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  1. D.Fidalgo

    No A320 sound

    Thank you for your patience byork, i found the problem... well, i have a Aukey generic USB 3.0 Hub and i had there connected my Kingston HyperX Cloud II headset, this cause a sound drivers corrupt and make sistema crash, so i buy a Creative Sound Blaster Z soundcard and connect directly the headset, now all things work perfectly, thankyou for your support! i dont recommend to use a Aukey 3.0 hubs... Cheers
  2. D.Fidalgo

    No A320 sound

    and i forget to say its no only with a320, the problem its with all flights and plane, this problem came to me after install fs2crew soft, so please what does this happen?
  3. D.Fidalgo

    No A320 sound

    1st thank for quick response byork, but i set the key in my keyboard ("J") to on off the sound of p3d and reinstall aerosoft a320 and fs2 crew soft not resolve the problem its very frustrating...
  4. D.Fidalgo

    No A320 sound

    Hello: After install the Voice and buttons with the voice packs everything it was working fine, suddenly the internal and external sounds of P3D v3 stop working, now i have a quiet planes, and silent p3d world, there´s no sound on it so my immersion on the flights is 0. I read diferents kinds of problems on the forums but i cant solve my own: My studio speaker work fine and there´s no problems on W10 and other software My headset (Kingston HiperX Cloud II) work fine and there´s no problems on W10 and other software what can i do? please help : (
  5. Hi friends: I have a problem with the native sounds of airbus, in exterior view there is no sound of engines etc and in the cockpit i have the same problem. The fs2crew a320 series its working fine like speech recognition etc (i have installed voice, buttons and voice pack) there´s no way to make it sound and i cant hear engine and external sounds, what can i do? i have Kingston HyperX cloud II headset an 2 external studio speakers, i follow all the instrucctions in the manual , i read the forums but i cant hear engines os the airbus, please help! Sorry my english is not the best, hope you can understand me well. Cheers
  6. I have reinstalled the precipitFX effect package and have reviewed the DX10 Controller ( steve Fx ) and seems to work, but the vortices on the wingtips are very tenuous and contrails to short, can i modify this? can you show me how?
  7. same problem here, PrecipFX is not showing in the FSX, i see default effects any help?
  8. D.Fidalgo

    Several liveries for the 737NGX

    I have already solved, I redownloaded the files and everything has been fixed, thanks for the help buddy!
  9. D.Fidalgo

    Several liveries for the 737NGX

    I've tried to disable dx10 but I still have the same problem. this happens to anyone else?Thx
  10. D.Fidalgo

    Several liveries for the 737NGX

    hello everyone I downloaded all libraries of ryanair, I installed them with the PMDG Livery manager (run as administrator) through PMDG Operations Center so far so good..... but when i load a flight this is what I see: As you can see the other textures are ok in the plane but the tail and the engines textures are missing..... Somebody knows why is this happening? Please help My FSX is running with DX10