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  1. Its been a while since I used XP10 and my HW has also changed some time ago, but from what I recall, it was the powersetting alone that trippled my fps. I also think it affected just a few gpu's from the 7xx og 9xx-series but I can not confirm this, so thats just a guess on my part:-) I've not had this problem in XP11 on my 1070.
  2. I think those two packets serve different purpose. The first package is buttons/switches and such only, so if you like the old sound better, you prefer the default PMDG sound. The new package is engine only... Exclamation on "think" :-)
  3. If I remember correctly, I think there are only two solutions; upgrading to Win 10 or get a registered version of FSUIPC and set controllers through there.
  4. Yea, I get that too Only one I can not use is minimal...
  5. Available for DL now:-)
  6. Bionor

    FPS not as expected

    You are underestimating the need for cpu. Even though P3Dv4(and v2 and v3 as well) make much better use of a modern GPU than FSX ever did, it still needs a powerfull CPU. Bottomline, your GPU is bottlencked by your CPU....
  7. Bionor

    P3Dv4 - Nvidia driver version ?

    Hopefully, this driver-discussion everytime an nVidia driver is released is over. I use the latest one with no issues whatsoever:-) SLI on the other hand I can not say anything about...
  8. Then I apologize for assuming wrong. Moving installed folders is a risky game, so I would suggest you stop doing that. I fyou moive everything back in its original postion, then uninstall both. Does everthing else work as it is supposed to? Did you try remove Ezdok?
  9. First of all, you really really need to clean up this post because I'm not getting your all. EZ dok setting? You mean you have EZdok installed and this is causing some sort of havoc? Second, removed Navajo to desktop? Makes no sense. Ypu mean uninstalling? "putting the Navajo back over to FSX it crashes. OVER AND OVER. Now even with the Navajo moved to desktop and uninstalling the PA31T using the Carenado uninstall everytime for the PA31T"; English is not my first lang I'll admit, and I'm guessing it's not your first lang as well, but still, this is close to incomprehensible. Try writing it in your native language and use Google Translate or something. If anybody else gets this, then all the power to them:-)
  10. Bionor

    Flightfactor 757 v2

    One of FF weakpoints unfortunatly. I like most of their work, but this liverypolicy is a bit messy me thinks....
  11. Bionor

    Prepar3D V4 addons compatibility list

    The ULTIMATE P3D v4 Add-On Update Compatibility List This seems to be updated fairly well:-)
  12. Legacy Client downloads all the way down to 3.0.10 are available for download at LM...
  13. Bionor

    New Flight simulation Group not enoughf of them

    Not my words, but; "In most words containing the ending, both -ise and -ize are acceptable in British English. Oxford University Press (which publishes all the Oxford Dictionaries) is well known as preferring -ize, but most other British publishers and authorities prefer -ise." and "Oxford press prefer -ize and Cambridge press prefer -ise. It is traditionally more British to use -ise, but as both are accepted, -ize is international and it often makes sense to conform rather than alienate, unless you want a particularly British aesthetic." Now, back to topic:-)
  14. Blue1 used to fly them on behalf of SAS between Scandinavian countries and Finland, but they sold their entire fleet back in 2015...
  15. I must say it does look good indeed and it appears that the clouds stetches all the way to the horizon, not just around the AC itself. I know this also is achieveable in SMP3 but at a heavy heavy FPS hit, so I'm wondering how this compares at overcast conditions.