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  1. rainerbu

    Planning a step climb

    Hello Robert, thank you for your feedback. for the BMEP number I just took the last specified # for BMEP on p. 302 (166) minus the specified "BMEP DROP" (= 12) on p.304: 166-12 = 154 for BMEP @1100 HP. Of course you are right, that are no climb figures but cruise settings. Cheers Rainer Burg
  2. rainerbu

    Planning a step climb

    Hallo Brian, I would say: 37´´ MAP/2000 rpm/154 BMEP with LOW Blower (see Chart p 304) Robert correct me if I´m wrong. Rainer Burg
  3. rainerbu

    Simple DC-6 Checklist

    Thank you Rhinozherous & Garry! A fine piece of work and very handy. Rainer Burg
  4. rainerbu

    does fsuipc work for throttle axis

    Hallo Alexander, flyforever, CrashTronic, maybe you can find something or re-remember sth. from this threat: I´m using THIS coming from Wotan (Fin): Quote: A working FSUIPC setup is here, but first unassign the axis' in the P3D controller menu: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4p3pttpv1enybg/PMDG_DC-6B_Throttle.jpg?dl=0 For me it works flawless for 1/2 & 3/4 separate throttle movement (also movement visible in the VC) with a Warthog 2-throttle quadrant. Maybe it will work similar with a 4-Throttle setup!? At least, I hope so! Good Luck! Best wishes Rainer Burg
  5. rainerbu

    DC-6 Microupdate 1.20.8430?

    Kyle, once more many thanks for your replies, no, no, no, as I said, no reinstalls without your placet! Thanks for your help and to forward "it" to the team! All´s well that ends well! Have a nice evening Rainer Burg
  6. rainerbu

    DC-6 Microupdate 1.20.8430?

    Thanks again Kyle, for your reaction, yes Kyle, it schows Installed version/Available version 1.20.8418 ; your product is up to date. (with green bar) Just a proposol/ idea: Perhaps it may be the easiest and most straight forward trial (I know...only when you are adviced to do do so by the staff!) to deinstall all 3 PMDG aircrafts, then re-download the latest installers from the PMDG website (or take just the one I allready have) and reinstall all the aircrafts: first J41 then B777 then DC-6? Just a proposal! I do nothing without your placet! Best wishes Rainer Burg But wait! Kyle, I just opened by chance the "View changelog" icon on that page and that´s what I see: PRODUCT: PMDG DC-6 Flight Simulator X "Cloudmaster" Version: v1.20.8430 (Bold by me) Note: Change lists below comprise items tracked within our internal bug monitoring system and do not reflect new items added to the software or items that were discovered during testing but not logged into the item tracking system. CHANGE LOG PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster - BUILD 1.20.8430 (Released 26AUG17) [ View Issues ].... Cheers Rainer Burg
  7. rainerbu

    DC-6 Microupdate 1.20.8430?

    Thanks Kyle for your answer! I always run the OC "as admin" (also I installed FSX acceleration "as admin" and start it everytime "as admin"; I´m used to do so from the beginning), and don´t do anything specific before. I start the OC (from the start-up menu/ All programs/ PMDG...) with a right click "as admin" then look if there are notifications, than look at the version number, that´s all. OR, I start "OC update" with right click "as admin" then look... (same as above!). Nothing more. Btw, I have the B777 basic pack, the J41 and the DC-6 basic pack installed, all liveries which I installed via OC are there again and all the "new" installations with the B777 (I have the finale version installed) a few weeks ago ran without any problems (first de-installation than installation of the respective new version of the B777) inclusive the "extra" liveries for the B777. Hope this helps! Thanks again Rainer Burg
  8. Hallo Gents, is there really a new microupdate v1.20.8430 for the DC-6 (for FSX)? When I run the OC now update is coming up and the version # 1.20.8418 is named "up-to-date". Thanks a lot for clarification! Rainer Burg
  9. rainerbu

    After Landing Flow

    Hello Alti, YOU as the Captain have to do it in your (Captain) after landing flow!
  10. @vonmar post #226 concerning: Anyone using the icing gauge in the Duke Turbine V2? In Avsim library icev10.zip ? http://library.avsim...=root&Go=Search Where should the little window of the ice gauge appear in the VC (?) or in an popup? I installed it per instructions for the Turbine Duke v2, but it doesn´t appear anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction? Cheers Rainer
  11. Hallo Hook, thanks for your quick and clarifying answer. Everything is clear now. Cheers Rainer
  12. Hallo all, I have in ASN map view all the time to spots for a location, a orange one and a blue one, for example PAKT (Ketchikan) one orange dot named PAKT and one blue one named PAKT with identical METAR info when I hover with the cursor over each one. Is this normal? Every hint/answer would be much appreciated. Cheers Rainer