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  1. Finally got to try out these mods and they are BRILLIANT. Thanks so much to all involved. Cheers, Nathan
  2. Wow!!! (Energetically throwing my money at the screen) Fabulous work 🤭 Nathan
  3. Wow, fabulous news. Thanks for all the hard work. cheers, Nathan
  4. Thank you for your quick reply Jorge, so looking forward to this mod 😊😉 Cheers, Nathan
  5. Silly question, but will this mod work on the Phenom 100 as well? Cheers, Nathan
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone might be interested in doing the following Air New Zealand livery for the Captain Sim 777-200/300 32bit. Keeping my fingers crossed, Cheers. https://images.app.goo.gl/RkVXhJQzqpCaTKxH9 https://images.app.goo.gl/sw3a7Rqb2R6dugrh8
  7. There are some great pics on this site that can help. Cheers, Nathan 😎 http://jonproctor.net/chicago-through-the-years/
  8. I just put this into the ReaAir Simulations closure thread this afternoon... “For those of you needing to reinstall their RealAir products, Sean Maloney has set up a new site which can be accessed here.... http://realairsimulations.net/ He was extremely helpful in getting things up and running and even has P3dv4 installers for their aircraft.” He uploaded the installer for the piston Duke today in both FSX and P3d v4. Cheers, Nathan
  9. Oh wow, that’s fabulous. Maybe I should have checked again before posting 😄 Cheers, Nathan
  10. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has ever come across a King KNS-80 RNAV gauge for FSX? It was pretty popular before GPS and would be a great addition to a lot of GA aircraft. I have never been able to find one myself. Cheers, Nathan
  11. For those of you needing to reinstall their RealAir products, Sean Maloney has set up a new site which can be accessed here.... http://realairsimulations.net/ He was extremely helpful in getting things up and running and even has P3dv4 installers for their aircraft. Cheers, Nathan
  12. Hey everyone, I know this is an old post and a sad one at that 😢 But after deleting FSX Acceleration and putting FSX-SE on my hard drive, I can’t reinstall the piston Duke v2 as purchased originally from Simmarket. It says that it can’t establish an internet connection and to make sure I’m on the net. I have tried with Norton off, re-downloading from Simmarket, UAC off and run as administrator etc but no luck. Would this be because they have finally wrapped up their server? I hope this isn’t the case, as that would mean I have lost this baby forever 😩 Fingers crossed that their is something I have missed. Cheers, Nathan
  13. Thank you so much for the upgrade Ganter, she flies beautifully. More like the DA-42 videos I have been watching on YouTube. Thanks again for sharing with us. Cheers, Nathan
  14. Just love this aircraft so I’m really interested in your update. PM sent and thanking you in advance for all your hard work. Cheers, Nathan 😃
  15. I just manually set the throttles to achieve the Mach number I want.
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    Thanks Stans
  17. ftwd


    Yay, we finally have an Alabeo C310, I'm so happy. I was just hoping it would have been my favourite C310q. Oh well, still over the moon to by flying this plane. Cheers, N
  18. Thank you for your advice Charlie. I normally use the Flight1 "Startup for complex aircraft" default flight, but tried your suggestion using the C-172 with everything off except the avionics switch. Unfortunately, it made no difference, the panel sounds cutout as soon as the aircraft started to move and then came back when it stopped. I still have no idea what the conflict is and have no idea how to find it Nathan Ford
  19. Hi everyone, I don't know if someone can help me at all, the guys over at the HJG Forum have been trying to help but haven't had any luck so far. I am using the HJG hosted 727's in FSX (not SE) with the correct (latest) HGJ panels and core files fitted and Benoit's fantastic jet sound file. Lately it has started to develop a funny sound issue. I load the flight with the default trike and then change to any of the 727's (100's or 200's) with the engines running. I get the sound of the jets idling and the clicking background cockpit sounds. When I power up to start moving, the sounds are all fine until the aircraft starts to physically move, then all the panel sounds stop and I only get the sounds of the engines. As soon as the plane comes to a stop, I start to get the panel sounds again. During the take-off roll, The panel sounds stop until the aircraft is airborne then they come back and the f/o voice (which is part of the panel) 80kts, Rotate (but no V1) is heard. 80kts, V1 and Rotate should all come during the t/o roll but instead com as soon as I'm airborne. For some reason, I am not get any of the panel specific sounds, only Benoit's engine sounds while the aircraft is moving. I tried reinstalling the original sounds but no difference. I am using the FSX specific engine sounds and the correct FSX configs. I have since loaded the aircraft into FS9 on a different drive and the sounds work perfectly there. I just have no idea what the conflict could possibly be? Cheers, Nathan My specs Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Intel i7-4790k CPU @4.0GHz 16gb RAM DirectX11 NVidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB
  20. Hey Janek, can you please include me as one of your C550 captains and possible send me the mods and ISG configs? Cheers, Nathan.
  21. Brilliant, just what we need. Thank you so much ?
  22. Hi everyone, I had a look at the Feelthere Phenom and noted down the N1 settings for T/O and CLB during a climb from sea level to fl 330. I then did the same takeoff and climb to FL330 using the same N1 settings in the Carenado and was very happy with the results. I flew the published speeds and after cleanup set CLB power and accelerated to 150kts. After I was stable in the climb I then accelerated to 180kts by 5,000 feet then accelerated to 200kts after 10,000 feet which I flew, using VS until getting to M.55. I then finished the climb at M.55. Here is the climb table if you would like to give it a try. I rounded off the N1 settings to make it a bit easier. T/O. 91.7 CLB. 86.5 5,000. 89 FL100. 92 FL150. 94 FL200. 97 97%N1 is then the max N1 climb setting until cruise. I was very happy with the results, but let me know what you think. Cheers, Nathan.
  23. The service pack is on the Carenado website if you purchased the plane from them. Log in to your account then you can access it. If you purchased through a third party reseller, just re download the installer as they sell the aircraft with all of the patches included. The patch came out in early 2011 so if you purchased the plane later than that, you have the patched aircraft. That being said, I flew the aircraft today and am on the forums because the radar didn't work for me. Hope that's been of some help. N ps, I have emailed the Carenado team on a few occasions through their website and found them to be very helpful.
  24. Thanks very much for your info,Will have to take the plunge into the deep end and give it a go.Cheers,Nathan
  25. Hi there,Just love flying this aircraft!!!The only problem I have is there is no pitch hold on the autopilot. Is there a freeware gauge out there that would allow me to set pitch hold then adjust it using the flight director pitch knob on the panel supplied with this great aircraft? Or one that has a seperate knob that I can install into the panel?Hope to hear soon,Nathan.
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