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  1. Fox_Thunder

    PMDG 737 +++

    @Vic again thank you very much for the given explanations.
  2. Fox_Thunder

    PMDG 737 +++

    @Sax, in my experience Simbrief does have route SIDs and STARs for small portion of routes. What I mean is that when I'm using it I usually find routes which doesn't offer SIDs and STARs at all. I am mostly flying European routes, but noticed recently that they are including it in more routes. But I know for sure that Simbrief has the possibility to validate the route where you previously manually entered SID and STAR. @Mark thank you for your suggestion. Yes I do have a tablet and using it primarily for the checklists, but would like to use it as a remote CDU. So I'll look for it for sure. @Mike, great idea for the hardware component for flight sim, but at the moment I'm so tight on budget that can't even think about it. Also space at home would be the real problem for that too. But I would like to have in the near future some yoke. @Vic, thanks for the great input. Just one or two questions if I may so, which software is Frictionality and what purpose does it serve? Also doesn't know a lot about AI Smooth?
  3. Fox_Thunder

    PMDG 737 +++

    Yes how could I forget I already own the Fs2Crew for the new NGX. So number 5 again: 5. FSX-SE - GSX - PMDG 737 - Fs2Crew NGX Reboot
  4. Fox_Thunder

    PMDG 737 +++

    Thank you SAX. But how are you planning the SIDs and STARs because Simbrief doesn't support that?
  5. Fox_Thunder

    PMDG 737 +++

    Hello everyone, Can you please share what is in your experience the best combination of add-ins to run along with the PMDG 737 NGX. What I really mean is when you start the FSX which third party software add-ins are you running along with the PMDG 737 for the best experience. My personal combination of add-ins are as follows (ranked by the starting order): 1. Active Sky Next 2. FlyUk virtual SkyTrack for chosing the route 3. Navigraph Charts for SID AND STAR 4. TOPCAT - not always 5. FSX-SE - GSX - PMDG 737 Wish you all clear skies Marko
  6. Fox_Thunder

    Windows 10 Pro and FSX smoothness

    I have upgraded operating system to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 8.1. After some tweaking I achieved somewhat smooth operation within FSX-SE. Add-ons that I'm running are ASN, PMDG 737, REX-texture direct and soft clouds. What I can tell is that recently I found out that playing around with internal weather option in FSX, particularly clout coverage density can have significant impact on the FPS. So lowering that option for me was the FPS holy grail. Besides that ASN can have significant impact on the FPS via its externally controlled weather options such as cloud coverage area. Also in my experience unleashing internal FPS limiter was a great in increasing the FPS. For FSX in little tweaks lies a good chunk of FPS gains. Hope this helps a little bit Marko
  7. In my experience ASN works independently from FSX internal weather settings except for the cloud coverage density setting. That particular setting can have significant impact on FPS which I tried and can confirm. As regards the other weather settings I think that they should be left as is, or you can change them, it doesn't matter, because ASN are controlling them externally. So again in my experience change cloud coverage density internally in FSX than save that weather settings and than fire up ASN which than controls the rest of weather settings. Wish you all clear skies and safe simming Marko
  8. On page 22 of the ASN manual it is said that: "Internal simulation options, such as Cloud coverage density also can have a dramatic performance effect." So after I lowered cloud coverage density, internally in FSX settings, my FPS increased a lot. So this means that the ASN doesn't control this setting. Cheers Safe simming Marko
  9. Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it. However I know about RadeonPro. To explain a little bit. After upgraded to Windows 10 I couldn't use anymore Radeon _FPS_limiter from Boyote site and than I found that the RadeonPro would give me the same results. And I decide to give it a try. Installed it correctly and actually succeeded in limiting FPS for some other games but not for FSX. After numerous attempts I decided to let it go from my computer. Now has someone tried it and maybe successfully configured it to work with FSX? If so could you please share your settings used in doing so. Safe simming Marko
  10. Dear all, Does anyone uses the external FPS limiter for the Radeon graphics card on the Windows 10 operating system? If so could you please share your experience with the rest of the community about setting it up in Windows 10 and a like. The reason I'm asking this is that before Windows 10 I could use the software Radeon_external_FPS_limiter (found it on Boyote tweaking site), but since Windows 10 the mentioned software doesn't work. Also is there some other similar software that could work on Windows 10? Thank you all in advance for the helpful tips and suggestions. Safe simming Marko
  11. Fox_Thunder

    Discount - q400

    Thank you all for the information. Wish you all the best.
  12. Fox_Thunder

    Discount - q400

    Thank you very much for the info.
  13. Fox_Thunder

    Discount - q400

    Hello everyone! I'm interested in buying the Majestic q400 but its price is a bit steep for my budget. So I would like to hear from your experience will there be any discounts on the product and when they usually hit? Thanks in advance and wish you all safe and enjoyable flight! Cheers Marko
  14. Sorry didn't saw that the user is banned :(
  15. 1) Windows 7 64bit 2) Nvidia with at least 2 GB ram 3) i7 4790k 4) 500 GB would be sufficient for FSX, with SSD for operating system All the best Marko