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  1. John Tavendale Did A7-BFD and the 200LR and 300ER. He included an accurate airline config in the folder. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q1p1jw0db7daw1u/AADYrJqg_MAKOvAEC1cHN-k3a?dl=0
  2. Some shots of HL8009 landing in EGLL as KAL907.
  3. Are we the only two who have this problem? Home come nobody else noticed it?
  4. Taxicam lights don't work after the update. Cabin windows are no longer transparent and do not let any light out at night which makes the fuselage look weird at night. I did a complete uninstall and restarted my computer before I applied the update. I must be doing something wrong.
  5. Where can the win 10 dll be found? I'm having issued with both versions of UIautomationcore after upgrading to windows 10.
  6. A few shots of Dubai-Heathrow service on the 77F as UAE9901 Sorry for the messy enb.
  7. I have a bit of OCD for the 777. Never mind. I'm happy the way it is now. And by different I meant cockpit differences to address the OP on his question about airline configs.
  8. ECT has selector for seat belt signs only and EGM has built in class 2 EFB. ECT also has a class 2 EFB installed. The rest is correct. Thanks.
  9. Use this website to find SELCAL codes. http://rzjets.net/aircraft/?page=3&parentid=210&typeid=63&frstatus=1 You can also find them in real world flight plans. http://www.edi-gla.co.uk/
  10. As far as I know, all 777s are different, even the ones owned and operated by the same airline. I visited the cockpits of A6-EBY,ECT and EGM and many more and noticed that they had different configs even the ones that were delivered in the same year. Qatar though uses the same config across all their 77W and 77L fleet. It would be nice though to have more options to change the VC in the 777. Only option there is now in the VC is the clock and ISFD, that's it. The blue carpet is unrealistic. Only the early 772 used them. I have yet to see a 77W or 77L with blue carpets. American don't even have carpets on their 77W. The overhead panel is quite different too.
  11. Some screenshots that I forgot were in my fsx screenshots folder. It was a return leg to Doha on Vatsim from last month.
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