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  1. The route suggestions look great, excited to see where this goes!
  2. Dark panel - they have a shader file on the forum No power - have you got external power connected? Control bindings - this would need to be done through their MVams software Hope this helps!
  3. I'm not sure, he replied directly to my email (and very promptly to his credit). I might suggest they clarify publicly, as they did for me, to avoid backlash which might be based on a miscommunication
  4. This is either a backtrack or miscommunication on their behalf, but I contacted them directly (being one those to buy a product from them on black friday before this announcement). Their initial response to me was 'We sure support the product sir, we just do not do any further development on it. We also assume it will be compatible with the new P3D, we just have not tested it.' I followed this up with: 'Just to be clear, there will be no further development in terms of adding new features, but the existing product will be made compatible with V5.3?' To which they responded 'Correct Sir.' So it seems they are continuing to support the products and it will be made V5.3 compatible, but they won't be 'developing' it further in terms of adding new features. Hope this clears things up a bit!
  5. Does the discount apply to upgrades from standard to deluxe premium?
  6. I've only got 16gb RAM and it hasn't caused me any noticeable bottlenecks in MSFS. If you get two sticks of 8gb RAM, you can easily upgrade to 32 using the other two remaining slots if you find 16 is not enough
  7. Does shared cockpit on the Flythemaddogx work if one user is on P3D V5 and the other is on V4.5 (latest hotfix)? It works for the Majestic Q400 but I'm not sure for the Maddog. Many thanks for any help!
  8. The aerobask falcon will have three engines, this looks more like a Challenger Jet - anyone know who this add-on is made by?
  9. That is a much more promising video to look at!
  10. Things I'd like to know: - How big is the performance improvement? - How long have devs had to prepare update for this? No matter what, I'll get excited over a new sim any day.
  11. What are you full PC specs? Eg. i5-4xxx etc
  12. To update the NavData you can download the FMS nav data from Navigraph (there is one specific to this aircraft) and just run the .exe 🙂
  13. Very exciting news! Has there been any mention of a release price?
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