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  1. Definitely. I have over 700 hours on VATSIM and just over 300 on IVAO. I've decided to stick with VATSIM. I have nothing against IVAO. It's just that there isn't enough coverage and traffic over the Atlantic and North America.
  2. Agree. The controllers and pilots on VATSIM sound like they have their mics stuck down their throats. ATC in the real world does not sound perfect but definitely doesn't sound as bad as VATSIM. Here's Heathrow And Here's JFK Completely different to what you'd here on VATSIM
  3. Finally this one worked. Here's the video. https://youtu.be/ERRyuYsIli8
  4. I too would love to see the Gulf Air 77W.
  5. When I request Descent forecast, it gets stuck at 'REQUEST Sent'. How can I fix this?
  6. Would love to see the Qatar Airways' 77W in FC Barcelona colours.
  7. The 1000th sticker on A6-EGO was removed last December.
  8. Once again, thank you for doing the Emirates skycargo repaints!
  9. I have a list of all the 77ws of Emirates that have no EFBS installed. The list includes Type ,REG , Seating , Delivery Date and SELCAL. It would be better to only paint the ones who don't have EFBs installed in them for more realism. All the SELCALS are accurate. And btw, the '1000TH 777' sticker on A6-EGO was removed late November 2013. http://app.box.com/s/bmr2g8cze5awdolisotq
  10. Thank you so so much for doing the Emirates liveries!
  11. Please do another Emirates A6-EWJ and a Qatar PAX A7-BBI :rolleyes:
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