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  1. From Minnesota Public Radio News site: ‘Red Tail’ P-51 damaged in landing incident: http://blogs.mprnews.org/newscut/2016/02/red-tail-p-51-damaged-in-landing-incident/jrocky
  2. Daniel, If you retained a copy of the email with serial number of products you purchased there should be links in the email to download the product again. If you do not have the email then you will need to contact Bill Rambow: maam-sim@maam.org jrocky
  3. You can have a Windows 7 type start menu using Start8, can switch back and forth between desktop views. However there is a charge of $4.99 USD for the Start8 interface: http://www.stardock....roducts/start8/
  4. Search for Amelia Earhart Starts Again: http://news.discover...mes-120320.html
  5. Downloaded the free version the other day. Flew the first flight as that allows one to get into the other planes and areas. So far the issue I have is my CH Flight Sim yoke controler. Still trying to modify the default settings of what the game offers. Seems there should be a little more options as the throtle lever control only has one setting "Y axsis" for either idle or full throtle.
  6. Iain,Might check Windows 7 forums for answers: http://www.sevenforums.com/jrocky
  7. HI Iain,I can view the main C: on both computers. What allowed me to view on both was to right click on the main C: and then under Advanced Sharing checked the box 'share this folder', then clicked the Permissions button, The 'Everyone' was there under Group or user names, highlighted Everyone and checked the boxes Full Control, Change and Read then clicked OK. Sometimes you might get a warning message that you can't share certain files or folders but after closing all the open windows I used for Advanced Sharing the drives were there?Also sometimes had to "take ownership" of the folders I wanted to share. I have the utility Ultimate Windows Tweaker from Microsoft for Windows 7 http://www.thewindowsclub.com/ultimate-windows-tweaker-v2-a-tweak-ui-for-windows-7-vista and one of the settings has "take ownership." One other tweak I liked was the ability to hide the arrows on the shortcut icons on the desktop. That was previously offered under Windows XP Ultimate Tweaker utility.
  8. Found on Microsoft Tech net post this morning, Mouse without Borders: http://blogs.technet...ut-borders.aspx
  9. When closing a flight from any of the Briefing Time paint jobs and using end flight button in FSX the FSX screen moves to the bottom right of the screen and unable to close FSX unless using Task Manger, End Task. Installed the FSX Basic Compatibility Update also. After using Task Manager, End Task, Windows looks for a problem and reopens FSX and can close FSX normally. OS Windows 7 64 professional. No other aircraft causes this issue when closing a flight.
  10. No need to install drivers before replacing mobo. The new mobo usually come with a disc that contains the needed drivers. If the drivers are signed by Microsoft the drivers may install upon installation of Windows.jrocky
  11. Bruce,Click the folder icon with the blue 'clip' on the left side of the task bar. Then scroll down to 'C' for instance. Highlight 'C' then right click, on the new menu there should be 'New' then hover your mouse pointer and then slide mouse pointer over to 'Folder'.jrocky
  12. Jim,Kleenex or other tissue is not a great way to clean CD or DVD disks or monitor screens. Use a damp lint free cloth such as a old T-shirt and then dry with same type cloth. If grease is on the disk wash the disk in a few drops of dish detergent and water with lint free cloth and dry with same.
  13. "Dual Core, Win 7 and FS9 How to control core use?" Might take a look at Multicore Environment or Multicore Environment Advanced: http://fsps.737ng.gr/Software.htmlLow cost payware.jrocky
  14. Installed Internet Explorer 9 beta :(, what a mistake! One issue was that when viewing the Kneeboard in FSX the window was blank. Pressing any of the buttons like Keys configuration rendered no text display. Also some of the graphics appeared washed out. Luckily was able to return back to IE8. FSX seems to be back to normal. :( Understand that IE8 beta had similar issues which were fixed later. Use Internet Explorer rarely, I have been using Mozilla browsers for quite a few years as my default browser. :(
  15. End of support is for those who have NOT updated to the most recent service packs - SP 3 for Windows XP is the most recent. Have read that Windows XP will be supported until 2014. Not sure about how long VISTA will be supported. View the above link provided by the originator of this post.