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  1. With the FSL A320-X you can easily try it for yourself as one of the included failures is a Bird Strike... :wink:
  2. Ben Johnson

    FSLabs A320X - When do you think that will Release?

    Go have a look -
  3. Ben Johnson

    FSLabs Concorde Released

    Regarding VAS usage... Remember the T7 has NO 2D panels and only a VC, whereas the Concorde-X has many, many 2D panels and a VC... So to perform a VAS comparison is comparing oranges to apples.
  4. All, Regards,
  5. Ben Johnson

    FSL Spotlights - anyone tried them yet?

    Hi Paul, Yes. Have a look here - That is not the case and the control window is visible.
  6. Ben Johnson

    Back in Hospital:(

    Phil - That's awesome news!! Stay happy & healthy! Best wishes,
  7. Ben Johnson

    Fslabs New Previews.

    Have a look ...
  8. Ben Johnson

    KLGB version 5 uploaded

    Shez & Team - Thank you for your contribution to the hobby, it is greatly appreciated! Regards,
  9. Ben Johnson

    New FSX User - Atlanta scenery question

    I nice option, but without autogen -
  10. Ben Johnson

    Nashville TN?

    Looking good!
  11. Ben Johnson

    Flight1 King Air B200

    I'll be adding this aircraft to my hangar on the day of release.
  12. Gerard, A very big thank you to you, Aime and Joop Mak! You all have done an outstanding work. Regards, Bob L.
  13. Ben Johnson

    Belgium 2012 free photoscenery

    Gerard, Very nice work and thank you for sharing. Regards, Bob
  14. Ben Johnson

    NGX EZCA Profiles

    Word Not Allowed, Thank you!
  15. Ben Johnson

    PC Aviator no correspondence re order

    Probably should have, but PC Aviator had it for a cheaper price. Either way I would expect to receive the latest version when purchasing a downloadable product.Bob L Jim, Agreed to making sure to read everything. But on the PC Aviator site there is no mention of which version is being offered and when comparing the product details to the Wilco site they match up. It was when I opened the zipped file from PC Aviator is when I saw the difference in version numbers from what Wilco had on their site. I did contact Wilco who redirected me back to PC Aviator. PC Aviator must have contacted Wilco and received the latest version as I did receive the current version for FS9, but I'm still waiting for the latest FSX Deluxe version. In the future will only deal with the actual developers (as long as they sell directly) and not any re-sellers. Bob L