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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, the last few days I try to switch from the "traditional" FSX to p3d. After many hours of searching and tweaking I'm not quite satisfied with the result. I get about 15-20 fps with default scenery and the textures are not to clear. Any suggestions? CPU: Intel Core i7 4790 @ 3.60 GHz GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series RAM: 8GB
  2. Hello. Let me start with my system settings. HP Pavilion g4-2064la Intel Core i3 @ 2,3GHz 4Gb RAM Intel HD Graphics 3000 (integrated) ATI Radeon HD 7670M (dedicated) - Switchable graphics FSX with SP1 and SP2 I've forever used FSX in DX9 mode, but recently wanted to try DX10 and see how it works. Even though the FPS have never been so good in my computer and I have applied the fixes, antialiasing is terribly bad. I have already applied the MultiSamplesPerPixel=4 in the fsx.CFG [GRAPHICS] section and the "Use application settings" in RadeonPro's AA options (I also selected Multisampling (Box)). Anyway, the AA should work, but it does not function very well. I also get a black full-screen view, but I can see everything if FSX is running in windowed mode. Thanks for your help. I suppose I should start by letting FSX build a new fsx.CFG file, shouldn't I?
  3. Hi all, I am using flight sim software since... at least Sublogic Flight Simulator 1 on Apple II... During the last few years I was more involved in military flight sims (IL2, DCS A-10 mostly) but I now feel the need to restart some activity in civilian sims... I had used FS 2004 for quite some time, using IVAO/VATSIM. I bought FSX when it came out but the quality of the program when it was first published was probably a reason for me to switch to other sims... Being a bit tired of flying the A-10 over Georgia (DCS A-10), I wanted a few weeks ago to start again flying liners and the most possible realistic environment. So I did gather the several FSX compatible programs I already have and bought several others. I installed all this and started flying (737 NGX) but was a bit unsatisfied by graphic performance and visual aspect... That was when I found the DX10 forum in AVSIM B) So I did a fresh, complete reinstall this weekend, using DX10 set-up, and the result is quite ok most of the time (steady 30 FPS, buit I notice big slow-downs around large airports (without scenery add-on). Let me describe in detail my configuration : PC : i3770K mildly OC'ed to 4.0 GhZ, 16 Gb RAM, Z77 Asus Formula V mb, ASUS Matrix Platinum HD7970 3 Gb, Windows 8/64 running on system SSD, another SSD dedicated to FSX and add-ons, Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog, display DELL U2713HM 2560x1440. FSX : installed on a dedicated SSD FSX Deluxe/SP1/SP2 using DX10 preview, DX10 Shader Patch 3.2.2, most tweaks applied from the "How To..." doc here fsx.cfg initially modified as per bojote website, then tweaked a bit more (I can post my fsx.cfg content if you need it) Using RadeonPro for advanced graphic settings, mostly AA and DFC limiter to 30 FPS. FSX add-ons : Ultimate Terrain X - Europe, GEX - Europe REX Essential + Overdrive, not using weather engine. Set-up to use 1024 textures. ActiveSky 2012, not using graphics. RadarContact, Ultimate Traffic 2 PMDG 737 NGX A few airports add-ons So, when I fly with stock FSX aircraft on a "standard" airport and scenery (including AS/REX weather and UT2 traffic), I almost always get solid 30 FPS with no artifacts or stuttering on my 2560x1440 display (I am using windowed mode to be able to switch to some add-ons, with the tweak to use borderless window frame). But I noticed several cases where my FPS drops to 13-15, which is IMHO a bit rude with such a config (I can probably overclock a bit more, but that's not the point). - Flying around some complex areas : If I try LFPG (Paris Roissy - Charles de Gaulle ; I live near Paris), using stock airport (no add-on, except what brings UTX/GEX) and UT2 traffic (75% liners setting, 25% GA), when I am on ground or in close visual flight, my FPS drops to 13 :angry: - PMDG 737 NGX : VC drops framerate around 20-25 sometimes, but seems to vary, I need to further investigate this (just a few quick trials yesterday). BUT If I use the head-up display, frames drops a further 10, which is at the lower limit of playability - if I use 737 VC + HUD in LFPG, my FPS should be around 10-13. Do you think that with my PC config and software, getting such FPS is more or less normal ? or should I start tweaking fsx.cfg/RadeonPro settings a bit more with your help ? As said, I can post my fsx.cfg and RadeonPro settings here. Thanks for reading and for your help ! Chris
  4. Hello Avsim! I have spent the last....oh idk 234 straight hours of my life trying to resolve my tearing and spike issue with FSX (DX10). First off...Clearly one can tell that Steves DX10 fix is a really good fix and I would recommend it to anyone because I'm sure this isn't happening to all of you happy users. Lets begin.... One day I started to get tears and spikes while in DX10.....After a un believable amount of troubleshooting and testing I decided the only way to stop my tearing and spike issue in FSX was reinstalling it all over again (yes, with all my addons and hardware button mapping, FSUIPC, cam settings, weather settings etc...). My thought was to install one addon at a time until these badboys came out to play again. Of course I was hoping they wouldn't....but, they did. Take a few minutes to hear my story because this bug may be breading like a mouse for ATI users. First off my hardware and software: (Alienware Aurora R4) i7 3930k 3.2ghz (OC'd at 4.4) HT enabled ATI Radeon 7970 3gb 16gbs of ram Win 7 Home Premium ATI 13.4 driver RadeonPro My FSX.CGF changes (after trying 10000 options): Highmemfix=1 WideViewAspect=True ForceWindowedVsynce=1 TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=40 My addons: UTX GEX REX ASE2012 Genises mesh Magoisoft Shade EZdock Cam Folks, I have done everything. bios settings, bios upgrades/downgrades, GPU driver update/downgrade, OC settings, Cooling settings. Literally every possible option of tweaks in the FSX.cfg (including making a default one). CCC upgrade and downgrade, addon re-installs, CCC settings, RadeonPro settings, AA setings, MSI afterburn options, graphics options in FSX, traffic options, textures from GEX and ASE 2012 and to be honest, SO MUCH MORE that I won't waist your time with my list, just know it's not pretty. I finally said thats enough and I reinstalled EVERY...single...thing. So as I'm "revers engineering" my situation I keep in mind what I'm installing and testing FSX after every single install. Finally I come to Steves DX10 fix. I register it, run the installer and....(drum roll please) Tearing and spikes are back faster then a speeding bullet. So now that I see what's causing these at least I have a little better idea of what I should be doing....But I mean NOTHING......nothing at all has stopped these from showing.....a few minutes into every flight I get these spikes and tears especially on final. Funny thing is there is absolutely NO FPS DECREASE while these are happening...they just flicker and go crazy everywhere on my screen. Also my card isn't even being used a lot....or heating up along with my CPU. My Radeon Pro settings are from this guid right here. I have done a numerous amount of FSX.CFG tweaks including bufferpools 1&0 reject thresholds and these are still here. Isn't this beautiful? I am willing to try just about anything to get these to leave. My sim is better than ever right now if it just wasn't for this bug.....Im getting a steady 30fps with the ATI DX10 guid up-top however, all this great sim experience is washed away with these spikes and tears. Any ideas gentlemen?
  5. Hy everyone. I recently find out that in order to achieve the best results in terms of how smooth the simulator is I have to install some external fps limiter. This is especially when using Radeon graphic card. So I installed the app, configured fps limit externaly to 30 fps, than in the sim itself configured internal fps limiter to unlimited. When I start flight it simply want apply that 30 fps limit instead it runs freely varying considerably depending on the aircraft I fly. My question is why is this happening and does I missed something in the configuration and installation process? Regards Marko Lisica
  6. Hi guys I need some help. I am having CTD after P3D V2.5 latest hotfix. CTD will occur if I set water detail to ultra and with PMDG T7, error: d3dcsx_43.dll. CTD wouldn't appear 1. If I choose default aircraft 2. if I turn the water level to High I also have another way around it (with water level set to ultra and using PMDG T7) by deleting the shader folder, if I do so before I start P3D then CTD won't occur. My spec i7 2600K OC to 4.3 Ghz 8 GB RAM DDR3 (800Mhz) ATI 7870 with Omega driver P3D v2.5 with latest hot fix I tried google but there's no clear solution. Any idea?
  7. Hello, Was a fix ever discovered for the artifacts appearing using DX10 and ATI cards? I tried the DX10 fixer and was very happy with it, but about 20 minutes into a flight i started to get (at first) a small number of artifacts appearing, eventually these take over the entire screen (save the aircraft which is unaffected). I did try removing the shader for the Water and Clouds, neither made a significant difference. In the end i gave up and went back to DX9, i would prefer DX10. ATI 7970 Ghz edition screen resolution 5760x1080 (eyefinity)..i accept this may be the issue.
  8. Hi,I'm having a problem with installing the latest display driver(8.92 i think it is) for my 5850. Trust me I've googled this already, tried every solution which includes, uninstalling AMD Software, safe mode, driver sweeper etc...but I'm still getting this issue...The first picture says the INF file was not found.... <_<The second & third pic is just the log...everything else installed and is up to date except the display driver...The FOURTH pic show the folder that was created during installation and it shows TWO INF files.I tried to manually update thru Device Manager but it still comes up as an error...I'm about to give up on this. The current driver I have now is 8.85. Much help is appreciated.Thanks.
  9. seems the GTN 750/650 is crashing every time x plane runs, the fault suggest something with ATI, but i have the newest drivers from AMD, running win7 64bit I have attached a pic of the crash report, hope it will help me, thanks after i posted this i paste a screenshot of the crash, but don't know where it went, any other way to get a Jpeg in this post?
  10. Hi all, I finally got my new computer and most things are working properly. I mainly bought it to play FSX smooth and with nice graphics. However, by "most things are working", I mean that my graphics card, the GTX 1060, broke and it will probably need a few weeks until I get the RMA. I am interimistically using an ATI Radeon HD 3870 with 512 MB of VRAM. My other specs, are as follows: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 6x3.4GHz 16 GB RAM @ 2133Ghz Will the graphics card limit the game a lot or is it enough for smooth gameplay on good settings, as FSX is very CPU intensive. Thank you all, I'm looking forward a lot to get into the skies again. ---- And maybe, as a small optional side question: Is it worth to put FSX on the SSD or will the HDD be fast enough to load all that beautiful scenery? Thanks!
  11. Hello, I am using ATI CF Xtension in order to enable both cores in my 4870X2. I have triple monitor with TH2GO and noticed a big improvement in FPS. The problem is that I can't make REX to work anymore. I suppose that it search for fsx.exe filename, but I had to change the .exe to "crysis.exe" for ATI CF Xtension setup. Thanks in advance!
  12. I posted the following on the ATI discussion thread but thought I would also post it as a new thread relative to MyTrafficX. I do NOT have all the answers since I am still testing but I definitely am getting ntdll.dll crashes when using MyTrafficX 5.4c. I do not have the crash when I disable/remove all MyTraffic AI and restore all default AI. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/422802-serious-issue-with-ati-and-steves-dx10-fix-tears-and-spikes-everywhere/page-9#entry2835351 OK, I have been back and forth with a lot of the tweaks and I still wasn't having total success. I have been getting the infamous ntdll.dll crash. I turned down the airline traffic to zero and it went away. I tried again at 20 and it came back. I removed the MyTrafficX 5.4C traffic and reinstalled the default AI traffic. I now have traffic at 100% airline and 25% GA. I am running ATI driver 12.8 (display driver 8.982.0 7/27/2012). I am going to reintroduce my AI traffic from MyTraffic and see what happens. I thought I would post these results for information purposes, just in case there is a link here with the general ATI problems we have been having. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Bob
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