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  1. GolfSierra

    Speedbrake Lever in the way - Leapmotion

    Yeah, I figured as much. Nevertheless, there's got to be a way to "adjust the seat", like Bluestar put it. The view of the Oculus Rift has got to have a point of origin as well, doesn't it? As a workaround, would it help to put the lever in the armed position? Would that be enough to temporarily move it out of the way? Not very realistic, of course, but that wouldn't interfere with flying the aircraft.
  2. GolfSierra

    Speedbrake Lever in the way - Leapmotion

    I would tend to say that your camera position may be slightly "wrong" - not the actual lever position. I'm no Oculus Rift user, but I'd suggest you try to adjust the general view point, if at all possible.
  3. GolfSierra

    shopping for weather engine

    Since REX installs the textures into your FSX installation, it doesn't have to run in the background. There is no need to start FSX from within REX either. Simply close REX when the installation of the textures is finished, start ASN and then FSX. It is recommended to start ASN before starting FSX, but you don't necessarily have to.
  4. GolfSierra

    Occasional crashes on Win10

    Well, and so does the crash, but with an application error... :wink: I wouldn't recommend going back to the FSX menu to then start a new flight, by the way. Although I personally never experience any crashes on exiting - maybe because I use the Steam Edition - it's always better to restart the simulator. Otherwise weird things can happen. For example: When I start a flight with the NGX, exit it and immediately start it again, my outside cameras are always messed up and way closer to the aircraft as they ought to be.
  5. GolfSierra

    737 download

    I think he means the livery manager. @ candid: The installation of liveries is now done through the PMDG Operations Center. Are you saying you didn't get the application?
  6. GolfSierra

    Have a look at this 777 Cockpit Take-Off

    Haha, your choice of words just made my day! :smile: With all that right/wrong/proper/improper terminology aside, I find it interesting that the FCTM specifies a gripping pattern for the reverse thrust levers (page 6.37), but apparently not for the yoke. Unless you take the picture on page 1.50.17 of the FCOMv2 as a vague reference.
  7. GolfSierra

    B744 Cockpit Visit For Grown Man

    By the way, the most effective way to tell if you're welcome in the cockpit is taking a look at the transponder. If they change the squawk to 7500, that's usually a sign that you might want to leave... Disclaimer: The words above are not to be taken seriously.
  8. GolfSierra

    PMDG's AFR 777 repaint problem

    Yep, I'm pretty sure you're right. When I install the 777-300ER Air France livery through the PMDG Operations Center I get the F-GZNL instead of the F-GZNO, and it has a proper label.
  9. GolfSierra

    B744 Cockpit Visit For Grown Man

    I even seem to remember many flights pre-9/11 on which the crews didn't even bother closing the cockpit door and it remained open the entire flight. Those were the days... That, of course, was no invitation to walk in and out at one's pleasure, but still interesting.
  10. GolfSierra

    Have a look at this 777 Cockpit Take-Off

    That was directed at the general discussion. However, by your logic, you would also have to be a politician to have the right to criticize the government - or even to vote maybe? I see your point, of course, but I disagree that someone may not voice his concerns if he isn't as professional. By the way, I don't feel like Jaime wanted to openly denounce the first officer. He noticed that some things might have been out of the ordinary and wanted to share his thoughts. At least that's how I took it in. This topic is really getting way out of hand, especially since it's in no sense relevant to the PMDG product...
  11. GolfSierra

    Have a look at this 777 Cockpit Take-Off

    Interesting, how the opinions and stances differ on this. I don't want to argue about "armchair quarterbacking" here, but I do want to say this: Just because a pilot usually has lots of training and experience, doesn't necessarily make him a good pilot. Pilots are human after all and can make mistakes or develop bad habits. The vast majority do a good job - but then again, you also have the wide range from "does a miraculous job of safely ditching his A320 in the river", all the way to "deliberately crashes his A320 into a mountain". It may not be appropriate to judge a person with higher qualification, but using the killer argument "he's a pilot, he knows what he's doing" isn't necessarily very helpful either.
  12. GolfSierra

    Have a look at this 777 Cockpit Take-Off

    I'm feeling quite uncomfortable by just watching this. I realize that there are different ways of how to hold a steering wheel in a car, but with a yoke like that, the horns are not meant to be grabbed like this. I totally agree. Thanks for sharing!
  13. GolfSierra

    Updater for NGX CD version

    The solution is already available, since you can download the newest installer from the Aerosoft Support Database, by clicking on the following link: In the drop-down menu, scroll all the way down to "PMDG - 737 NGX FSX" and then click on "Show support for the selected product". This will give you the installer for version v1.10.6461. Your serial key will be required. I feel like PMDG should really include this information in the Operations Center.
  14. GolfSierra

    Has anyone seen Robert?

    What exactly makes you feel that you're entitled to more information about their products in development? Just because PMDG sells a software product and runs a website, a forum and a Facebook page, doesn't mean that they have to share information about their unreleased products. Take a look at a different industry - the automotive industry, for example: They show hardly anything until the official reveal or release of a new car. Instead of complaining and asking for more, we should be happy with the glimpses that we and the beta testers get - especially because we can count on the fact that the finished product will be outstanding.
  15. GolfSierra

    Faulty 737NGX -800/900 PaintKit

    This is a known issue and has been reported.