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  1. OK, it's working now. Didn't click the "delete all my data / radar gauge / sock drawer" option so redid the uninstall/full install again and it's sprung back into life again. Remember kids, always tick EVERYTHING when uninstalling.
  2. Same problem here. Fired up today and get half a clap of thunder then it dies. Have done a full uninstall and reinstall but still no joy 😞
  3. Well REX Airports HD is claimed to be going to their beta team on Monday. But 4.3 does give them a new excuse to push back again doesn’t it 🙂
  4. I too skipped the 4.2 upgrade - mostly due to not being sure of the process. What are the disadvantages of updating content and scenery. I have most of OrbX, Uk2000 EGBB and Drzewiecki Design New York City so do I need to uninstall those before uninstalling and updating scenery ? likewise A2A Cherokee, Milviz Beaver, PMDG 737 and FSL A320. Do I need to go thru the same process of uninstalling those first ? (I need to update the Airbus anyway as it hasn’t stolen enough of my passwords yet)
  5. I’ll never be able to master the FSL A320 as I still love my PMDG 737 and their 747 and the A2A fleet, and the Tw’otter is great fun, as is Flysimware’s 441 and arggggghhhhhhh too many awesome addons to ever by able to master and I can’t just pick one !!! and hopefully FSL will do their Concorde for V4 so that’d Be another bird eating up my time. Would be happy to just land the bus tho, I see where Nyxx’s comment is coming from.
  6. The biggest problems I had were getting rid of all traces of the Saitek software and drivers. The next problem I had was finding a USB port that worked. My machine had a mix of 2 / 3 / 3.1 USB ports and different Saitek devices were happy on different standards. My USB 2 ports seemed to get most results so I ended up having to get an extra USB card and then some heavy duty 2.5a hubs. After i I did all that, then spad.next picked everything up fine.
  7. When you say "update" you do mean you repurchased with the discount didn't you?
  8. Thank you ! I haven't changed anything, those are exactly the same settings I already had, but it's suddenly working :) Sure, it's possible that re-installing for the 4.1 upgrade may have been what fixed it, but for now I'll give you the credit.
  9. Can I be cheeky and ask what you did to fix it. I have the same issue but struggling to turn the manual into results.
  10. I'm assuming the RealAir are still forever unavailable for new users, so seems rather cruel to be recommending them. I took the advice about the FlySimWare Cessna C441 Conquest II when someone asked a similar question a few weeks ago and I've really enjoyed it. Needed to watch a few YouTube videos to get to grips with some of the procedures, but am very happy I listened to Chock.
  11. The FlySimWare Cessna C441 Conquest II looks an interesting beast. As it works in P3Dv4 I may take advantage of the weekends sale. Does anyone know if it works with the Flight1 GNS 530? I saw mention of the 750 compatibility.
  12. I've just got ChasePlane myself but wasn't sure if the motion effects and turbulence would interfere with AS16 / PMDG / A2A Is it just the view that is getting shaken or is the airframe getting stirred too ?
  13. So if I have OpenLC for Europe and North America then FS Global will enhance things, but as I also have EU England region it won't make any difference to the mesh until I cross the border into Wales or Scotland. Did I understand that correctly ?
  14. SPAD isn't recognising my P3Dv4 during the wizard, only v3.4 and fails the simconnect test BUT once I start everything up and manually select a profile it is working with all my quadrants with V4. I don't know how far the process you gave up on, but might be worth ignoring the error messages and just giving it a blast. Its at least tidying me over unless the patches all come out.
  15. Thanks for the heads up on the installation process. Seems I won't have to worry for a while as can't get anywhere close to loading the Prepar3d site and there's still an hour to go !
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