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    Civil Aviaiton, Flight Simulation and building new computers, it can be an expensive hobby but very rewarding when working

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    Really happy I went the P3D v3 route after FSX, not looked back ever since. Would love a full simulation of the 757/767 as they are my airliner of choice!!

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  1. PeterGraves1980

    [06OCT18] Livery Painters are a dime a dozen...

    I hope they can make good repaints of a pmdg 757/767!! Lol
  2. PeterGraves1980

    XL airways a319 and a320

    Hi all, . I am looking for a talented painter who would be willing to paint the FSLabs A319 and A320 in XL Airways colours for my personal airline that I use on Projectfly. I am willing to donate money for the work done as it is a unusual request. Thanks Peter
  3. We all know its going to be a new Flight Simulator from PMDG which will include the 757/767 and the MD-11 v2!!!! I would be very surprised if it is anything else lol
  4. PeterGraves1980

    What's next for PMDG?

    Personally if PMDG made and released a 737-300/400/500 and a 757 and 767 my fleet would be complete, though I remember that in the OVPA interview a few years back Rob did mention the team that was working on the dc6 would be working on something mainstream next, if that is still the case that is
  5. PeterGraves1980

    What will be the next airplane from PMDG ?

    For me personally, my P3D v4 would be complete if PMDG did the Boeing 737-300-500, the 757 and the 767-200/300 next
  6. Just a quick question, will PMDG be at flightsimcon this year to talk about future products?
  7. Exciting Times indeed, I am personally invested in P3D so will go the V4 as my main sim at this time I can't wait to see what else PMDG has been working on, personally I hope it is a 2 engine aircraft fondly known as the flying pencil! Best Regard Peter
  8. PeterGraves1980

    XL Airways

    Hi all, I am just wondering if there is any talented repainters out there who would be prepared to paint me these following aircraft in XL Airways UK colours PMDG NGX 737-800 PMDG NGX 737-900 Obviously if someone is able to do this for me I am willing to pay for the time and skill for the quality repaints Kind Regards Peter
  9. PeterGraves1980

    Rumors about NGX V3

    I am hoping for the 757 and 767 to be done too, especially a full systems 767-200 which really lacks on the P3D front, could be a good next couple of years if we get the 757 & 767 developed by PMDG
  10. I also heard very briefly a sort of Maybe to a 757/767 being developed which if it is happening excellent and about time!!!,
  11. PeterGraves1980

    Flight Sim Community in Aus / NZ

    Hello from Kalgoorlie, WA, Emigrated from Essex over just over 5 years ago and not looked back!!!
  12. I just tried to have a little look at the level-d forums, but when you type the address in, the website is gone and the domain is up for sale. Anybody else noticed this?
  13. PeterGraves1980

    A Trip Back To 2012, What's To Come! 4 Videos

    PMDG did say a while back that the 757/767 is not on their current agenda I think. It would be nice to see a fully professional 757 but I don't think it is going to happen this way
  14. PeterGraves1980

    A Trip Back To 2012, What's To Come! 4 Videos

    Hi all, Interesting to see those videos again and how fast 2 years have passed, it would be nice if PMDG made a 2014 video like that. On the 2nd twin mentioned, I think he just made a little mistake on the twin quote and he meant the 747 v2 as it was in the 3rd video straight after the quote. Perhaps someone from PMDG can clarify that but I am sure that is what was meant, but no doubt after the 747 v2 another twin quite possibly be on the way, only time will tell as to what it will be.
  15. PeterGraves1980

    New client for Vatsim?

    We have all been waiting a long time for some upto date VATSIM Clients. This is great news, and I hope they both will be compatable with Prepar3d v2