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  1. Sekkha


    on page 2 of the datalink will find fields for out / off/ on / in there is where the actual flight times get logged to check my theory check if also the "out" time field is populated prior to takeoff. on certain flight setups despite activating Datalink I dont get this field populated and then it doesnt happen as far as I observed.......therefore my theory (but only a theory of course, could again be wrong ..:)
  2. Sekkha


    forget what I said here...I now think it has nothing to do with flight saving My theory now is that is has to do with the recording of the "off" time in ACARS.. Maybe you can check if prior to takeoff you have the "out" time field populated, it seems that only then it happens because ACARS wants to log the "off" time" then after liftoff ahh..our posts just crossed
  3. Sekkha

    Pitch problems

    thanks for your info, I am of course not a RW 744 pilot but I imagined that because it is a really heavy bird... But we are talking about the autopilot here. So trimming should be done automatically then , shouldnt it? As by options my hardware controller should not interfere when the autopilot is switched on, so this is also not likely to be the cause for this behaviour.. best regards P.S. I cant say anything about any other PMDG aircraft, I only have the 744
  4. Sekkha

    Pitch problems

    I also find it more pronounced recently, but I suppose that in my case it is just because after over time having learned a bit to live with it I only recently learned how smooth the MaddogX is doing this......and I just wanted to cry when I came back to the queen and got this rocking climbout and turns... I dont think that actually anything changed from P3D V3 to V4 in this regard, but of course I dont know.....
  5. Sekkha


    After filing a support ticket I found out that for me this seems to be happening only if I start from a saved flight, and only under certain conditions which I havent been able to isolate so far. When starting the flight by creating a new scenario I could not reproduce it so far..
  6. Sekkha

    Pitch problems

    meanwhile leveling of at 4000 ft with low weights is really a special situation as Dan pointed out, I must say that I have always found the autopilot quite jerky and unsmooth in the pitch axis on the speed by pitch modes. This is absolutely the only thing which I really reall dislike about this aircraft. Especially on climbout and in combination with sharp turns many times the plane is rocking up and down in a way which feels very "unorganic" for such a heavy aircraft and is for me quite immersion killing.............:( (probaby many wont agree, but immersion is highly subjective.....) best regards
  7. Sekkha


    meanwhile I still dont see any stutter in the sim itself (scenery) , I also noticed now that not only the wipers but also flight instruments as airspeed, vsi etc hang a moment right after there is definitely something going on Preloading all sounds does not prevent that. Did anybody already file a ticket ? best regards
  8. Sekkha


    my feeling is also this.. I only experience the wipers to stutter, not the whole sim, .... maybe this is somehow rainmaker-related ? or maybe mine is still something different, but that would be strange coincidence ....
  9. Sekkha


    what I am seeing on the 744 is that if I take off with the wipers switched on, they will stop wiping for a short moment right after liftoff. However I dont experience a general stutter asociated to that. I have all sound to preload and also the CFG fix applied
  10. Thanks for your replies everyone ! I know very well that a smooth landing is no criteria for safe landing and my question was not aiming at that at all. In about 5-6 test autolandings I did now the touchdown rate was consistently more than 500 ft/min, the last one at max landing weight was quite close to its certfied limit of 600 ft/min. So I find it reasonable to ask if the RW autopilot is really designed to get every landing close to the limit (and I know that the autopilot is not designed to archive a smooth landing) or if it wouldnt flare a little bit more..... I mean with the ever so slightest windshear this limit will be hit. In regards of handflying I am also very happy that they updated the groundeffect because my feeling also always was that the plane was floating too much (and many times lifted off a little bit again after first touchdown - hope that is better now, too) yes, that would be interesting how to do it best regards
  11. just tried my first autoland after the update and the plane touched down with over 500 ft/min.... so I tried another airport , but the same result...around 500 ft....this used to be very smooth before the update.. both landings with 0 wind .. has the autopilot still to update his landing technique with the new groundeffect ? best regards
  12. Oh, I am definitely very glad, too. To not get missunderstood: It is really VERY nicely done and gives a great feeling - when sitting on the apron and while taxiing. And all this is not about complaining, its just that this wonderfull aircraft simulation deserves the best possible rain effect... And exactly for this reason it is a bit disappointing to not have the slightest sign of rain and visibility obscuration even in the heaviest rain from lets say 80-90 knots upward. There is enough evidence for everybody to see that this is not really realistic... So, if this could get improved, that would be something..... :)
  13. that´s true.. however the overall visibility through the cockpit windwow is really not very good in this and many other videos, and this, I think, is a bit the missing point in rainmaker as by now, because from a certain speed on it looks as clear as a on a sunny day
  14. would there possibly be a way to implement this blurring effect up to some higher speeds ? I think what James refers to is not that there are no droplets visible at higher speeds, but that there is no visual restriction at all in the not wiped areas from relativly low speed upwards, so even with very heavy rain visibility is as on a clear sunny day suddenly best regards
  15. ah yes, probably...sounds logical :) thanks