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  1. You can (or at least could) buy additional heads somewhere online, although for the life of me I can't remember where! I seem to remember them being marketed as "spares", rather than additional units.
  2. I find removing them somewhat childish on PMDG's part, but also to contradict myself slightly, understandable. I hope they can come to some sort of arrangement so that we may all benefit from the great work that's been put into these textures already.The thing that annoys me here is not so much that the posts have been removed, but that they were done so without any explanation to the many, many users that were following the project. Sure it's up to PMDG what they allow on the forums, but to just remove the posts and leave people in the dark is just pathetic imo.
  3. Make sure the filtering in the FS display menu is set to wither biliner or triliner.
  4. Could just be different software versions between that video and the NGX
  5. Will reserve judgement for the final product, but that VC seems extremely primitive to me. The original actually looks better imo. Was really hoping that they'd get the same team who modelled the ERJ 135/145s to do this one, as that is one of the best VCs around. Seems like feelthere have been dumped and this is an entirely Wilco product. That doesn't fill me with much hope for this.
  6. VFR London, matched with Horizon GenX photoscenery and FS Treescapes, give the most realistic London possible in FSX. The EGLL approaches into the 27's over the city, look absolutely amazing.
  7. Bought this the other day and after having a good play around with all the settings today, I'm unsure how I feel about it. Certainly does produce some nice scenery effects, but in order for them to really look impressive you have to just deal with the VC's being almost blacked out when flying into the sun. To then turn the shadows down to address that issue, you just end up with far less impressive scenery effects. May well be able to find a personal preference middle ground somewhere, but it's still a bit of a disappointment that we can't have the best of both worlds. That coupled with the fact that the scenery shadow effects are only really visible for a short window at pre/post dawn/dusk, make me wonder whether I'll keep running this. Shadows aside, I like the options for colour and fog tinting. This may well be the sole reason to run this personally, as I may just keep the shadows on default due to the above. Anyway, can't complain either way as for the price of a cinema ticket, I'll get plenty of enjoyment out of just playing around with the various effects.
  8. I think this is purely going to be a strategy against bulldozer release. Will more than likely just be a re-badged 2600k with a higher stock clock speed. Would be surprised if, for that reason, they were any more likely to reach 5GHz than the other models.
  9. I never got around to doing that side by side benchmark on the two processors unfortunately. Still have some 2500s in the house so hopefully I'll get the time to sort something out now the summer is drawing to a close. Beer and sunshine have to take priority while it lasts I'm afraid!
  10. If you're using a single card in the top slot, it shouldn't really affect it at all. Either way I wasn't necessarily suggesting you buy the DG, rather just pointing out that there can be a major difference between onboard and dedicated sound processing. Some of the external jobs will no doubt be just as good, if more pricey.
  11. Where did you hear that? You can SLI two different models of the same GPU, but not two different series of cards.
  12. According to the latest episode of tenminutetaxi, the flight project is on hold while Microsoft re-evaluate its profitability. The information apparently comes from a MS insider. Anyone have any more info on this or how credible it is?
  13. Disagree with some of the above. Whilst I'm certainly not an audiophile, I'm not ignorant of it either. I decided to take a punt on the budget xonar DG, and was blown away at the difference between that and on-board sound, particularly through headphones. Google for some reviews, it's impressed about everyone who's tested it as well.
  14. What's your point? The 9600 is a much slower card than a 280/285. The latter cards do not bottleneck the 580.
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