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  1. davies87

    AIA EMB 195 & 190 Don't land

    thank you. I will try both options. Don't think it is wind as it happens at all airports where they land. On a side note. I think it's brilliant this game still has a community, and i will continue using Fs9
  2. Hi all Hope someone can help. all ai Aardvaark emb 190 & 195 are too high when coming into land. Does any one know why this might happen? runways are fine and I have not modified any of the files. They are too high and go through missed approach. It is only these 2 aircraft. Many thanks
  3. davies87

    spanish airports elevation problem

    please note i have found the answer. it seems isd scenery for leio VFR causes this. please delete thread. if possible
  4. When flying over Spain i noticed all the airports and lakes are now higher compared to the surrounding ground. I have checked the airport elevation and they are the correct height. it seems the ground is now 3.8ft elevation. some parts are under -ft. this is for default airports as well and lakes i can't attach screenshots to show but if some one can tell me how it will probably be easier to show then describe many thanks matthew davies