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  1. With the FSL A320-X you can easily try it for yourself as one of the included failures is a Bird Strike... :wink:
  2. Ben Johnson

    FSLabs A320X - When do you think that will Release?

    Go have a look -
  3. Ben Johnson

    FSLabs Concorde Released

    Regarding VAS usage... Remember the T7 has NO 2D panels and only a VC, whereas the Concorde-X has many, many 2D panels and a VC... So to perform a VAS comparison is comparing oranges to apples.
  4. All, Regards,
  5. Ben Johnson

    FSL Spotlights - anyone tried them yet?

    Hi Paul, Yes. Have a look here - That is not the case and the control window is visible.
  6. Ben Johnson

    Back in Hospital:(

    Phil - That's awesome news!! Stay happy & healthy! Best wishes,
  7. Ben Johnson

    Fslabs New Previews.

    Have a look ...
  8. Ben Johnson

    KLGB version 5 uploaded

    Shez & Team - Thank you for your contribution to the hobby, it is greatly appreciated! Regards,
  9. Ben Johnson

    New FSX User - Atlanta scenery question

    I nice option, but without autogen -
  10. Ben Johnson

    Nashville TN?

    Looking good!
  11. Ben Johnson

    Hey Tom Allensworth!

    Tom & Team - A big Thank you!
  12. Ben Johnson

    Flight1 King Air B200

    I'll be adding this aircraft to my hangar on the day of release.
  13. Ben Johnson

    FlightBeam Studios - KIAD Washington Released

    I too am very impressed with Flightbeam and the 'other' KIAD scenery I had installed is now in the uninstalled pile.
  14. Ben Johnson

    FANCON 2014 Host City Nominations!

  15. Ben Johnson

    Incredible video......!

    Stan, Thanks for sharing; i tip my hat to all of the firefighters, in the air and on the ground.