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  1. Ok, thanks Dave. I will try my "Country/Regional" setup for my next flight between 2 or 3 countries. For transoceanic ATC : I think it would be a nice feature to have for a future version of Pilot2ATC. It involves adding a "zone" feature in the sim, allowing to define a geometric zone related to a chat folder. Other ATC softwares (for example, Pro-ATC-X) are doing that. Pilot2ATC is far more complete on several aspects, this feature would be nice to have. And for version after, an implementation of NAT routes 🙂 (ok, maybe I am asking a bit too much)
  2. Thanks Dave for your reply 🙂 I think I will use the Country structure, and duplicate the Regions Controllers folder from ATC-X-Chatter in each country where I do not have enough country sound files. That way, all "generic" countries will use the Region sound files provides by X-ATC-Chatter. Will involve many files duplication but using Windows symbolic/junction links, will avoid real duplication. Another question : do you have an advice on how to use oceanic chatter (Gander, Shanwick, ...) used when crossing Oceans ?
  3. Hi all, I own and use Pilot2ATC and X-ATC-Chatter with Flight Simulator (2020) and really enjoy it with all my IFR flights. God job and expecting new versions :) I would like to add more mp3 files in the chatter. I have a lot of those MP3 files and would like to add them for use. Now the combination P2ATC/XATCChatter uses regions folder, with Controllers folders inside each regions. I would like to add specific Countries and Aiports folders for some countries and some airports. Is it possible to do that in a way that Pilot2ATC understand and use ? For example : - ATC_Chatter |__ Regions |__ United States |__ Europe |__ Controllers |__ (...) |__ France |__ Controllers |__ (...) |__ LFPG |__ (...) |__ Africa |__ Asia Is it possible ? or with some other structure ? which Sound Source option should I use in Pilot2ATC ? (Country Folder -> no Regions ?? Aiport Folders ? Controller Folders ?) Thanks for your help Chris
  4. Hello, I am using ProATC-X on all my flights since years. I am using P3Dv4.1 and never had a single P3D CTD. However, I sometimes have a ProATC-X CTD but the function "resume from last crash" works like a dream and allows me to continue the flight without problem with ATC. Regards Chris (just realized that I need to update my sig)
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