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  1. I wasn't expecting this and now I'm looking forward to it! I can't wait to see what kind of damage you guys have done to the plane...that's of course if you all decided not to hit the 'reset' button 🤪
  2. Chris F.


    For me, when i bought it the other day, it opened a new window and automatically logged in from there. Check to make sure the pop ups for the PTA website are not being blocked.
  3. As much as I love the 747, I had to go with the 737. I want to play with switches!
  4. Chris F.

    LHR-DOH 77W

    Nice set! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Chris F.

    FedEx Country

    Amazing shots!
  6. Chris F.

    [19JUL15] The View from the Top.

    Before I switched over to P3D (still use FSX from time to time for the Leo Maddog), all I used to fly was the 744. It's definitely one of two aircraft in the world that I love the most. The first would be the Maddog . So it's nice to see a refresh and hope release isn't too far away . Thanks for the update.
  7. I found this:
  8. Chris F.

    Hawker SP 1.2 Out

    NEW VERSION RELEASED (1.2) CARENADO H850XP HD SERIES FSX/P3D VERSION 1.2 Fixes: -Autopilot indicators and minor bugs. -Corrected some lights issues. -Some indicators were added. -Fixed small bugs. IMPORTANT: Aircraft should be uninstalled first using the uninstaller (in the FSX root folder). EDIT: Rich beat me to it.
  9. Chris F. finished?

    Well, when trying to access the site in Chrome, the tab says "This site is under development" lol
  10. Chris F.

    Where is your 737 Now? (Part 2)

    Just two shots out of Sydney heading to Auckland
  11. Chris F.

    Where is your 777 Now? (Part 4)

    Why yes, yes it is. I wonder who made it :ph34r: