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  1. TreeTops

    *Airline2Sim Status Apr 27th Update*

    Thanks for your reply Ben. Looking forward to the shared cockpit video. In one of the previous threads about the captain series was mention of looking at the HUD. Perhaps that can become part of the shared cockpit video. regards Trev
  2. TreeTops

    *Airline2Sim Status Apr 27th Update*

    Hi Ben. Great to know you are back in action and have a plan outlined for the future. I see there is no mention of the Q400 Captain course, nor of the long awaited shared cockpit flight from the FO course. Do you have any comment to make on this or do we take it that the Q400 program now lives in the archives? regards Trev
  3. I'm going through the wonderful process of a full FSX reinstall and it makes you asks questions of yourself at every turn. For the Q400, during the Audio Test you get : Left speaker test : Right speaker test. I'm not sure if this test is to replicate the cockpit audio or the PC speakers sound check. If it is for the PC sound test, would it be feasible in any future update to add : Headset test? (I think the situation is the same with the NGX and i'm not sure of the other aircraft) With best regards Trev
  4. For a complex cockpit sometimes it helps to be able to fall back on something simple as a reminder. I know I suffer sometimes a blank mind wondering what I missed. I use the fingers on my right hand as a reference for this aircraft. If you stretch out your hand, the thumb points forward and the 4 fingers point away to your right. The thumb pointing forward represents the spoilers switch (taxi). The 4 fingers are just for the throttle quadrant area. Trim (white arc) Park brake (off) Props (max) Flaps (set, not 0) Hope this helps Trev
  5. TreeTops

    Part 10 EGJB-EGKK sound issue

    Thanks for the update Ben.
  6. TreeTops

    Part 10 EGJB-EGKK sound issue

    I finally got to downloading and flying lesson 10 this week. The video still shows the gap in sound mentioned previously. Also at 49:30 one of the ATC voice segments was not swapped. Is the intention to fix this? Great videos and looking forward to the next series. cheers Trev
  7. You can also switch off TrackIR for each individual camera view by deselecting the TIR button. I normally use the pilot / copilot positions with TIR and close ups to things like the FMS without TIR. This gives the stability to do precise things like button pushing while still enjoying the flexibility of looking around in the main views. Hope this helps.
  8. TreeTops

    Some simple things missing

    Yes I understand. Just wishing.
  9. Hi Bryan, Comparing the NGX I see there are simple things missing with the Q400 which could add to the experience. Runway entry procedure Check with PNF announcing ready for takeoff. Cold weather and deicing procedures. Anything else that can be taken from the NGX which could be used in the Q400. Hopefully you can add these in at some stage. Best regards.
  10. TreeTops

    Boarding time

    As per second post, you can click on the 'time remaining' to fast forward one minute per click.
  11. Thanks for the response and the reminder about the props being in max when at reduced NP. Doh. Right out of the manual. Cheers Trev
  12. Hi, After flying with FS2Crew for enough flights to get comfortable it is time I listed a few abnormalities while running through the tutorial. v1.1 Start crew: The term Cockpit to ground is recognized but not Ground from cockpit for some reason. It shows in the green bar but no verbal response. I can successfully request connect external power but not disconnect. Are there any requirements prior to disconnecting ext. power? After start: There is no voice command for pulling the chocks. Final approach checklist. Condition levers - Max even if using reduced NP. Is there a check response while using reduced NP? This is all I can find so far. Well done on a solid out of the box release.
  13. TreeTops

    Comments after first flight

    it is obvious you are back because you proceed with the checks, but the coms responsibility seems uncertain who is now monitoring.
  14. TreeTops

    Comments after first flight

    Thanks for the response Brendan. One other thing I forgot to add last night was during descent before the line check, the Copilot announces he is going off one to talk to the PA and doesn't announce he is back on one but continues his check. Is this normal?