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  1. Does shared cockpit on the Flythemaddogx work if one user is on P3D V5 and the other is on V4.5 (latest hotfix)? It works for the Majestic Q400 but I'm not sure for the Maddog. Many thanks for any help!
  2. The aerobask falcon will have three engines, this looks more like a Challenger Jet - anyone know who this add-on is made by?
  3. That is a much more promising video to look at!
  4. Things I'd like to know: - How big is the performance improvement? - How long have devs had to prepare update for this? No matter what, I'll get excited over a new sim any day.
  5. What are you full PC specs? Eg. i5-4xxx etc
  6. To update the NavData you can download the FMS nav data from Navigraph (there is one specific to this aircraft) and just run the .exe 🙂
  7. Very exciting news! Has there been any mention of a release price?
  8. How does wideview (the multimonitor software)compare performance wise? Does it degrade performance too?
  9. I think the biggest thing with water is with taking off and landing seaplanes. Never seems to work properly with me in the water
  10. Great post to calm fears that they will ignore the community and just go for money. P.S. Hello Devs!
  11. RealAir Turbine Duke V2 is amazing, top level simulation despite being years old. Couple of things to note, it is compatible with the GTN 750 but no icing effects and the only rain effects are the default P3D ones, better than nothing though! If you can hold out at all, Milviz's B350i & B350-not-i will be coming which will feature everything you asked for! And as a sidenote, the Airfoillabs (AFL) king air in x-plane uses the same visual model as the Milviz's one, so it will look just as good in P3D but with a glass cockpit and more detailed systems (steam in the non-i variant) just depends if you can wait a couple more months for release Hope this helps
  12. I'm surprised that it is making lasting changes to the sim, it's not meant to make any permanent changes, reverting any changes once the sim has closed?
  13. What's the error message?
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