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  1. ACA034137

    Canadian Dollar hits US$0.69

    It just makes me more picky with my purchases. The loonie is what it is unfortunately...
  2. ACA034137

    [09DEC15] A Whole Lotta 747-400 Goodness!

    Can't wait to run this beauty into TNCM as KLM!
  3. ACA034137

    P3D capable Virtual Airlines
  4. ACA034137

    Taxi2Gate VHHH or ImagineSim VHHH?

    Taxi2Gate are among the very best in FSX/P3D scenery. The choice between ImagineSim and Taxi2Gate isn't much choice at all. T2G is far superior.
  5. ACA034137

    Displays turning off midflight

    Perhaps a loss of power. Is your power source set to a generator, or are you drawing off the battery?
  6. Exciting news to be sure! I never really understood all the vitriol for their A320 series aircraft. Sure, they're not study level sim, but they're by far the best Airbuseses for FSX/P3D...
  7. ACA034137

    Anyone here watches FSX streaming on Twitch?

    I stream on twitch most weekends. I've got a few regular followers who pop in. I'll usually stream my Virtual Air Canada or Royal Dutch Virtual flights....or if nothing in the particular route structure strikes me as interesting, I'll load up something a bit more exotic... I've had people tell me they really enjoy my stream, as I strive to have a fair amount of interaction with viewers. I enjoy teaching what I can, whether its aircraft specific systems, or how to interpret charts...
  8. ACA034137

    A question about VATSIM,IVAO

    Your squawkbox client will populate all other VATSIM traffic in your area, regardless of what sim they're using.
  9. ACA034137

    Anyone interested in sharing 777 Full Motion Simulator

    I've never been to uFly, but I have used the 737 sim @ Threshold Aviation in YYZ. Not a fullmotion sim, but having never experience the full cockpit setup, I really enjoyed it.
  10. While my personal preference is flying with the virtual cockpit only, your videos with the 2D panels are stunning! Subscribed!
  11. ACA034137

    Emirates 777-300ER Golden Sunrise

    That final one is incredible!
  12. ACA034137

    Aerosoft Airbus, not happy....

    I've got it, I enjoy it. Its not to the same level as PMDG, but nobody is....
  13. I feel the community is most desperate for a 767. Still loads of them in use today. I remember reading somewhere that more 767s cross the Atlantic every day than any other aircraft. The Level-D is archaic, the CS is...well its CS. Fingers and toes crossed for the '67!
  14. ACA034137

    Momentary freezes

    FSUIPC auto-save?