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    Flight simming ( a newbie in serious stuff), flying (PPL but now withdrawn due to medicals), fishing, computers, Genealogy.

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    Very new to the levels of PMDG so I make mistakes, hopefully, only once. I have now retired and am a pensioner (that's the good part of my life). I find that I really appreciate being able to do what I want when I want, and also have found that most people I meet or contact are very, very helpful, and polite as well. It's just a shame that the body cannot keep up with the brain!
  1. Hi, I am at a loss in what to do next. I uninstalled FSX (well, it was uninstalled for me by one of the MS Windows Updates) and I cannot re-install the program. Which Forum would be best to contact for help? Regards to all, Philhen
  2. I am fortunate enough to have spent a lot of money on a really cutting edge PC and GPU recently. After a particulatly bad MS update experience.I felt that the only way ahead was to uninstall FSX and replace it with the next version of FSX, the gold edition. Unfortunately, my PC had told me that the reinstallation had been stopped by Error 1722 and, a few minutes later, by Error 1603. I have looked these errors up and there are fixes, but my trouble is that I find it very difficult to follow technical instructions. (its my age!). Can any kind soul look for one of these solutions and then explain it all in one or two syllable words that a 6-year old child could understand? Many thanks in advance is anyone can help, Regards, Philhen
  3. As a person finding his way around FSX (does anyone ever get to the bottom of it?), I have a query about the latest list of Commands. What is the effect of using a command with the word 'Set' attached to it? For example, Aileron Set, Flaps Set, Com Radio Set, Gear Set, and so on. If anyone can give me a pointer to where the commands are explained in detail, I would be sooooooooo grateful. Wondering if these types of command can give me an edge in the working of, say, the PMDG 747 -400X, is really doing my head in! (Using Windows 7 64-bit). Regards and Happy Aviating, Philhen.
  4. As a person finding his way around FSX (does anyone ever get to the bottom of it?), I have a query about the latest list of Commands. What is the effect of using a command with the word 'Set' attached to it? For example, Aileron Set, Flaps Set, Com Radio Set, Gear Set, and so on. If anyone can give me a pointer to where the commands are explained in detail, I would be sooooooooo grateful. Wondering if these types of command can give me an edge in the working of, say, the PMDG 747 -400X, is really doing my head in! (Using Windows 7 64-bit). Regards and Happy Aviating, Philhen.
  5. Hi, everyone, Currently, I am running PMDG 747 -400X in FSX on a desktop in Windows 7 (64-bit), with FSUIPC used to control my CH Eclipse Yoke, a CH Throttle Quadrant and its relevant Keyboard Commands. Can anyone tell me how I can double-up the commands that I presently have available? I have been thinking about using Button 1 on the Yoke (PTT usually) as a Shift Button but I do not appear to be able to program the Shift Key in. I know that if I program button 1 as a Shift Key, I will lose its availabllity as a PTT, but this is more than compensated for by the extra number oif Commands that I would get as a result of successfully doing this. I have read Pete Dowson's 'Application Interfacing Modules for MS FSX' etc, (both the normal one and the Advanced one), but do not see how I can do this. Any useful suggestions would be most welcome, but please, please, make it so simple that a 3-year oild could understand it. I am not a geek or nerd, but I do love flying, and having recently had my PPL taken away for medical reasons, this is now my only way of feeling part of the party again! Regards and Happy Flying to everyone, Philhen1943
  6. Hi, and thanks for the reply. I would however like to point out that I did not have sight of the EULA until the program was in my possession and it was being installed (unsuccessfully) on my PC. That said, generally in Flight Simulation, there is no such condition laid down re selling etc that I have seen. Surely, PMDG are happy that they have been paid the going rate for the program (admittedly superb) in the first place, and would not want a further payment if it were to change hands. I acknowledge the immense amount of work that they have undertaken in producing the program, but the initial price is surely calculated by that work and they perhaps should not want further payment. It all seems very strange to me, but I suppose that that is the way they work. My initial enquiry was a genuine attempt to have the program lawfully which shows, I think, in the fact that I put the question on the AVSIM Forum which is affiliated to PMDG. I now have a program which I am worried that I cannot use and all the updates (not that there are or were that many - just one I understand) and unobtainable. It all seems to me to be very inequitable. Regards to everyone who accesses the site and gives information so freely.. Philhen.
  7. Hi, Kyle and Scandinavian 13, Thanks very much for taking the time and trouble to reply to my desperate query. As it happens, from the installation that did not complete due to the Authentication business, I uninstalled it the correct way and re-installed it , and after entering the Serial number from the box, it actually worked and accepted my registration. I have no idea why it worked on this occasion and not on the previous one, but since it all turned out okay, I am very pleased. Now all I have to do is wade through two tutorials and when I have managed that, I should mbe in a position to fly somewhere. Thanks again to both of you. I have to say that everyone on this site is most helpful. Regards to all, Philhen
  8. Hi to all fliers of PMDG, PMDG Staff, and anyone else who knows anyuthing about this program. First of all, due to lack of funds, I purchased a PMDG 737 NGX from a seller at Muttley's Hanger - he used to have FSX but recently went over to P3D and so he has no further use for the program. Having bought the program from him, I read to my horror in the EULA that persons who have previously bought a PMDG program are not allowed to sell it onwards without the express permission of PMDG (how they get in touch with them, heaven alone knows!) The same condition, I read, applies to a buyer because you need an Authentication Number, presumably given to the first buyer when he buys the program from PMDG or one of their outlets when you install the program on your machine. My seller bought the program so long ago that he has lost the authentication number, but I still do have the Registration Key on the package that contains the DVD. Yet, I cannot install because I do not have the Authentication Number. CAN ANYONE WHO HAS CONTACT WITH PMDG OR WHO KNOWS WHAT I SHOULD DO NEXT TELL THEM I AM VERY SORRY ABOUT BUYING ONE OF THEIR PRODUCTS WITHOUT FIRST TELLING THEM, AND THEN ASK THEM IF THEY WOULD VERY KINDLY SENT ME AN AUTHENTICATION NUMBER, SO THAT i CAN INSTALL THE PROGRAM AND REGISTER IT WITH THEM IN THE USUAL WAY. Many thanks to anyone who can help. Is this the normal way of buying PMDG programs - for such a progressive Company, it does seem very strange. Surely there must be a better way? Philhen.
  9. Hi, I am not too sure whether I am in the correct place of the Forum, but here goes. Then other day, I bought a second-hand (or second user) copy of the PMDG 737 NGX from a subscriber to Muttley's Hangar Forum and duly received the package. The seller told me that he was turning over to P3D from FSX and therefore had no further use for his copy of the 737 program. He has had the program for quite some time and has no authentication number which would have come from his original purchase from Aerosoft (I believe). Inside the box, which really does look authentic (just like my PMDG 747 box), there is a registration key. When I tried to install the program, the first thing I noticed was that if someone sellsd or purchases a PMDG program, they must have the authority of PMDG, but where do I go to get this? The second thing that happened was that the almost installed program told me that it needed an Authentication number - as I said, the seller has long lost that so I was unable to proceed. I tried to enter the Registration Key from the box but it did not like that either. So, am I the victim of the authentication system breaking down again, or is it even working now? I would dearly love to install your 737 program, but it appears that I am thwarted, and worse still, I don't yet have the authority of PMDG to have purchased this program, and I am still in the dark as to go about this. Is there anyone on this Forum that can advise me, and if PMDG read this, would they very kindly authorise me to install their program? If any further particulars are needed, then please, please write back and I will do my very best to get it for you. Reagrds and good flying to all readers, Philhen.
  10. Hi to everyone that reads these posts... I am looking for (really, I am begging) some help in my system for the 747, and perhaps later on, another PMDG aircraft. My current system is a Desktop PC running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and to assist, I also have an AMD HD5870 Eyefinity 6 GPU with 16Gb RAM. Currently, I am only using 3 monitors, attached to the AMD card, which leaves a further 3 slots available for other monitors. In my never-ending search for getting an even more realistic experience with the 747, I have considered using a laptop as a 4th screen, but this is really a non-starter nat the moment - I tried Air Display which was, as far as I recall, working, but a computer crash wiped that off and for some reason, every time I try to re-install Air Display (by Avatron), I get an Error Code) and discussions with the Developer have not produced anything useful yet. It then occurred to me that instead of wireless, I should perhaps try to use the remaining slots in my GPU, but I do not have the three monitors that I would want - I do have one but that's quite old and the connector is a VGA slot. Before I go down the tricky path of purchasing another two or even three monitors, I obviously want to know if anyone has tried this. My plan (cunning) is to buy/acquire monitors that are touch sensitive and use one to present the overhead panel, and another for the centre area at the RHS of the Captain's seat, thereby giving me a virtual cockpit where I can press switches, control knobs, and so on, making it very, very realistic. My Question is.........Does anyone know if this will work as I plan, or am I in cloud cuckoo land? I would welcome suggestions and of course, lots and lots of help. Regards to all, and happy flying Philhen
  11. Hi, charliearon, Thanks for that - what you say makes perfect sense even though it is being fed directly from the mouse socket at the rear/top of the PC. I have sent for a hub which will be self-powered, hoping that this might correct the problem. If you would like, I could let you know what the outcome was when it arrives. However, this may be a few days because I have sent away for a faster HDD to help FSX along its way, and have dis-assembled my PC ready for its arrival. If it isn't that, then I might possibly investigate supplying power directly from the PSU (at the right voltage of course) As regards the updates, service packs, etc, yes, I will get in touch with PMDG although this usually requires quite an effort because for some reason, PMDG appear to refer everything to their forums, and I have to say that I am not a particularly patient person when it comes to reading through masses of questions and answers. It's something to do with my age, I think! Anyway, regards and my thanks to you for taking the time and trouble to write back, it IS appreciated. Philhen.
  12. Hi to all readers, Can anyone help me with a problem I have had ever since installing the PMDG 747 -400. I am only a starter in this level, so please be patient. My problem is that the arrow of my mouse (on the screen) stutters all the time, and it is becoming both annoying and worrying. Is this a known problem? If so, can anyone tell me how to make the arrow settle down into the sedentary arrow it used to be before tackling such intricate aircraft? There is another question I have but I not too sure whether I can ask tow questions at the same time. Nevertheless, I shall ask and if I am totally wrong, please let me know. The question is, Since the first edition of the PMDG 747 -400 for FSX, have there been any Service Packs or updates available? Regards and Happy Flying to all, Philhen
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