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  1. Hi Ben, Is there Afcad files being released for the Greek series? Cheers Miles
  2. Hi Ben, Absolute loved the videos and having fun flying in and out of EHAM. Thank you, I hope this is enough success that you do another. Two questions. 1. You mention an AFCAD coming up, any news on that 2. Parked at H3 (Easyjet) stand when loading passengers there was no visible passengers or bus. It maybe a limitation of GSX.... Once again cheers mate first rate. Miles
  3. Mine worked using Shift + 6. This was after the update. Some people as in me had this as a bug on the original download.
  4. Thank you I totally missed that one. Smiley
  5. Hey guys, actually enjoying this aircraft immensely. Has anyone worked out how to open the doors without the standard bindings. Mine are all off so no exits can be opened. Have they implemented a way of opening the doors or is it the standard bindings that come as default. Cheers Smiley
  6. I was thinking the same but maybe not as big announcements every one thinks, the announcement is that will come across the whole fleet not just the 748 that they showed a few months ago. PR is wonderful. Cheers Miles
  7. Reading all the comments and I have no idea only RD and PMDG know. 1. Can't be an aircraft would have announced by now with the length of development. 2. Home cockpit or cockpit builders suite too small a market - And not at the Flightsim expo 3. MD11 - Nah sorry although I wish they would. 4. EFB - Big possibility along the similar lines to the Flight 1 GTN series - That would make sense 5. New sim, they cant be that stupid P3D and XP11 only platform moving forward. 6. Descent ATC package - Can only dream. My guess EFB, much needed in the cockpit, right timeline and launched across their project range come June. Every aircraft they do uses one except the DC-6. Yep that's it an EFB. Although the ATC if they got it right would be a close second. Cheers Miles
  8. Hi Guys, Another what do you think of the system that I am looking at getting over the weekend. Primarily for P3D V3 and onwards to V4 Intel i7-6800K 3.4GHZ Asrock X99 Taichi Motherboard G-Skill DDR4 Trident Z3200-32GB 2 x 16GB Red MSI GTX1080TI 11GB Coolmaster V850 Gold 80+ 850W PSU CM Hyper 212 LED Turbo Red Cooler SAmsung 960 EVO 250GB M2 for main operating system 3TB of additional space non SSD as I understand does not really make a difference Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers Smiley
  9. The only way I can get the 747M (using KLM) to start correctly is 1,4,3,2 with no autostart. Loving the differences between the models. Cheers Miles
  10. Ben, What can I say, sitting hear in Sydney Australia and Episode 2 is worth the price on its own. Just got rid of my stutters on P3D. Probably everyone knew but me but episode two is great information. Thanks buddy. 3 and 4 tonight.
  11. Anyone hear of a YPPH Perth Airport in development? Next week a big announcement with Qantas who will be finally running the new longest route in the world Perth to London when the 789's hit town. The old airport is so outdated and missing a whole terminal with Virgin Australia moving onto the International side. Looks like ORBX will not do and understand that the area could be another KSEA and VAS hogger. Would be good if someone could tackle the airport but any news would be good Cheers Miles
  12. A sad day. Thank you Tom for everything you have given us over the years. Thoughts are with the Allensworth family. Miles Harrison Sydney Australia
  13. Love this topic. Mine in no particular order. L1011 First Flight on Courtline, Pink and Orange livery in 1973. B727-200 B737-200/300/400/500/700/800 B747-200/400 B757-200 B767-200/300 B777-200/300 MD-82 DC10-30 Fokker 50/100 BAE146-300 Concorde - Yes actually flew on one from Glasgow to Heathrow in the old BA Shuttle days and our B757 went tech. They put us on one that was training at Prestwick. Amazing performance but of course no supersonic flight. DC9-15 A300-600 A320-100/200 A330-200 SB340B Grumman AA5 - Got my PPL on this C152 C172 PA28 Learjet 60 - Lucky enough to be invited onto a demo flight at Farnborough. I think it was 1982. Living in Australia now, spend most of my time on Virgin Australia B737-800's. Must have flown on this type at least 200 times. Cheers Miles
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