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  1. Hello, I am using ProATC-X on all my flights since years. I am using P3Dv4.1 and never had a single P3D CTD. However, I sometimes have a ProATC-X CTD but the function "resume from last crash" works like a dream and allows me to continue the flight without problem with ATC. Regards Chris (just realized that I need to update my sig)
  2. Also, changing registry entries will not be enough... You also need to modify every line in every parameter files used by FSX or add-ons where the drive letter is written. Exemple : inside fsx.cfg (for modules path), inside planes config files, etc... Could be a very time-consuming, trial and error work in order to not forget anything...
  3. Short update to my previous message about successful migration to Win10 ; Did a long range flight this week-end : 11 hours without acceleration or pause, from Rio de Janeiro to Paris Charles de Gaulle, in Pmdg 777/200, with following configuration : - FSX , DX10 Scenery Fixer + NVidia Inspector + EZDok - Orbix FTX Global + FTX Vectors + FTX Global OpenLC Europe + REX4 Texture Direct - Active Sky Next - Pro ATC-X - Professional Flight Planner X - Paris Photo HD scenery, Paris LFPG Mega Airport scenery Absolutely no problem.
  4. If you fly offline (ie not with VATSIM or IVAO) and don't mind having an outdated navigation data, you can just buy a one time update. You will have up to date/accurate nav data for this month, and the data will just slowly become a bit inaccurate every month, but at least all you add-ons (FMC from PMDG, flight planners, ATC, ...) will use the same data, based upon your month of subscription/update. You only need a yearly subscription if : 1) you want to fly online because online ATC will use freshly updated nav data or 2) you want to fly the most recently updated sid/stars/routes. I just bought a 1-time (1 month) suscription in August, allowing me to update my nav data for : Pmdg 737 and 777, Aerosoft Airbus, PRO ATC-X, and PFPX. All those add-ons now share the same nav-data. Chris
  5. Hello all, A recap of my own experience about Windows 10 migration. Installed Win 10 Pro from Win 8.1 Pro on July, 29. Install went with no problem and system is working fine. My hardware config : - CPU : Intel I7 4790K - GPU : Asus STRIX GTX980 - RAM : 16 Gb - Disk Drives : - Win 10 on 1st SSD - FSX on 2nd SSD - Add-ons that does not need to be inside FSX folder are on a Hard Disk Drive (3 Tb 7200) - Screen : 27" / 2560*1440 - HOTAS Warthog + Saitek Pro Flight Rudder pedals I did have a few problems with my FSX install : all was working fine at start but I had multiples crashes to desktop after 10-30 minutes flying, that never occured before. As the settings were untouched (exemple : HIGHMEMFIX=1 in fsx.cfg, an UIAutomation Core.dll in install dir), I had no clues about what was the problem. I decided to completely uninstall and reinstall FSX and all add-ons from scratch on my new Win 10 system. Took me a while. The main add-ons that I am using are : - FSX Gold - DX10 Scenery Fixer + NVidia Inspector - Orbix FTX Global + FTX Vectors + FTX Global OpenLC Europe - REX4 Texture Direct - Active Sky Next - Pro ATC-X - Professional Flight Planner X - FSCaptain - EZDok - Aerosoft Airbus - PMDG 737, 777/200 & /300 - several payware and freeware large airports As said, the full reinstall was a lenghty process... Most/all of the tricks of a good install on others systems were used (HIGHMEMFIX, UIAutomationCore, DX10 SceneryFixer for DX10 Preview, changing several parameters inside fsx.cfg, installing with admin rights and setting FSX.exe with Admin Privileges, ...) but the result was worth it. I now have a fully functionnal FSX with all add-ons reinstalled and working nicely. I blocked framerate at 30 with high-end AA settings in FSX/DX10Fixer/NVI, and result is very smooth (probably not different from what I had previously on Win 8.1). Only problem remaining so far : Mouse Wheel zoom is not working correctly or not working at all, depending on which setting I use inside FSX, EZDok, FSUIPC. Still need to work on that, I am not totally sure it is Win 10-related, maybe I fumbled with the settings... In summary, I am quite happy with FSX on Win 10 so far, no compatibility problem for me. Chris
  6. Well, maybe it's not statistically significant yet, but we already have almost 50% pollers saying that they use DX10. Among them, one third say they ONLY uses DX10. I am one of them. I have been using DX9 for years, now after comparing both I will never get back to DX9 (using DX10 since a few months). Smooth, more FPS, better lighting system and colors, no memory problem, no crash, etc... I can live with the few remaining problems (missing textures for some add-ons) until Steve payware fix that also... DX9 users, if you feel that you have a better option with your settings, it's your right and be happy with it. But a growing number of FSX users thinks otherwise. Chris
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