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  1. Making everything for myself is where I'm at these days and that's where I want to be. 🤓
  2. Great set P_7878! 🤩 I have been working on the A300 myself. 🤓
  3. Did you size the gauge as I said? <Size x="530 Y="440"/> I really would make it a lot easier to problem solve. A gauge that does not know it's own default size is not a good thing. Tell you what ...send me or upload here your panel cfg and I will fix it for you.
  4. Yes I added it to one of my panels in the way I said. I could move it anywhere I liked with pixel perfect precision.
  5. Ok the size of the gauge is not specified in the gauge itself. The def size is 530,440. Open the xml gauge with notepad and add this line : <Size x="530 Y="440"/> to top of both gauges hud2A9 and hud2B9 just underneath the first line which says ,Gauge Name=etc etc. Now the gauge knows what size it is you can make it any size and place it anywhere in your panel. My panels are 4:3 ratio and the definition is 1600 x 1200 So in my panel cfg I have [Window04] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1600,1200 visible=0 ident=304 gauge00=gaHud29!hud2B9, 100, 0, 530, 440 You can now change any of the gauge sizes/position to whatever you like.
  6. When you comment out window_size_ratio I'd say you need both window_size= x.xxx, x.xxx window_pos= x.xxx, x.xxx Failing that you could try Dedl's negative values. Certainly works fine with xml gauges...c+ not so much.
  7. Outstanding set as usual.😎
  8. Yes, IFLY in their wisdom messed up the default lighting system. It often the price you pay for payware...custom animations and trying to get around the default systems.
  9. I liked them very much Harald!....I was hoping to see a Geosky B742 at gate 104 but I guess that's my job. 😀 I have d/ld your scenery but not installed yet.
  10. Shot no 3 is tugging at my heartstrings. 😍
  11. If you track a flight out of LGRP on FR24 you will see the aircraft do not follow the charts. The Turkish border is only close for the Rwy 24 arrivals, even then aircraft fly in between the border and runway and turn right (not over the island and left)
  12. Well it has been a while since I have been there but I think all that flying over the island is word not allowed. As I said never did on approach and pretty sure on departure. Just t/o Rwy24 and turn right. 😁
  13. I have flown to Rhodes many times, nearly always a Rwy 24 approach and never flown as per Jepp chart. 😄 T'was always a hard right turn to intercept the ILS. I would have thought a Rwy 24 departure for the UK would be relatively straight forward.
  14. First and last are the money shots for me. Superb!
  15. Lovely set. Looks like Carenado did a good job. I am very keen to make an ATR cockpit myself but am lacking the necessary photos right now.
  16. They certainly will not be getting my Vostochny scenery.
  17. Thank you very much Harald. 🥰 They think that by insulting me I will release my panel....clever eh? I put the link to my video at avsimru in the hope that someone who knows something about the IL-62 (ex pilot perhaps) can give me some constructive critique. I use my videos as beta tests for my self. For example in my vid before this one I noticed the AOA indicator was all to cock...now fixed. The Engine EGTs were spooling too fast on startup....now fixed. In fact my IL-62 engine start is almost perfect ...quite an achievement in FS. But do the morons at avsimru notice anything like that? ..no. They just say we want, we want....we don't like 2D panels but we want. In fact we want you banned from the site unless you give us your UNFINISHED panel. They really need to get off their lazy backsides, stop stealing other peoples work and make their own VCs. Good idea. I have made an accurate AFcad and am tempted to model Juba myself.
  18. For the full flight with sound and motion check here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByxXpexqWsQ
  19. Wonderful! Great to see the old bird out for a spin..... I would have liked some cockpit shots as well.
  20. Judging by your amazing set I'd say there is no doubt about that. 😁
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