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  1. Paypal

    For me, when i bought it the other day, it opened a new window and automatically logged in from there. Check to make sure the pop ups for the PTA website are not being blocked.
  2. As much as I love the 747, I had to go with the 737. I want to play with switches!
  3. LHR-DOH 77W

    Nice set! Thanks for sharing.
  4. FedEx Country

    Amazing shots!
  5. [19JUL15] The View from the Top.

    Before I switched over to P3D (still use FSX from time to time for the Leo Maddog), all I used to fly was the 744. It's definitely one of two aircraft in the world that I love the most. The first would be the Maddog . So it's nice to see a refresh and hope release isn't too far away . Thanks for the update.
  6. I found this:
  7. Hawker SP 1.2 Out

    NEW VERSION RELEASED (1.2) CARENADO H850XP HD SERIES FSX/P3D VERSION 1.2 Fixes: -Autopilot indicators and minor bugs. -Corrected some lights issues. -Some indicators were added. -Fixed small bugs. IMPORTANT: Aircraft should be uninstalled first using the uninstaller (in the FSX root folder). EDIT: Rich beat me to it.
  8. finished?

    Well, when trying to access the site in Chrome, the tab says "This site is under development" lol