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  1. Please God i want a new tjsj! san juan puerto rico its not up to the current standards of todays tech with interior terminals and a whole bunch of stuff its missing so much detail and the airport itself is not that big too.I hoping a good scenery designer picks it up..
  2. Well that sucks would have loved to see Verticalsim version.
  3. I consider myself a graphics freak or whatever lol but the graphic's are ok for me HI Dave glade your doing better welcome back! I really think the maddog team should just try it out and put it on sale I really don't think they would lose money maybe even gain more I wonder did they ever talk about being the Microsoft store that would help with sales they to get away from just being on simmarket.
  4. Yeah that's crazy it should run fine on a 3070 fine its happening a lot in gaming not optimizing the games If i was a developer i would start with the lowest possible hardware and optimise from there.
  5. Really nice shots!! man this looks like so much fun I will definitely grab this scenery thank you for sharing!
  6. Great deal sent a message once to the developer to ask a few questions very nice nice guy I bought I think like 3 scenery's from him good quality the last time I spoke to him he was trying to fill out the gap missing scenery's in the caribbean hoping he makes a new tjsj san juan airport in puerto rico the latinvfr one is getting old now and also other small airport in puerto rico called Mercedita International Airport tjps.
  7. Sorry to hear about that it such a great card after many years now.......You might want to wait on the super cards also. about the power supply... I have been fine even with 750 powering a 7900xt But I always go as low as 850 watts that's what I have and its fine the 1000 is plenty is enough.
  8. Good to know lol I just got my 78003d and waiting for the motherboard haven't had amd since the athlon amd days lol I do have also the 7900xt so it should be intresting went full team red!
  9. This is good option the kicker is that a new decent motherboard and the 78003d chip together are about almost the same price as a brand new 14900k so I really believe is a hard choice depending on what other things you do besides mfs2020.
  10. Hi DT. Microcenter all the way! your getting most likely the best price and with the combos there doing at the store I live like 30 min from microcenter from my location if i was building a brand new p.c i will definitely do it at mircrocenter.and if your not building it I would definitely wait the 4 or 5 hours while they get it built for you. like you said its easy just to go back to the store if there are any problems dealing with online returns or refunds is a pain in the butt. you can buy already to go pc that were built by microcenter there called PowerSpec check them out online just to give you in example the one linked below is the most expensive one they have. 1st pc Intel Core i9 14900KF (2.4GHz) Processor 64GB DDR5-5600 RAM NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Graphics Card 2TB NVMe SSD 2.5GbE LAN, 2x2 WiFi 6E (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.3 https://www.microcenter.com/product/671240/powerspec-g476-gaming-pc 2nd pc Intel Core i9 13900KF (2.2GHz) Processor G.Skill 32GB DDR5-5600 RAM NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Graphics Card 2TB NVMe SSD 2.5GbE LAN, WiFi 6 (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.1 https://www.microcenter.com/product/662597/powerspec-g472-gaming-pc
  11. Check this video out gives you a good idea of what the fps looks like with intel vs amd
  12. One of the best fs aircraft out there and not only its different then airbus or boeing and some cool little quirks definitely doesn't get enough recognition I just hope they continue to update/ upgrade it further with the model again and sounds.
  13. Thanks Dave was waiting on toms hardware man I guess I have to move also lol here we go amd 7800X3D upgrade.
  14. I would vote for the Lian 216 case also that's my next case I and I own a lot of cases lol the one I had in mind was also the corsair icue 4000d rgb airflow currently have all my stuff on my fractal design meshify c.
  15. It does not use base stations at all all the cameras are in the the headset you do not need a cable you can do it airlink/wireless with a good wifi but a good cable from meta is always better. if there doing everything the same as the quest 2 just better.... I'm definitely getting one I have the quest 2 and it was ok this one seems a ton better and about the same as the pico 4. so there's 2 ways to connect to the p.c..... one wireless with your wifi and the other with the cable. Quest Link and Air Link.
  16. Doesn't bother me i'm paying for the model and thats ok with me... I have plenty of other aircraft in my hanger that's so called high level its all good now if they were charging crazy money like 50 usd no way.
  17. Omg!! lol im going to get it!! also only because I love the 717 haha cant help it they got me! lol don't mind the default stuff for now till we get something better in the future from other developers orTFDi ever decides to bring theres to mfs2020. wow its only $18.88 usd right now thats not bad at all.
  18. been waiting a long time for this stuff to start coming into games its exciting
  19. yep wow! so long wish Mathijs the best.
  20. Such a weird decision to release it without pg I would have just paid someone else to deal with the exclusion stuff lol
  21. There's some decent ones out there If i were getting something prebuilt i would probably go with https://nzxt.com
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