activated. for sure I have less stutter that’s sure. but the gpu is at 40 % usage at night with rain and the cpu also. the dev tool says limited by main thread I have 5120x1440 resolution tried allready dx11 and dx12 😞 am I doing something wrong?
  5. Witch CPU are you using? @49 inch 5120x1200 I get only 36-40 FPS in the fenix A320 with High settings. I have a AMD 5800X3D i thought at least to reach 60 FPs
  6. Also purchased fenix at this moment looking forward to compare against fslabs
  7. 😁😁 like for all the other pmdg releases 🙂
  8. purchased, but waiting for serial and download link since 10 minutes
  9. No is good with p3d 🙂 at least for ma combination
  10. Also have a 5800x3d and since I use the affinity mask : first core free and only physical ones I have really good performance. Better than my 5950x
  11. So 5800X3D installed and did a "short" test. I can agree that this thing is running hot 60 - 70 Degrees while flying with max temp 87,8 with a custom water cooling system. Made a short flight with A320 SL from EGLL Gate taxi out to 27L then turn to 090 heading eglc passing EGLL again and also overflying the whole city center and heading towards dover. Using AIG-AI, ASP3D, ASCA, Traffic Global, True Earth GB, Aerosoft EGLL, Orbx EGLC, 4x SSAA What surprised me is that the performance is as good or maybe even better then with my 5950X which is strange. I think i have less stutters than with the bigger chip and also more FPS while flying over the city. Not significantly more but more, and also the Autogen Loading is working better for me when settings frames to unlimited. I still have to tune the settings because i made a cmos reset and set DRAM to 3200 with the 5950X it was running DRAM @3600. And I´m not sure if this is the right affinity mask for the 5800X3D so maybe this also affects performance: [JobScheduler] AffinityMask=63487 P3DCoreAffinityMask=63487 MainThreadScheduler=10 RenderThreadScheduler=6 FrameWorkerThreadScheduler=2 Acording to Ryzen Master C6 is the best core and C4 the second best. Continiue "testing" and tuning tomorow 🙂 brgds
  12. maybe i can give some insights on Saturday or Sunday. Ordered one on Amazon yesterday should be delivered till Saturday 🙂 I currently have a 5950X so I'm very interested to see what the 5800X3d is able to achieve in P3D 5.3 compared to the 5950X
  13. ahhh cain`t wait to take a flight with the concorde looking forward to it.
  14. same for me. as I mentioned I found that my CPU is not boosting anymore when this issue happens. which causes the stutter because the CPU cannot keep up. most times when it occures a complete shutdown and reboot solves the issue. I can see it in hwinfo while sitting at the gate: issue : Max boost clocks of 3 - 3.2 GHz restart same gate same plane,...: 4.3- 5.0 GHz
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