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  1. It did happen on a long failed sync process on startup.
  2. MSFS reset my General Options and AC View settings today. Thanks Microsoft! Grrrr. I know where my control settings are and those were untouched. C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe is on my C drive and that is backed up daily. I run 3 monitor setup in MSFS and when this happens it is a true PITA. My bad for not doing a screen shot of my latest settings of Experimental 3 monitor setup. Had a screenshot of my graphics settings. Those do not matter so much because I am switching to a 4090. The custom AC views for each aircraft are a PITA to redo also since there are a number of planes I use. They are saved to my numpad. Can not screen shot those. Does anyone know where the General Options and individual AC View Settings are stored? I will just make a back up of those for the next time this occurs. Gees I hope they are not in the cloud. Besides AppData, the rest of the install is on my F drive and I am guessing the settings I want to back up might be in F:/WindowsApps but I am not sure. I noticed with a resent reinstall that WindowsApps is no longer permissions restricted. Guess they got a lot of flack for that. Cheers!
  3. @Adrian123 yes that is unfortunate. Luckily I had an older installer from an archived backup. Gotta love backups. Looks like this product is no longer supported, RXP has not logged on since august. Perhaps one day they will come back to the project. The only logic for the lack of response from support I can come up with is that XP12 is called a Beta release. RXP GTN750 works in XP11 and the devs are satisfied with that. Maybe when XP12 goes public release RXP will reappear and we will once again get support. Cheers!
  4. @RXP Would you please update your intentions on XP12? Many Devs are now releasing updates for XP12. Cheers!
  5. I am interested in this information too please. Cheers!
  6. Hello! Why does X plane report a FPS and Reva Tuner Statistics with MSI Afterburner report a much higher FPS? In other words Avitab will show X plane 47 FPS and Reva will show 110 FPS. Such a wide disparity in readings. Cheers!
  7. I think it is only compatible with ASXP. I switched to Reshade to get a good look back using the Blvxed preset. However will see how my Xvision works too. Not done that yet. This is really a game changer for X plane weather. I love this plugin with Active Sky XP. The dev is super responsive on his discord if you have any questions or issues Paulvanuf. It is a real bargain at 15.00 USD. Oh by the way there is a free demo you can use first. Cheers!
  8. Please mark this resolved. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  9. Hello, For some reason in 11.5 R2 (might not be related) I have lost the ability to select Direct To a way point. Thoughts? Cheers!
  10. @MikeT707 At the moment I am using Xbox Game Pass monthly subscription offer and can not access any of the MSFS2020 files like .cfg s. The WindowsApps directory is owned by TrustedInstaller and it can not be accessed. UWP style install looks like to me. Changing permissions on that directory can produce unsatisfactory results as experienced in other games. I was wondering if Steam purchase or buying the MSFS2020 from the store outright installs the game not as TrustedInstaller. A friend of mine was able to change the TMB 930 cfg file for FSE TBM 850 use. There is no way I can see that file. He has a directory called FlightSimulator20020 which I do not see. It would also be nice to access key mapping cfgs for using the sim on other rigs and not having to go through that setup. Of course I have access to AppData files. Thank you and I hope I made the question clearer. ADDED: I found the cfg file here. C:\Users\mellc\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\asobo-aircraft-tbm930\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_TBM930 Cheers!
  11. Hello, Can anyone finally confirm if the FlightSimulator20020 directory is not locked when the Steam install is used? With Xbox Pass that directory is not accessible. UWP of course. Cheers
  12. Hello, Any thoughts on this? The file C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\rxpGtnSim32.dll is infected with Gen:Suspicious.Cloud.1.@F8aaqlib8li and was moved to quarantine. Cheers!
  13. Can someone confirm that the new update that came out today was successful for them? Thank you!
  14. Well perhaps a clear announcement so others do not inadvertently update and have to struggle through the fix like others in this thread. Cheers!
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