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  1. I missed out on the sale too. I have the Maddog 2008 but was looking for something a bit more user friendly. TFDi appears to be more of a Quality Wings caliber product. Not too difficult on the learning curve, but not so detailed it takes an hour to prepare for pushback. It's not like I have a copilot in the right seat. I have hundreds of aircraft but spend 98% of my time flying my PMDG 738. When I fly the other aircraft, then get back in the PMDG, it's amazing what I miss on the checklist, LOL. Oh well, last thing I need, but I'll wait for the next sale. After 25 years in this hobby you could say it's an addiction. Yep, "old guy" 🙂
  2. kar54

    PacSim SLC soon to be released

    Having lived in SLC for many years, when I saw the "inversion layer" I thought immediately, "I'm home!" I'm looking forward to the product release as well as personally replicating the weather phenom with AS16. Great work so far team! Tom
  3. kar54

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    RIP Mr. Allensworth. Thank you so much for the contributions to our hobby and the enhancement to our lives. God Bless.
  4. kar54

    Rfp Files

    Very much obliged. Thanks for all you folks do.T RicheyKCOS