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  1. if these changes mean what I hope they mean I will be a really really happy simmer , too !! 110% , exactly, that is the missing bit to make those planes unbeatable...
  2. Altitude was always way below maximum and I have seen it already with different CIs , on the last flight it was 120, on other flights where it occured I think it was around 100 as well I cant remember seeing any accompanying oscillation in SAT, however I will have a closer look a that next time
  3. I am recently (since the last update I believe) seeing that on many climbs the FMS calculated climb speed is oscillating 1-3 knots, in my last flight for example it was during quite some time constantly changing between 341 , 342 and 343 knots in the PFD as well as in the CDU, max angle value is flashing then also.. That was never the case before. So, I dont know, is that realistic behaviour or is it maybe a little bug ? thank you and best regards
  4. FCOM page 4.10.19 states the following about the TOGA switch for the 744 : PUSH (On approach with flaps out of up or glideslope captured) - activates A/T in THR mode with GA reference thrust limit displayed - selects TO/GA roll and pitch modes - second push - activates A/T in THR REF mode ......
  5. sorry, but this is getting funny now: Bertie stated this (wich seems to be a religious statement to some people😞 1) By pushing the APP switch a second time before LOC and G/S capture. 2) By selecting TOGA after LOC and G/S capture. 3) By disengaging the A/P and turning off both FD's after LOC and G/S capture. 4) By selecting a pitch mode other than VNAV when the G/S is captured and the LOC is armed. 5) By selecting a roll mode other than LNAV when the LOC is captured and the G/S is armed. 6) By selecting LOC mode when the LOC is captured and the G/S is armed (this then becomes a localiser approach). 7) By selecting LNAV, VNAV or LOC before the localiser and glideslope are captured. meanwhile the "scientific approach" of others gives us this: 747 APP mode can be terminated prior to localizer or glide slope capture by pushing the APP switch a second time, or by selecting LOC, LNAV or VNAV modes to override APP mode. APP mode will also disengage if localizer is captured and different roll mode is selected. If the glideslope only has been captured, selection of a different pitch mode will disengage the APP mode. If TO/GA is selected, or the flight directors are selected OFF at any time, APP mode will disengage. I still have to find the mistake in Berties "opinion"....(the 1500 ft thing cant be it, because he was talking only about the 744)
  6. when the manual states, just as an example , "the light will extinguish" and somebody says "the light will not stay on" , then he is not expressing an opinion , but of course, that is just my personal opinion about what an opinion is, and what not.....and might be different from your opinion about that. :)
  7. thats the same on the 744, but the light stays on
  8. arent you doing exactly this ? didnt Bertie list exactly the conditions which the manual states ? anything wrong about what he said ? why continue arguing here ?
  9. we must be talking about different things.... :)
  10. are you sure about that? On the 744 ? Not for me...
  11. thanks for your replies everyone ! I luckily had saved the scenario just before hitting the TOGA button, so I now could recreate exactly this takeoff, and this time FD just commanded straight ahead as I was expecting. The only difference between both takeoffs is the fact that on the first one which gave me this surprising FD command I had LNAV activated during taxi and then switched to HDG SEL before entering the runway (I normally always use LNAV also for vectors, but this time I dont know why I wanted to go with HDG SEL), meanwhile on the second takeoff the plane was already loaded with HDG SEL active....so , dont know.. This is the legs page:
  12. On my last flight I had a strange issue with HDG SELECT mode First leg on the SID was a VECTOR, so after initially having selected LNAV I changed it to HDG SELECT during taxi out. On climbout the FD suddenly commanded a right turn away from the selected HDG of 11°.... Sorry, screenshot has low resolution to see details, but current heading is 12°, selected HDG is 11° , active roll mode is HDG SEL and FD is comanding a right turn......how can that be? Am I missing anything ? best regards
  13. OK, I cant tell myself. I havent seen it recently, but anyway it only happened sometimes, so this does not mean anything..
  14. ok, thanks. We will see it then..... its just because dynamic reflections always has been a frame rate killer for me, so I never turn it on...
  15. it has been reported here but it supposedly was solved in the latest update: changelog : 0007300: [General - Flight Model] 747-400 Rotates before VR with no control input (emvaos) so are you sure you have it up to date?
  16. may I ask a general question as I am a bit confused about this: Is it necessary to have dynamic reflections enabled in the sim in order to get PBR effects? Or will dynamic reflections just enhance PBR textures further? thank you !
  17. note that also Robert is confirming what videos show, that rain is visible: " you are going to see only a slight blurring effect from the motion of water impacting the windscreen" so really not need to discuss it any longer, in this you are right
  18. I really cant see the slightest reason why videos showing clearly that rain is visible on an aircrafts windshield even when travelling with more than 130 knots or whatwever should not count as full evidence, not even speaking about personal experience of people which - even though they might not be real word pilots - they do live in the real world ad saw it with their own eyes for example on a jump seat ride... so, of course the decision to what simulate and what not is completely up to the devs, and that is to be accepted and is OK. But another thing is to doubt facts...
  19. fully agree.... hopefully....other devs found a way to create a supersmooth autopilot, so I cant see any reason why PMDG should not be able to do the same... best regard
  20. on page 2 of the datalink menu...you will find fields for out / off/ on / in there is where the actual flight times get logged to check my theory check if also the "out" time field is populated prior to takeoff. on certain flight setups despite activating Datalink I dont get this field populated and then it doesnt happen as far as I observed.......therefore my theory (but only a theory of course, could again be wrong ..:)
  21. forget what I said here...I now think it has nothing to do with flight saving My theory now is that is has to do with the recording of the "off" time in ACARS.. Maybe you can check if prior to takeoff you have the "out" time field populated, it seems that only then it happens because ACARS wants to log the "off" time" then after liftoff ahh..our posts just crossed
  22. thanks for your info, I am of course not a RW 744 pilot but I imagined that because it is a really heavy bird... But we are talking about the autopilot here. So trimming should be done automatically then , shouldnt it? As by options my hardware controller should not interfere when the autopilot is switched on, so this is also not likely to be the cause for this behaviour.. best regards P.S. I cant say anything about any other PMDG aircraft, I only have the 744
  23. I also find it more pronounced recently, but I suppose that in my case it is just because after over time having learned a bit to live with it I only recently learned how smooth the MaddogX is doing this......and I just wanted to cry when I came back to the queen and got this rocking climbout and turns... I dont think that actually anything changed from P3D V3 to V4 in this regard, but of course I dont know.....
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