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  1. Unable to load single sound file for FSS and Unicom - Multicom. Normally the patch is display after selecting the audio file and for those two is empty.
  2. white screen

    Hi Bill ! Yes read, read read. We are so exited with this new program that we jump some step.
  3. white screen

    Thanks JeB1952. Alway look in documentation first........................ Have a nice day!!!! :)
  4. white screen

    The Option TERPs do not display Chart. This screen remain blank and do not display any chart. In my config panel I selected my pdf chart directory and the screen stay blank. I select a PDF file wirh OPEN option and allway blank screen. I'm I missing something???
  5. Hi Bert! Would love to try the GTN750 in my 850 v2. meagle25@gmail.com Thanks in advance.
  6. I do not think that the question concerns only the price of the version 2 but more on the principle. I think that companies should treat current clients with care. And this is not the case here. If you already buy Turbo v1, you have no consideration. This isn't just the price but whether as a current client the company has not forgotten you to the benefit of new customers.
  7. As mentionned in the manual. FS2Crew Airbus X. PA: Press to call the Public Address 'PA' page. Note: You can also open the PA panel by pressing the PA button on the Capt's audio console panel. The PA button on the Capt's audio console is not clickable!!!!! Any idea?
  8. Hi!Try Lettering Red, I'ts nice ! Let your imagination work!
  9. I am very happy to see that this program can help you fellow simmer!I will try, in the next few weeks, to explain in more detail the effect of each color button.Correct me if you think I'm wrong.I already started with "Lettering" button at http://technoprodesign.wordpress.com/More this week end.Stay tune!
  10. CockpitColors is now available to download at Avsim!With this program you can change the color of your cockpit.I hope you will find this tool helpful.Let me know if you like it!Have Fun, and don't forget to share your colors schemes.
  11. Good News!CockpitColors is now available to download at AvsimDownload ID = 163419Let me know if you like it!Have Fun, and share your color scheme.
  12. I almost finish the documentation.I'm in correction process (for a french people it's not a easy task).I hope finishing in not more than 2 weeks.
  13. I just finished the development of CockpitColors. A program to modify values of 737NGX_Colors.ini file.See picturehttp://technoprodesign.wordpress.com/
  14. Hi Shamrock727! Search for 737NGX_Colors.ini
  15. You are right badderjet!Color & all Factor ares very sensitive and unpredictable.If I find nothing about those parameters I'll take it off of my program.