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  1. I tried to load Glasgow city and airport. It is a heavy scenery. Memory jumped to more than 90 % and the simulator always closes.
  2. OK. So, still no news about this. CPU and GPU, that's it.
  3. The card is giving a good experience but if you think about flying in London Heathrow or Frankfurt, ORBX or Inbuilds sceneries, plus PMDG or another complex aircraft, plus hundreds of AIs taking off and landing, plus clouds like overcast and thunderstorm and with all settings to ultra... that will be probably too much. That's why I asked about RAM to load lots of things at the same time.
  4. I have 32 GB at the moment. But I am just with cessna, not with complexed addons at the moment. Is it enough?
  5. Flying with cessna 152 in the region of Liverpool with cith and airport scenery: CPU 46 % and RAM 57 %
  6. I play in 3440 x 1440. Normally I have only MSFS opened. Nothing more at the moment. My CPU is i9-10900K.
  7. I have an Asus RTX 3090 OC. So, if it is VRAM what can I do? I also talked about more RAM because for now I use another computer for other tasks, but I might change to one computer only, and MSFS plus internet plus microsoft office plus whatever you like, it will be quite heavy. And about MSFS I am counting all heavy addons like sceneries, cities, aircrafts, AI. and so on...
  8. Hi After knowledge of more than one year in MSFS, I would like to know if we might win something in performance if we add more 32 GB of RAM. Sceneries are sometimes heavy. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Suddenly after SU7 I have no chance to do facebook live recording. It says "facebook difusion fail" Any solution?
  10. So, it opened very quick without TCA installed. After that I plucked it in and it suddenly blocked. I had no mouse available. Then I took again the TCA out and the mouse returned.
  11. I left home more than one hour ago and it is still loading... It was functioning perfectlt but I added the flaps and gear TCA units and after that it doesn't open any more... About firmware it seems to be updated to the last version. I will try to open MSFS and connect TCA after. Let's see what happen.
  12. Hi I installed TCA quadrant and the first time I am opening MSFS it is taking more than 20 or 30 minutes... I quit task in the task bar to start it again, but again it takes a long time after choosing plane/scenery and doesn't load at all and freezes... Any explanation?
  13. What happens if I want to fly VFR in areas I have downloaded photogrammetry? I suppose everthing stays like it was downloaded, right?
  14. That's what I mean. No internet connection...
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