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  1. After testing with the latest Rebuilt code, I am still experiencing the issue where the manifold gauge randomly crashes. The issue is still there. Have you been able to reproduce it? If not do you have a tool to capture some data I can send you? Karim
  2. Hi. I I didn't hear back regarding my last concern. Will I use my existing panels by reinstalling? It's something I'd like to confirm before proceeding with the install of your latest build. Thanks, Karim Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  3. One concern I have about re-installing Panelbuilder, or uninstalling and re-installing, is will I lose my panels? I spent a couple of hours creating my custom panel, and would hate to create it again after re-installing.
  4. Sure, I will try that tonight. You want me to install both interface, and the panel app, correct? Thanks.
  5. I am not sure what post you are referring to exactly... Are you talking about the post "Problem setting up a network". If that is what you are referring to, I did take a glance at that user's issue, and I don't see any relation to my problem. All my instruments (about 20 or so being displayed) work and communicate fairly well with the panelbuilder interface on the master PC. For your info, I have static IPs assigned on each PC and both PCs are connected directly via crossover cable. However, randomly, the MP gauge just crashes, shows a big X, and I would need to stop panelbuilder and start over. This is definitely affecting my flight sim experience and flight training. Any idea?
  6. Hi, I experience random crashes of the Manifold Pressure Gauge. I am referring to the guage with the super-imposed needles Right and Left. Sometime as I am flying the Dutchess aircraft, that gauge just shows a big X on it and some error message pops up. I then have to close Panel Builder and start it again, at which point that issue happens again at some point. My setup: 2 computers networked though a crossover ethernet cable. One running x plane 10 + plug in, and 2nd computer running panel builder. Let me know if you need more info in identifying this issue. Thanks, Karim
  7. Skyfly

    Data Update Interval concern

    Hi, Thanks for the response, yes I received your email as well. I guess putting this on the forum may benefit others as well. I did set the interval time to 100 ms from the computer running X-plane. That made some difference in that the needles started moving a little more smoothly. It did not much affect the performance of the computer running X-plane. My setup is as follows, two networked computers, one running x-plane 10 64 bit + plugin (win 7 64bit, I7 860 cpu, 8 gig ram, gtx780) and a second networked computer running Panelbuilder (win7 64bit, Dual core intel 3 Ghz, 5 gig ram, low profile gtx budget card). Both PCs are hooked using crossover cable.
  8. Hi all, I tried bringing this up with the support team by email, but I haven't heard from them. Maybe this forum can help. I bought the latest version (ver2.61) of Simplugin for my Dutchess aircraft. As I am still tweaking the insruments, I noticed that the movements of the indicators such as the Artificail Horizon respond with a bit of a delay compared to the panel inside Xplane. ( I have a networked setup with simPlugins running on another PC). Moreover, the movements of the instrrument is just not as smooth as x-plane's panel. Does changing the "Update Interval" from 200 ms to something lower make a difference? My other quesion is, what are the cons of reducing this delay too much? From my understanding, the faster, the better, is that not correct? Thanks, Skyfly