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  1. looking for a PenAir livery for the Carenado SF340 please? Thanks!
  2. Boeing 707 and or DC-3, 787, Concorde, Grumman G21 Goose, 727!!! 757?
  3. same issue here too.. says newer version is available and will not download, P3D4 version I was just about to uninstall all of my PMDG planes.. I cant seem to get this done..
  4. and that took care of that.. lol havent "blacked out" since!
  5. lol, didnt pay close attention.. thought the FO did that.. oh well
  6. well... the exclusion thing aint worked.. got help from the software company itself. I've always thought it was a registry issue.. I thought I got it all.. but now.. I cant find what I need to look for? Dont know if its related but the effing display goes black after 30 minutes or more.. as if it shareware or some kind of demo.. I've uninstalled and unregistered, re-registered.. done everything short of uninstalling P3D4 kinda hokey as everything else PMDG works just fine with the AV system in full operation.. everyone on of PMDG's planes except the DC6 on my computer.. how the hell?
  7. any way to download outside of Ops Center since mine does everything except work for the DC-6, livery-wise! all the exclusion stuff has not made one iota of difference at this point.. I just want the NAC and now the AS livery.. just downloaded and installed by me.. no BS.. just wanna fly.. I'm sick of all the technical BS.. sick of it.. Thanks
  8. Nope, havent tried that yet.. Thanks! BTW, I've never had any problems with any of the PMDG aircraft..
  9. too bad the X-Plane repaints dont work.. or do they? lol
  10. Hmmmm... sorry to say.. that doesnt work either.. dont rememeber.. might've done that early on already.. In all the versions of FSim I could never get the JS41 to work ever! at least on the DC-6 the plane itself works great!
  11. I have installed and registered the DC-6 in P3Dv4 and uninstalled and reinstalled again, everything is current! I've tried countless times to download the NAC and others in frustration to no avail, it starts but quits just as quickly, everytiime! really bummed as there is not one NAC DC-6 that I can find anywhere.. I've resorted to the default, not bad.. but not what I want.. Any ideas? Hope? Thanks
  12. at this point.. it seems to be working fine.. another reboot did it?
  13. P3Dv4 havent yet, until today done a long-ish flight, mostly pattern stuff, very short local flights.. problem came after half hour of flight.. the P3D window became dark, nothing visible enough to see.. the plane continued to operate properly, copilot did a great job! nothing i did changed the screen, short of changing aircraft or closing the sim. I did activate the DC6 on install.. maybe an issue there? should I deactivate the license and reactivate again? Thanks!
  14. PRODUCT: PMDG DC-6 Lockheed Martin Prepar3D "Cloudmaster" Version: v1.20.8418
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