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  1. yurinedisov

    POLL - FSLabs A320 "finished enough"

    I don't sure if others have buyed this aircraft but I can say it is best Airbus in market by far.
  2. yurinedisov

    FSL Spotlights - anyone tried them yet?

    I bought this as well - it's amazing! It also works for any aircraft (even if they have vc lighting already). It seems the lights are not textures but they use some new technique with true 3d lights - no FX added or custom models... and the best part? no FPS drop either for me! Seems some of their beta testers have created initialization files for various add-on aircraft already! (PDMG NGX etc) - they're in the FSL Spotlights forum...
  3. yurinedisov

    FSL Spotlights - anyone tried them yet?

    It seems it's available for download now for everyone... I'll give it a try... (link here: http://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/files/download/317-fslspotlights/ )
  4. I see that FSLabs have released their FSL Spotlights product as a try-before-you-buy... has anyone tried it yet? It looks promising... (I am waiting for their A320-X as well).