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    Old time C172/Piper Cherokee140 pilot since 1974,doing things on sim,never dared to do when flying for real
  1. Hey thanks Guys remember I aint as computer savvy as all that?rather than get into stuff that might be beyond me?,I will just re download on E the FSX Active Sky & UTs, Thanks anyway BobG
  2. Thanks Doug,the E drive is not an external one,I added it during a recent upgrade with Canada Computers,,(processor & Vid card) was just afraid to move anything because its working so well,so will put all Flight Sim stuff on E,will do it as you suggested remove from C & reinstall on E Thanks BobG
  3. I am a bit of a computer moron ,so please excuse a dumb question I have 2 drives,the primary C 111GBs only 5.22 GPs free,,I now have a second drive E 1.81 TBs almost empty my question does FSX,Active Sky,Ultimate Terrain,(US,Canada & Europe)have to be on the primary drive C to run properly? I would have liked to put all the Flight sim stuff on the new drive,leaving all the other household emails stuff on C sorry if this has been answered a thousand times,but I would like to do it right,every thing runs great now but am having issues with other non sim stuff probably because C is over full, Thanks your advice much appreciated BobG
  4. Hey,spot on,love those NDB,Vor approaches the worse the weather the better,the sim really helped me in the real thing IFR,& general navigation,remember the ATP flight test in lessons 20002,? auto pilot was disabled, took me ages to pass that,got my ppl in the 70,s,used to commute real life,daily from Peterborough On Canada to Toronto ,Pearson,lol no transponder,steam gages, in a 172, VFR, no less ,had to call in over Oshawa, & no delay meant no delay, specially on final ,,lol, ok ok Ikno ,I kno "the good ol days" The Sim ,IFR practice saved my bacon many times when I got myself into weather ,situations that were at best "Special VFR in the real thing lol BobG
  5. All OK went to patch properties,changed to Win 7 & full admin,UTX USA ,Canada & Europe, Accel all upgraded to where they should be,lol,how'd I miss that BOBG
  6. I recently purchased cd's UTX Canada & UTX USA for fsx,,UTX Canada upgraded fine,but when I try to use the patch button for USA from 1.20b to 4.1, I get a message to reboot as windows is preventing the upgrade?have disabled securities & windows fire wall,& logged as administrator rebooted but Patch prep button wont activate,,my system is win 7 64 bit & apart from the upgrades both setup tools are working fine ,can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks BobG
  7. Just took a look at mine,sorry should have said failures & reset failures button in Aircraft tab , all options,even though you dont have any failures set, BobG
  8. I seem to get that same prob in the default B737, periodically,go to failures in realism settings,& set default on on all of the failure options,restores auto throttle settings for me,will start holding the set speed again,long as auto speed hold is lit BobG
  9. Thanks Guys, got it,just had to put panel 3 assignment back in & assign in buttons/keys lol Thanks again
  10. Had a terrible week new processor,,had to reload fsx, Acceleration,,Active sky,Fsuipc,reset CH yoke & Peddles & Throt Quad,ran into the 1722\1603 error,had to do the fsx register reset MSKB928080 thing,( thanks to Avsim, MS told me fsx is obsolete no support?)finally got every thing back as it was,except I can no longer call up the stock Garmin gps on the on board B737,I had it mapped to Shift3 on fsuipc,can get it by mouse of course,shift3 brings up nothing,although the shift#s will bring up all the other guages,so I have no key stroke to assign a button to,I did do the gauge insert thing in ASky which should have moved the panels,I understand,havent tried removing them?cant bring them up anyway?got to RTFM Iknow, Guess I should be happy to have most every thing back,but hate having use mouse for it? Thanks for any help Regards BobG
  11. Thanks, will do long overdue, updates,
  12. Guess I was hoping for something like the runway tree clearing app,? BobG
  13. Thanks Rick,will look into it,but was looking for an easy fix,was afraid of "a lot of work"lol,just showing my age BobG
  14. Not a major prob but just wondered?due to the age of FSX,many runways have been renamed, re their magnetic heading,for example the sim directed me to runway 9L, Ft Lauderdale Florida,which is now 10L,my home airport Waterloo Regional Ontario Canada,runway 7 is now runway 8,I use Simplates Ultra & Active Sky,fortunately not many frequencies have changed, & its easy to figure which runway plate, to use,is there a fix for this? BobG
  15. Thanks 738 FLY, Thanks for the info,so the sim does apply the settings,dont think it can make allowances for wet or icy snow covered runways tho??,but good to know I am not wasting my time setting it,will count on reversers anyway & glad I don't have to pay for the brake linings using max AB? Thanks again BobG
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