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  1. I am really enjoying the Asobo ATR, but one thing that I have having really problems with is trying to keep the aircraft on the runway when there is a crosswind, it does not even have to be a strong crosswind, still a nightmare. It feels like the rudder is not doing anything until I slow below 30kts. It is kind of the same taking off in a crosswind too. I have noticed it has gotten worst since the last ATR update. I have notice watching some streamers they have also had the same struggle. Has anyone found a solution to this problem or is this a general bug with the aircraft?
  2. I try LINDA module v2.3 but it does not work at all for me, V1.5 works but the displays do not update with the FSlabs correctly.
  3. Hello I am using the MCP combo II - Airbus with Fslabs with the lastest Linda and FSlabs software for the MCP, the problem I am having is the alt, speed and hdg does not display correctly. Is there a way to fix this or is it a problem due to the FSlabs? Thanks
  4. I just purchased and installed EICK, most of the scenery is working, main terminal building is a little mess up. But one big thing for me is the runway lights are not working. Does anyone know a fix for the runway lights?
  5. Same problem, does not see my CH Yoke or rudder pedals,, I think a lot of people are having the same issue. Hope for a fix soon.
  6. Thanks Sloppysmusic and Ephedrin for your help, it all makes sense now.
  7. Thanks Ephedrin that makes more sense. The reason I ask was that yesterday I had to do a go around for the first time in the 747, the mistake I made was to manually apply thrust rather than pressing the TOGA button, as a result I could not disengage the APP mode until I turned off the FDs. So I take it that if I just press the TOGA button on go around this will automatically disengage the APP mode?
  8. Hi Would love to know does the flight director get turned off during approach (before landing) in case of a go around? As I am aware that you cannot turn off the approach button on go around when flight directors are still engaged.
  9. Where is this update to fix the issue, I am still having the corrupted download message problem and the immersion not appearing or working.
  10. Thanks Kevinh, I think what I will do in that case is put all control setting to P3d default with the only exception being the sensitivity which I will put to 100%. I think it is one of those things whereby I will just have to make small adjustments as I go along if needed.
  11. I understand that Kevin, but PMDG must have a recommended settings for the controls! to simulate the real thing.
  12. I just installed the 747 and I am interested to know what my P3D Yoke and Rudder settings should be, for example the null zones and sensitivity, as I notice there is nothing in the manual regarding this. If there is nothing in the manual should they just be set to default? Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. During P3D replay (not ChasePlane replay) Chase plane does not work at all, cannot select views or pan. This only started to happen after the P3D 4.4 update, but before the update there were no issues. Any idea what the problem is and if there will be a fix?
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