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  1. With the FSL A320-X you can easily try it for yourself as one of the included failures is a Bird Strike... :wink:
  2. Go have a look - http://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/7128-an-update/
  3. Regarding VAS usage... Remember the T7 has NO 2D panels and only a VC, whereas the Concorde-X has many, many 2D panels and a VC... So to perform a VAS comparison is comparing oranges to apples.
  4. Gerard, Very nice work and thank you for sharing. Regards, Bob
  5. Hi Peter, Yes, you have been missed. Glad to hear you're still flying. Keep up the great stories and bring on the pics.Regards,Bob Lyddy
  6. It is interesting.Maybe someone from the PMDG can provide some info.
  7. Hi Dan,I have McAfee Security Center installed and it detects it as part of its SystemGuard. The details of the alert are Location: F:FSXPMDG747400_LoadManager.exe is requesting access to the internet.Bob
  8. Hi folks,I'm curious as to why everytime I launch the 747-400 FSX Load Manager it attempts to access the internet?Is it reporting data back to PMDG or attempting to retrieve data needed for the load manager?I'm not accusing PMDG of anything, so please do not read anything into this; I'm just curious as to the behavior.Regards,Bob Lyddy
  9. Like BT stated - all is fine. The aircraft, scenery and missions are fantastic! Job well done!! Keep up the great work.My system specs - P4 3.2mhz Hyper Threading2Gig ramATI Radeon X1950 PRO 512 mb ramWin XP Cloud9 Xlcass United StatesRegards,Bob
  10. iFly Team,Thank you for a wonderful add-on; this is truly an amazing aircraft. The level of quality and detail is top notch.Regards,Bob
  11. JD,After seeing none of the RC key commands worked I disconnected my Logitech Digital Wingman joystick. That was the trick; as RC4 is now responding flawlessly.As soon as I re-attached the joystick, RC4 stopped responding. I now need to look into why the Logitech joystick is 'eating' the keystrokes. When I connect my CH Products USB Yoke & Pedals RC4 works flawlessly.Thanks for the quick response. I knew the issue couldn't have been with RC4.Regards,Bob Lyddy
  12. Fellow Simmers,I'm having a slight problem in getting RC4 to respond in FSX. When I hit the corresponding keyboard number of the option listed in the FSUIPC window the is no response from RC4.I have followed the FSX only setup instructions for migrating RC4 to RC4.3. I have ver 4.12 of FSUIPC. Here are the steps I'm performing in launching RC4 & FSX - 1. Create a flight plan via FSBuild 2.32. Launch RC4, select flight plan3. Launch FSX4. Go to RC4 and click the Start RC button5. Go to FSX, complete selecting aircraft, airport, etc, laucnh flight.Any ideas as to why there's no response from RC4?Regards,Bob L
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