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  1. davies87

    Ai parking same spot

    Hello all Made no changes to EGLL AFCAD and the ai have started parking on top of each other. there is no overlap. any ideas why this might be happening?
  2. Hello I have a couple of AFCAD's with xwind runways. On KLAS the ai aircraft are being assigned to the xwind runways (10m long runways). I have looked at the runway list and they have x next to them. Will any one be able to advise. I tried searching the forum and could not find anything. Many thanks
  3. davies87

    AIA EMB 195 & 190 Don't land

    thank you. I will try both options. Don't think it is wind as it happens at all airports where they land. On a side note. I think it's brilliant this game still has a community, and i will continue using Fs9
  4. Hi all Hope someone can help. all ai Aardvaark emb 190 & 195 are too high when coming into land. Does any one know why this might happen? runways are fine and I have not modified any of the files. They are too high and go through missed approach. It is only these 2 aircraft. Many thanks
  5. davies87

    spanish airports elevation problem

    please note i have found the answer. it seems isd scenery for leio VFR causes this. please delete thread. if possible
  6. When flying over Spain i noticed all the airports and lakes are now higher compared to the surrounding ground. I have checked the airport elevation and they are the correct height. it seems the ground is now 3.8ft elevation. some parts are under -ft. this is for default airports as well and lakes i can't attach screenshots to show but if some one can tell me how it will probably be easier to show then describe many thanks matthew davies