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  1. Yes everything is fine now! Sorry for causing this ordeal, Many thanks for putting your time towards me :)
  2. Many thanks for your effort, I've just deleting and CFG and muddled around with HDMI/VGA cables at the back of my PC. Seems like a HDMI cable was slightly out. Many thanks for your effort! :D
  3. Sorry mate after a few times of deleting shaders and the CFG file I've got my P3D running better than ever, I'm so sorry, I'll delete the topic now and thanks for the effort :D
  4. Hi Folks! Hope you all had a great Christmas! A few months back I purchased a GTX1070 to replace by old GTX960 2GB MSI model. My Overall performance was decreased slightly (and unexpectedly) and stutters become very evident. For Christmas I also got new Ram. 16GB of 2400mhz and installed it into my computer. This went well and I reinstalled windows and P3D to find about a 40% reduction in performance in almost all situations. For example before my new RAM I roughly got 45-50fps at UK2000 EGAA (In the AS A320) which isn't all that FPS Intensive and stutter inducing. Now I'm struggling to scrape 30fps and it's a really stuttery 30fps. I'm just wondering is there anything that could potentially help my new installation of my OS and P3D too boost the Sim up to what it was atleast. I'm looking for a smooth sim but for me I find that easier to achieve with 35+fps in situations like this. My System is: i7 4790k @4.5GHz Palit Dual GTX1070 16gb of Corsair Vengence @2400mhz My GPU usage is only maxing at 40% so this could be the issue I feel.
  5. FLY757X

    What is the Best Version of P3D V3?

    Thanks all! Just going to download it now, I'll report back in a few... well while I think I'm going for V3.4 HF2 first
  6. Hi all! I'm going to reformat my system tomorrow, Im just wondering what would be the best (Least amount of issues and best performance) Version of V3 to try first. I have an i7 4790K @4.5GHz GTX960 2GB 8GB RAM And I run quite Resource intensive addons like AS A320, FTX Global, REX soft Clouds, OpenLC EU and varies different types of airport sceneries. Any ideas would be appreciated! Many thanks! Jamie
  7. FLY757X

    P3D V3.4 Low FPS but Only in the UK

    Thank you! I'll try this one now!
  8. FLY757X

    P3D V3.4 Low FPS but Only in the UK

    Great saying! I use AS16 which is having issues too however It even happens when I run with out it. I hope ASN gets an update to fix your problem. Good luck!
  9. FLY757X

    P3D V3.4 Low FPS but Only in the UK

    Hello there, I'm doing a flight currently and I have adjusted my settings to those that you have described and it seems to have helped a lot. I'm doing a long rotation at the moment so when I'm back to my Base I will report back. Thank you! I wil have to look through this closer sometime, this looks very useful, thanks for your help :smile:
  10. FLY757X

    P3D V3.4 Low FPS but Only in the UK

    I've just made an observation that my GPU usage is 40-50% and my CPU usage is at 20%, Obviously this isn't normal. Could it have anything to do with my issue? Also my Frames were up at 30-40 for a minute with I was typing. I started to move my Camera around using EZCA and my frames went back to 17-20.
  11. Thanks guys, I was aware that AS 2016 was killing performance but I didn't really think it could be associated. I'm now having an issue at UK airports (Only Mainland UK) as Northern Ireland seems fine. I doubt it is the same issue but It is worth a try. I'll get back to you all later when I try it out for myself.
  12. FLY757X

    P3D V3.4 Low FPS but Only in the UK

    Hi there, I use Predrag Drobacs's Infamous URP V1.0 Prol... and I these are my settings: Hope this helps
  13. FLY757X

    P3D V3.4 Low FPS but Only in the UK

    Ok, so I went for a shower and came back, (I left my View on the outside view of the AS A320 at UK2000 EGNT) and my frames were on 60-70 for about 5 secs and then went back to a really unstable 20-30, Something must be bogging my system down. Any ideas as to what It may be?
  14. FLY757X

    P3D V3.4 Low FPS but Only in the UK

    Hi there, I've never looked in to getting it so no
  15. FLY757X

    P3D V3.4 Low FPS but Only in the UK

    Hi there! I fly Online mostly so my AI Aircraft is Off, I very rarely have Road traffic on too, If I go to another Country where there is lots of International airports, ie Germany or France, I don't have these Issues.