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  1. Hello All. Instead, in FSX, unticking direct X10 to fly without black boxes showing in the scenery, I was informed that in AVSim there is a file called 'shader_release_v3.2.3 zip'. I tried the search without success, does anyone know where it is located. Regards to all, Jim ZL2BMH
  2. Quite frankly Wobbie I've never heard of it, which just shows my ignorance. Thank you for passing that HU onto me I'll look that up now. Regards, zl2bmh
  3. Mark. Thank you very much indeed for an excellent explanation on these Sims. Yes, ieydis I had actually forgotten about these two, however I do know that they are also top rated, Once again gentleman, thanks so much. Jim zl2bmh.
  4. Hello All. As the years roll over and Flight Sim expanding I am finding it harder to come to terms with what is what, and the difference between them. I was hoping that someone could tell me what the difference is between FSX SE, P3D V4, VR AND ASF2. Can you use VR with the others, is there specific scenery for each one or can I use Orbx (my scenery of choice, and I only have that installed) with any two, same applies with planes. What appears to be the direction everyone is going, where will we be, say 12 months for now. I do have AFS2 and really enjoy LOWI but there has been no other scenery released for that particular Sim. Being a well advanced pensioner and like others around my age we have to be carefull which way we go too. Is VR for FSX SE only scenery? What about P3D v4 what is so good about that? Can someone please join this jigsaw together and make sense of it, so I know what way I should channel my money, and concentrate on just one instead of being a jack of all trades and a master of none. Thank you all, I look forward to any replies. Jim zl2bmh.
  5. The exact, word for word, post has gone on a few forums. If you wrote it read some of the replies then you might know why, so then you won't have to write to the newspapers, Presidents, and even higher if mail goes that high. zl2bmh
  6. Thank you Jereon, I'm very grateful for your reply. Would you mind answering a question for me. Is there much difference between FSX and P3D? Regards, ZL2BMH
  7. Hello All. I joined VOZ way back in the very early 2000. I then went with everyone to Orbx FTX. I have through the FLTSIM Store bought everything that came out, including libraries up until 2012 or thereabouts. Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances I had to delete everything from my computer and of course stupid me never backed and zipped it up. In the past couple of years I have made two or three false starts to get into it again, but due to memory I've totally forgotten what should be installed in order. Can some extremely kind person help me back to when I stopped, from memory I think the last scenery I bought was the UK or maybe Alaska. I know this could be a rather big job but if you are keen I'm ready to listen and follow. There has been so many changes since my day, now there's PD3 etc, things I've never heard of. Thank you for reading this. zl2bmh Hi again. Since writing the above I have been reading about the P3D program. Would I be better to buy this program. zl2bmh.
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