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  1. Problem solved! Thanks for all your advice rjhussel, but it turned out be a different region mistake. So once I changed the decimal sign from comma to period on the client pc, it all worked fine!
  2. Thanks for the reply RJHussel, I've got a connection between the two pc's. Plan-g is installed as well, and works fine on the client pc. The problem is more that whenever I open the throttles all instruments go crazy. It doesnt matter if I control the throttles with the mouse or joystick, it just looks like the instruments are getting the wrong data. I also checked all the ports for the instruments, but they are all just fine....
  3. Sorry, that's a network switch. But where do I assign these adresses, in the multicast group address? edit: tried that, but with no result other than a crashing panel builder.
  4. Hey all, I've installed panel builder on a second networked pc (both windows 7, with switch box) but whenever I start prepar3d and connect PB, all instruments are going crazy. It looks like they're getting the wrong data or something. I'm not quite sure what's going wrong though. I also updated pr3d to 2.5 version so could that be the issue? I'm totally new to networking pc's so forgive me if this a stupid question... greets, Daan
  5. Hi I'm having exactly the same problem, I use Panel builder with prepar3d v2. Did you find a solution yet?
  6. @ PWJT8D You, my friend, are my personal hero! Indeed I swapped the cards and updated the drivers assuming that was the correct way (there where only instructions on how to install the hardware). I now installed it again with your instructions and FPS are now doubled, with even the NGX 737 at aerosoft Amsterdam at a reasonable 17 fps at the gate,and the a2a C182 at an average of 30 fps at payware airports with all settings on default. Again, thank you very much!!!!
  7. Well, overall I do see some performance increase on my system, so it's not a total letdown. I just expected a bit more than that 2 fps win It might turn out different on your system, it cant make it any worse! Good luck, and keep me updated on your progress if you whant!
  8. well, the a2a 182 is a real fps killer, that's a fact on my system. I have to say I used the migration tool to install it, but I dont know if that makes any difference. I also tried fsx with the mgx pmdg 737-800 at Schiphol (aersoft amsterdam scenery) and I do see some noticeable improvement in fps here. Even with all sliders on max it still runs smooth where it didnt before. So well, maybe it's cpu indeed, I truly dont know anymore! edit: yes those frames are at 5720 x 1080. Indeed not a lot of difference when i switch to 1920 x 1080.
  9. tried flying some areas. When I take from CEN4 (orbx scenery) (high river) with beech baron (default) I have 30 to 35 fps. Same fps at LOWI with that same aircraft. I then switched to aerosft Twotter and it still held up at around 27 fps. Taking off from Flesland with Bergen x scenery takes me back to 14 fps again. I had gpu-z running and the average load on the card is about 50% and on the cpu around 70%. With 1080p you mean the res of 5720 to 1080?
  10. Two bottlenecks I found so far, are add-on planes and autogen scenery. If i load up the bushmaster (default plane) and set autogen scnery to low it hangs around 22 fps. It's doable, but not nearly what I hoped for. I tried a single screen on 1920x 1080, but that also gains me only 2fps.
  11. Well, installed the 970 today, started prepar3d v2.4 and guess what? No difference at all. :( I gain some (5-ish) fps when I switch off Rex4/asn , but overall in every plane I try i get between 15-20 fps. No matter what settings I use. *Feels a bit disappointed.
  12. Found the answer to that with google Just ordered an Evga gtx 970. Hope that will boost the fps somewhat!
  13. Thanks for all the replies so far. I'm looking at an Nvidia gtx 980, but there seem to be all sorts of variations. Any difference in that thats important? (for example MSI or Evga?)
  14. I should have mentioned that indeed. Im using surround and I started with 5760x1080, then turned it down to 4800 x 900 with barely any difference. I have no bezel correction, since that doesnt seem to work at all.
  15. Ah yes, sorry for that typo, it is indeed 3.40. Thnx for the advice!