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  1. Thanks for the clarification. Cant wait to climb back into that cockpit!
  2. Hi there. I dont know if this have been asked before, but have the devs confirmed that they are also developing the -800 version? And if so, will they release it with the -400 version or will they sell it separately? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the help GolfSierra :smile: You are right if they included that link in the Operations Center I would have done it by myself. Problem solved!
  4. Hi there. Today I was downloading some liveries through the PMDG Operations center and I noticed that in the "version" tab it says that my CD version is outdated: But when I click on the "download update" icon a .txt pops up saying this: So here I am asking why I am able to download liveries but not patches for my NGX CD version? How is that solution comming along for us CD customers? Regards, Daniel.
  5. Really? And why would people spend another 50 bucks on Flight1's GTN 750 addon if your autopilot is "working as it should"? Ive got the fabulous NGX from PMDG :smile: I just wanted a small fast business jet to have some fun. I guess Ill have to reinstall my old Flight1's Mustang...
  6. I can't find any info about refunding in that thread. Plus I bought it through the official website not through flight1s website. I will try through their ticket system. At least they will have to hear me complaining :wink:
  7. Solved reinstalling both simulators. Thanks everyone for the help Daniel Santos
  8. Solved. Rebooted the computer and now it works :smile: Thanks everyone for the help By the way. When I entered the website I found this: Looks like the price is also as real as it gets Daniel Santos
  9. I couldn't initialize it. I rebooted my computer and now it won't appear anymore in the Services window. I tried running FSX again and now it says "ERROR: Activation library initialization failed" Is there some way to properly reinstall that service? Looks like someone has been messing with my computer... Daniel Santos
  10. By the way, the same error happens with my B777X Base package :mad: Daniel Santos
  11. Today I reinstalled my 737NGX using my CD box. When I enter the registration key I got with it I get this message: Any thoughts? Daniel Santos
  12. I tried with 3 different browsers and no luck...Did a quick search looking for anwsers and none of the worked for me...I guess its not my day, I should disconnect and try again another day Daniel Santos
  13. Hi there. I wanted to download my PMDG B777 package to resintall it but I can't enter their website. It says "connection refused" but I can enter through my cellphone. What is going on here?
  14. I purchased the Phenom 300 1.3 with the Navdata expansion v1.3, updated it to the current AIRAC cycle (1604) and jumped into the cockpit to have some fun. I planned a quick Barbados- St Maarten flight (TBPB-TNCM) to test the autopilot capabilities and discovered that... - FLC mode does NOT work at all. I set an initial altitude of 8000ft and the autopilot just kept climbing like a rocket after FL080. - SPD SEL mode does NOT work. Suposely you have to set the corresponding thrust mode for each phase of flight, well I did and couldn't see the autopilot controling airspeed in any way (nor pitch nor N1). - VNV altitudes in the flightplan page cannot be changed, I tried to do a step climb during cruise and I just coulnd't change the altitude numbers in the flightplan page. - VNV mode does NOT work. I set and activated a GPS approach into St Maarten and the autopilot did not descent in VNV mode, I had to use VS mode to descend, if not I would have passed over the rwy at FL280. In conclusion: I got a fancy aircraft with a high quality 3D cockpit full of fancy screens and fancy switches that DO NOT WORK. I had to manage the whole flight using VS mode since it is the only way I could control vertical navigation. I know this is not a PMDG lvl aircraft but I payed 45€ for it and I expected it would be at least flyable. I wanted a fast business jet to use in short jumps when Im not using my PMDG aircrafts...I guess Ill just ask for a refund...oh wait, I cant. Thank you so much Carenado, I will NEVER buy anything else from you.
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