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  1. Ramon, Thanks for all the hard work. I have done a few test flights with version 1 and it's been working really well. Looking forward to testing 1.2. Thanks again, Matt
  2. Version 1.1 corrected the issue. It reads correctly now
  3. Nice Job Matt, is the second paint available? Its a beautiful paint scheme Matt
  4. Thanks RamonB. I appreciate the help. Look forward to your GTN mod, looks sweet!
  5. I've done a couple of test flights with the Falcon, and overall I'm pretty happy with it. One thing I noticed about the Proline was regarding the Perf page (fuel management) . For fuel usage, It only showed fuel burn for two engines and the apu. Based on my flight plan and fuel burn, the engines, it was showing fuel burn for was engines 1 and 3. No fuel usage was listed for engine 2. However on the main panel, it does correctly show the fuel burn for all three engines, which also cross checks with the fuel manager in the sim. What this did was give a misleading range and endurance calculated by the proline. On the perf page while en-route, the Proline was only calculating fuel burn off of two engines, which showed a range of well over 4000 nm. After landing and checking my fuel burn, based off of the fuel remaining from the gauge on the main panel and what was shown in the prepar3d fuel manager, the range for the aircraft was correct. I had approximately 66% fuel remaining for a 980nm flight. Overall the Proline worked well, followed my flight plan, including the altitude restrictions I had programmed for a VNAV descent. The only other glitch I encountered was to engage the approach button on the auto pilot, I had to briefly disengage the auto pilot and reconnect it. It would then activate the approach button and follow the glide slope. Just was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same, Matt
  6. You're welcome Rick. Have been doing some test flights with it, so far it's performing pretty well, it hit all of the altitude restrictions I had programmed in my flight plan . Still figuring some things out, but overall happy with it.
  7. Have you selected the FMS as your Nav source? On your left PFD, under the speed tape it will either display VOR1, VOR2 or FMS for your Nav source. Make sure that is shows FMS, otherwise it will look for your VOR1 or VOR2, which ever one is showing. In order to change the Nav source, just to the right of your master caution lights on your glareshield look for a square button labeled Nav/Brg. It will be just to the right of the Baro knob. Push the button, and then look to the far left PFD, a blue bordered box named " Nav Source " will open. FMS will be on top followed by VOR1 and VOR2. To cycle through these rotate the Menu Advance knob which is located just to the right of the Nav/Brg button on the glare shield. (Menu advance is the inner knob) You should then be able to cycle through the three nav sources. If you want to follow your Nav radio make sure you go back and choose the correct Nav source that you programmed your frequency for. Hope it helps, Matt
  8. Thanks Jevon, both you and Bert are tenacious! I didn't think the overlapping data could have been solved. I can't thank you enough for all you've done. Hope you have a Happy Anniversary! Matt
  9. Jevon, Thank you very much for all of the time and effort you put into this project, I'd also like to thank Bert and Raymar, and everyone else involved for helping out.. I just completed my first flight with the CJ2+, Prepar 3Dv4, KICT-KBDR 1206nm. (2740 pounds of fuel burned total. Cruise was at FL410) The plane worked flawlessly throughout all phases of the flight. I programmed both the GTN 750 and the Carenado Proline with the exact same routing to see what would happen. The CJ2+ followed the flight plan from the GTN unit, however I did put the autopilot in vnav mode and was surprised that it did capture the altitude restrictions I had programmed in the proline 21. The primary flight display did display waypoint info from both nav devices one on top of the other. which isn't really an issue as I will only be using the GTN mostly. Though it is nice to have the option of the proline. The only thing I'm trying to figure out is how to have the GTN as a popup. I'm sure that i am missing something. Thanks again for everything, I'm going to have some fun flying her Matt
  10. I agree, would be nice to see an updated Dreamfleet 727!
  11. Sweet! Really looking forward to this :yahoo:
  12. Thanks for the comments Stephen, your research and testing definitely helped me choose my components for this build, including my new 580gtx which I just installed over the weekend....guess I'll have to update my photo. Thanks for all you do for everyone!! Thanks Corey, your comments are appreciated, it has more than exceeded my expectations, especially with the new video card. A custom loop would make it a pretty unique little machine!! Though it does work pretty well with the Aegir. Idles at 29-30C and will stay in the mid 40's to low 50's while simming. I'm currently running it at 4.3 with the stock voltages. As for the internal USB 3.0 ports, that's a good spot on your part, unfortunately though they are just a decal that covers the actual external USB 3.0 ports, it would be nice though. Take care,Matt
  13. Thanks for the comment, I took my time while building it and changed a few things around. The Seasonic power supply was a great help with cable management, it is completely modular. It was a fun build and came out better than I thought it would, especially from a performance point of view. I agree with you on the corsair Obsidian case, I also like their graphite case, but unfortunately my case cant be any taller than 15 3/4". Your case looks fine to me, I like the braided steel appearance of your power cables. What brand is your power supply? I'm an AMD fan myself and am patiently waiting for Bulldozer.. .
  14. I've really enjoyed looking at everyone's systems, I'm jealous of those with full towers! Here's my little FSX rig: Asus P8P67-M Pro, I7-2600K, with an Zigmatek Aegir SD128264 cpu cooler, 8GB Gskill ddr3@1333 7-7-7-21, Gigabyte 5870HD, Win 7 Pro installed on a Corsair Force 160GB SSD, FSX and FS9 installed on 240GB Mushkin Callisto SSD, WD 1TB Black storage drive. Powered by a 760W Seasonic powersupply, all crammed into a coolermaster elite 341 mATX case.
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